New Tory NHS plan is to tell you your health problems are your fault

It all seemed so positive – until the facts got in the way. Theresa May announced a new “long-term plan” (they like talking about long-term plans; remember their long-term economic plan that sank us into £1.7 trillion of debt?) for the NHS on Sunday. Here’s here Twitter feed: “The #NHSLongTermPlan will reinforce the NHS as a world leading health system when it comes to the money it spends on mental health services and the support and treatment it offers those who need it.” – PM @Theresa_May — UK Prime…

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Disabled Man Taking Health Secretary And NHS To Court Over Closures – Same Difference

Jeremy Hunt is facing an unprecedented High Court challenge over the potential closure of dozens of GP surgeries in inner-city areas, as the Government comes under increasing criticism for failing to bring down GP waiting times, according to the Same Difference blog. The lawsuit, brought by a disabled Londoner whose surgery has warned patients it could close by April next year because of cuts to its government funding, claims that the NHS in England and the Health Secretary have acted unlawfully, by failing to take into account the impact of…

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Blame David Cameron for the catalogue of Conservative lies

Don’t expect Conservative ministers to do the honourable thing when they are found to have misled Parliament – it turns out they have ‘previous’ (or is it ‘form’?) in this regard. Take a look at the YouTube clip above. It is from an April, 1994 episode of Have I Got News For You and refers to Nicholas Scott, then a minister of state for social security, who ‘talked out’ a private members’ bill aiming to outlaw discrimination on grounds of disability. On behalf of the Conservative government of the day,…

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Frustration as MPs say calls to government departments are ‘too expensive’

That’s frustration for the Coalition government, not the public (for a change). If you’ve ever had to telephone a government department, you probably know that it is about as hard as the private company operating the service can make it. This is to enable that company to screw as much money as possible out of you before you have said a single word to a government employee. The system is set so that there is only a small number of rings before a machine picks up – this is when…

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