Why are individual schools being asked to pay millions for Covid-19 safety?

If the Tory government wants children to go back to school, then why isn’t Gavin Williamson prepared to pay the £216 million we’re told will be needed to protect them from Covid-19? Here’s The Mirror: Heads will have to pay the £216million cost of making schools safe for pupils to return this week. And staff fear they will have to raid cash meant for teaching. One union boss said: “The Government should cover these costs.” Teachers’ leaders say that England’s 21,622 schools – already cash-strapped after a decade of austerity –…

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Johnson’s government has spent £100 million on consultants because he can’t think for himself

The cost of privatisation: faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, Boris Johnson has paid consultants more than £100 million to do his thinking for him – and the cash has been wasted. Clearly it’s money for old rope, considering the failure of every policy announced by Johnson and his cronies including Matt Hancock, Gavin Williamson and Dominic Raab. And the waste is very clearly a result of privatisation; before Tory neoliberalism demanded that even ideas should be outsourced, governments used to rely on people called civil servants who spent their entire…

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#ToryTrustDeficit: are they sending kids to school so parents catch Covid at the gates?

Yet again, the Tories fail us with their pronouncements on Covid-19. Here‘s Gavin Williamson – whose credibility is already shot to ribbons after the ‘A’ level and GCSE algorithm fiasco – saying parents in England who do not send their children back to school risk putting a “huge dent in their future life chances”. He’d know, having himself tried to put a huge dent in the future life chances of millions of young people with that algorithm. According to The Guardian: In his letter to parents on Sunday, Williamson said it was…

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Williamson was warned of exam chaos in July, and did nothing. Why has he not been sacked?

Using an ad-blocker? PLEASE SWITCH IT OFF My ads don’t cost you anything but they do provide me the money I need to live. Using an ad-blocker on this site is as bad as stealing. There can be no sympathy for the Johnson government over its ‘A’ level and GCSE exam failures now we know Education Secretary Gavin Williamson was warned in good time – and couldn’t be bothered to do anything. Former Department for Education Director-General Sir Jon Coles raised concerns in July, and actually had a meeting with…

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Victory for school pupils as Tories give up attempt to downgrade them for not being rich

Tory Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has given up his bid to use the Covid-19 lockdown as a weapon against school pupils. After a wave of protest swept the UK over his use of an algorithm that automatically gave pupils at private schools higher grades than those at state schools – and in fact downgraded state school pupils’ grades based on the performance of previous exam candidates from their school who were nothing to do with them, it seems clear that Williamson has been looking for a way it. He found…

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With two million GCSE results set to be downgraded, let’s see employers, schools and colleges tell the Tories to get stuffed

It seems the Tories haven’t learned their lesson from the ‘A’ level results scandal and are planning to repeat their stunt next week with GCSE results. Gavin Williamson is looking forward to downgrading the results of two million school pupils based, not on the results they are expected to get, but on the fact that they didn’t go to an expensive private school. Of course this represents a serious and bitter injustice that Williamson will perpetrate for no other reason than because he can. It represents Tory prejudice against people…

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Gavin Williamson’s bigotry has endangered the futures of thousands of people – and the UK as a whole

What a fiasco – and all to create an artificial impression that privately-educated school pupils are better than those in the state system. We all knew that school pupils taken their GCSE and ‘A’ level exams have been seriously disrupted this year, with schools being closed from late March. This meant it was impossible for their exams to go ahead in the normal way, with knock-on effects for the future of candidates as they apply to move into a career or further education. There are ways to make fairly accurate…

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Concern that Corbyn may be removed from MP of the Year vote – after Chris Williamson last year

What will happen if Jeremy Corbyn is voted MP of the Year, I asked – and the popular guess is that pressure will be exerted on the award’s organisers, the Patchwork Foundation, to disqualify him. That’s what happened with Chris Williamson last year, after all! Do you remember that particular fiasco? I do. Here‘s what I wrote about it: A charity that self-describes as “strengthening democracy” has undermined its own work by vetoing the nomination of Chris Williamson as a candidate for its ‘MP of the Year’ award. The Patchwork…

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It seems the UK’s Equalities watchdog is a racist organisation. How can we believe its report on Labour?

A common tactic among right-wingers, when a document is about to be published  or a claim made that attacks them, is to undermine the validity of the issuer of that document in some way beforehand. We’ve seen that happen many times over the last few years, haven’t we? Often the critical claims have been proved untrue later. Consider all the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn. Now, with the Equality and Human Rights Commission soon to release its report on alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, that organisation is being buried under…

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