‘Care’ minister who helped kill off 20,000 people is now shooing nurses out of the NHS

Helen Whately is a vacuous, propaganda-spewing incompetent – in other words, she is typical of the UK’s current Tory government. Not satisfied with having presided over the Covid-19 deaths of more than 20,000 care home residents in her role as minister for social care, she has now turned her sights on nurses. In a car-crash breakfast interview, she tried to tell the nation that nurses don’t deserve a pay rise after all the good work they have done keeping people alive in spite of her own, and her colleagues’, incompetence…

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Sunak wants employers to pay a quarter of furloughed staff wages from August

Funny how this story comes out when everybody’s talking about Dominic Cummings instead, isn’t it? This Writer has said before that employers won’t pay – most probably because they can’t afford it. But here’s a thought. Will employees go back to their old jobs, after being callously laid off over coronavirus? And if they will, will employers try to get them to do it for lower pay? I think it’s a definite possibility. Employers will be expected to pay at least a fifth of the wages of furloughed staff from…

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Coronavirus: zero-hours workers sacked en masse despite Tory government promises

Another Tory coronavirus promise bites the dust. Rishi Sunak promised that zero-hours workers would be covered by his promise to pay 80 per cent of employee wages, as long as they were on PAYE. But his promise depended on employers signing up to the deal, and many haven’t. Instead, the Department for Work and Pensions has been swamped with new claims for Universal Credit. The reason? Rishi Sunak said on Friday that workers on zero-hours contracts would be covered, as long as they were paid through PAYE. But many of…

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Coronavirus: Leisure venues to close for the foreseeable future as the government announces help for employees and business

Boris Johnson has announced that cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas and gyms are to close from tonight, to restrict the spread of coronavirus. This should come as no surprise – operators of such venues were preparing to do so, if they haven’t already closed their doors. Not only did they not want their establishments to be breeding-grounds for the spread of Covid-19; they knew that they absolutely didn’t want to turn people against them by appearing to be helping spread it. And the simple fact is that people have been staying…

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‘A great deal’ for whom? The UK will haemorrhage money!

Read this, which refers to Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal: ▪️End of Union▪️Workers’ rights trashed▪️Environmental protections ending▪️Huge hit to trade▪️Huge slump in growth▪️Jobs going ▪️Chlorinated chicken▪️NHS for sale to US▪️End of right to work, retire & live in 30 countries CONCLUSION“A great deal for the UK”#BrexitDeal — David Schneider (@davidschneider) October 17, 2019 A “great deal”? Or a nightmare? Some of you will no doubt be saying, “Don’t give us all that Project Fear talk, Mike! It’s all just scaremongering to keep us as vassals to the fascist EU superstate!”…

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Tory wage and benefit cuts mean millions are struggling to pay essential bills

Nearly 2.2 million people in the UK are struggling to pay council tax, rent and utility bills because they aren’t paid enough, according to research by two universities. The reason is Conservative restrictions on pay rises since 2010. So much for the “trickle-down” economics of neoliberalism, beloved by Boris Johnson and his cronies. The research by the University of Birmingham and the University of Lincoln shows that nearly 1.6 million people have fallen behind with council tax payments. Nearly a million people are behind with their rent and more than a…

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As Theresa May trumpets ‘record low’ unemployment, we find it stands at FOUR TIMES her official figure

Here’s another lie from Theresa May: Employment at a record high.Joint-record low unemployment rate.Wages rising at their fastest pace in a decade. We're backing businesses and creating jobs so that more people than ever have the security of a regular wage. pic.twitter.com/AMdL0EOTuP — Theresa May (@theresa_may) January 22, 2019 It’s the official figure – but it is also fake news in its claims about unemployment and wages. The simple fact is that the official figure fails to take into account several important elements. For example: You forgot to mention your…

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Brexit: The people will suffer while politicians squabble – and May is running down the clock

Fear is setting in over Brexit’s potential impact on jobs, house prices, markets and wages – while the politicians squabble over nonsense and Theresa May runs down the clock in her bid to commit the UK to her dire Brexit deal, or no deal at all. The Financial Times has polled more than 80 leading economists, and they said Brexit will hobble UK business investment and depress consumer spending in 2019, stunting long-term growth no matter what terms are eventually agreed with the EU. Many said forecasting for 2019 was impossible given the…

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Tory deputy chairman Cleverly is caught lying stupidly – about home ownership

Remember when Dominic Raab was caught tweeting nonsense that wages were rising faster than at any time in the last eight years? He was referring to a graph which demonstrated nothing of the kind. You can read that story here. I stated at the time that this is the season for fairy tales and pantomimes, and – lo and behold! – here’s Conservative Party deputy chairman James Cleverly with another one! He reckons home ownership among people aged 25-34 fell of a cliff during the years of the New Labour…

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Immigration and drug addiction caused huge rise in homelessness, according to Tory minister’s LIES

Is James Brokenshire an imbecile, or does he think we are? The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government said the increase in homelessness since the Conservatives slithered into office in 2010 is not the result of government policy but is being driven by factors including the spread of psychoactive drugs such as spice, growth in non-UK nationals on the streets and family breakdown. Oh, really? Personally, I would have said it was due to income changes that made it impossible for renters to pay their landlords or for…

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