Tory cut killing UK’s only centre to stop Female Genital Mutilation is in line with Priti Patel’s behaviour

Remember when This Site told you Priti Patel wanted to deport a girl so that she could be subjected to the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation (FGM)? Maybe you thought I must be wrong. Maybe you thought that a UK government would never allow a human being to be put in danger of suffering torture to their private parts. I mean, we’re a civilised country, right? Think again. You may also have missed the announcement that the Conservative government has withdrawn its funding for the UK’s only centre dedicated…

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We knew the Tories’ inquiry into court challenges of their decisions would be corrupt; this just proves it

Typical Tories – they won’t keep their promise to test people in care homes, but they will keep one to stop us making a fuss about it. I refer to the promise on page 48 of the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto. You know the one: “We will ensure that judicial review is available to protect the rights of the individuals against an overbearing state, while ensuring that it is not abused to conduct politics by another means or to create needless delays.” It seems reasonable but actually means: We will impose a…

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We should all support McCluskey over Labour ‘anti-Semitism’ payouts

Len McCluskey has the right idea: if Labour is going to waste its funds, then its funders should pull the plug on the party. All left-thinking unions – and what’s the point of being in a union if it isn’t left-thinking and doesn’t look out for its members? – should agree. New Labour under Blair, Brown and Miliband gave us 20 years in which members’ wishes were scorned for a bland, tepid watering-down of Tory policies. It would be an outrage if Labour’s supporters let Starmer take the party back…

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Keir Starmer’s hypocrisy over Nelson Mandela – and why it matters

Let’s start this one with a tweet from Keir Starmer – and the acid reply it received from This Site’s friend Kerry-Anne Mendoza: You’d have expelled Mandela for standing against Apartheid Israel. You don’t get to invoke our leaders without having the courage or integrity to live their values. — Kerry-Anne Mendoza (@TheMendozaWoman) July 19, 2020 She is right and Starmer is a hypocrite. If Mandela really inspired Starmer, then he would not be giving Israel his wholehearted support as that country’s far-right-wing government prepares to invade huge tracts…

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Tory back to work plan may endanger millions of people with disabilities

Bearing in mind that two-thirds of all the people who died of Covid-19 had disabilities, I reckon they know what they’re talking about when they say Boris Johnson’s latest plan puts them in danger. But then, killing people with disabilities was the plan, wasn’t it? So shielding – where people with serious illnesses or disabilities are given extra help to stay isolated from the rest of the population – is going to end on August 1, meaning many more of these people may be exposed to the virus. And with…

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Tory Universal Credit minister says he’s seen no evidence it puts people in debt. Because he’s not looking?

What has Will Quince been doing? Spending every working day with his eyes closed? He’s the minister in charge of Universal Credit – and when told research showed people on it were 70 per cent more likely to be in rent arrears than people on old-style Housing Benefit, he said he’d seen no evidence of it. It’s a clear admission of incompetence. Here’s the Mirror: The research was from Citizens Advice, which helps run the Help to Claim service, chair Stephen Timms said. Mr Quince said he would need to see…

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Now the Tories have stopped publishing Covid-19 death figures – with a flimsy excuse

The Conservative government has stopped telling us how many people are dying of Covid-19 every day because it contradicts the plan to lift lockdown. I mean: because Health Secretary Matt Hancock has demanded a review of the way the figures are calculated. But here’s a suggestion: why can’t the figures be published using the current system, until this review is completed and a new method put into practice if necessary? ITV’s news story says researchers have claimed the way deaths are reported across England has led to an “over-exaggeration” of…

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Libellous news articles reveal Labour is running a hate campaign against Vox Political

One would imagine that, faced with a legal battle that it is unlikely to win, any organisation would back away from further antagonising the opposing side. Not so with Labour! Despite facing court proceedings for breach of contract over the way the party accused This Writer of anti-Semitism and expelled me from the party – a case it is almost certain to lose – it seems Labour is waging a hate campaign against me and This Site. I read about it in a paper! In its piece Labour suspends Brighton councillor…

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Child benefit scandal: a million more children in poverty, 900 women forced to disclose rape

The Scottish National Party seems to have taken over what used to be Labour’s job as guardian of vulnerable benefit claimants. (And it’s a good thing; Keir Starmer seems to think he is better-occupied persecuting innocent party members with trumped-up anti-Semitism accusations.) So we have the SNP to thank for revealing the latest scandalous details of the Tory government’s decision to deprive parents of child benefit if they have more than two children – and to force mothers to relive details of rape as the price of having that benefit…

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Court showdown for DWP over Errol Graham – who starved to death after his benefits were axed

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will have to answer questions in court about the legality of its safeguarding policies after a family challenged it over the death of a vulnerable man. The DWP ignored its own safeguarding advice to deprive Errol Graham of his benefits, This Site reported previously. Left with no income, Mr Graham starved to death. He had been receiving incapacity benefit, and then ESA, for many years as a result of enduring mental distress that had led to him being sectioned. The DWP stopped Mr…

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