One in eight childcare workers in England earns much less than the minimum wage

This research shows all the hallmarks of Tory employment policy: early years workers – predominantly female – are considered to be of low worth and paid less than the minimum wage, and have few career options – and the Covid crisis is likely to make matters worse. It’s Conservative policy, remember: they have victimised women since they got back into office in 2010, with the so-called austerity policies attacking women far more than men. One in eight childcare workers in England earn less than £5 an hour, according to new…

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Johnson outdoes himself: minimum wage rise has upset employees and employers alike

Did you think the boost to the minimum wage was a wonderful thing? Really? I saw a rich toff on holiday in the sun, throwing a few crumbs at the plebs, so they won’t complain when he comes home and really puts the screws on them. And did you notice? The rise still won’t cover the cost of living; people on the minimum wage will have to try to claim benefits as well. “National Living Wage” – it’s as much of a mockery as it was when the Tories first changed the…

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Johnson has broken his minimum wage promise. Will his Tory manifesto be as worthless as May’s?

Boris Johnson has broken his manifesto promise to increase the “National Living Wage” (he means the minimum wage), within days of using it to win a landslide election victory. Page 14 of the Tory Manifesto states categorically: “In our first months, we announced an increase in the National Living Wage to two thirds of average earnings, currently forecast at £10.50 an hour, and widened its reach to everyone over 21. That means an average pay rise of £4,000 per year for four million people by 2024.” This was the flagship…

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Dupers’ delight: body language suggests Javid and Johnson’s policy promises are lies

Consider this: ‘This is Boris Johnson talking about his new policy in “building 40 new hospitals” – mouth curling and raised eyebrows are micro-expressions indicating someone is lying. It’s called “dupers delight”,’ according to a post on Facebook.   “Duper’s delight”… “Duper n. a person who deceives or tricks someone.” It seems Mr Johnson may not have been entirely truthful about his promise to invest billions in NHS hospitals, then. Now, what about this: Chancellor Sajid Javid has pledged to raise the National Living Wage to £10.50 within the next…

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‘Worrying’ rise in people being paid below minimum wage – including carers, Tories?

Only a day after I reported on the way Tories are trying to penalise people on Carers Allowance who are being paid only a fraction of what their job deserves… this: A “worrying” number of workers are being paid less than the minimum wage despite government efforts to name and shame offending employers. A new study by the Low Pay Commission found that 439,000 people in the UK were paid less than the legal minimum in April 2018 – up 30,000 on the year before. Women were still more likely…

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Here’s why people in the UK have really strange ideas about wealth

Isn’t it odd that people think if you’re wealthy, you can’t sympathise with or support people who aren’t as fortunate? Labour MP Laura Pidcock had a taste of that attitude, as the record on Twitter showed: The critic was a chap called Bryon Backhouse who appears to have deleted his Twitter history/account and started again after this embarrassing incident. His comment, “Nice boots Laura, but at £380 a pair my wife will have to make do with slippers from M&S,” indicates a suggestion that her socialism is fake – that…

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If employment is at its highest rate since 1971, why are wages and the tax take in the doldrums?

I have a doubt about this employment miracle the Tories claim. We’re told employment is at its highest rate on record, but wage rises are below inflation, and what is the tax take? If the Treasury isn’t in receipt of more money, then the employment figure means nothing. We know productivity is lagging behind the other G7 countries. And what about the factory closures that have recently been announced? I asked Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Debbie Abrahams, what it all meant. She responded: Yeah, we're drilling down into…

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Conservatives run up other people’s bills – unlike socialists, who always pay theirs

Yes – the headline paraphrases the late, unlamented Margaret Thatcher, but reverses her claim in the name of accuracy. Here’s her original comment, in an infographic from Twitter – but pay attention to the weblink attached to it: Taxpayers spend £11bn to top up low wages paid by UK companies … … … … … …" — Strength and Honor (@Avitusparta) December 29, 2017 Read the article and the reason I edited the late Blue Baroness’s claim should be clear: Companies in the UK are paying their workers…

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Here’s how much NHS pay has fallen due to the Conservative public sector pay cap

For information. This is highly topical in the light of recent comments by Tory MP Eddie Hughes. The damage inflicted on the living standards of NHS staff by the Government’s pay freezes and caps has been underlined by new figures, which show the average health worker enduring a real terms cut of almost £2,000 over the past seven years. The figure, highlighted by the GMB union, will intensify the pressure on the Government to lift the 1 per cent public sector pay cap, for all public sector workers. The median…

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Tory MPs should consider their own privileged position before lecturing others on how lucky they are

Eddie Hughes has demonstrated that he is living proof of the inverse ration between the amount of intelligence a Conservative MP has and the amount of time they spend flapping their lips in public. Before he criticised nurses, he should have considered the fact that, as a Tory MP, he is also paid more than hairdressers, plumbers or carpenters – and much more than nurses. And all he does for a living is flap his lips! He should also have considered that, as an MP, he is ultimately responsible for…

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