Did ‘activist lawyers’ tell Home Office its Windrush compensation scheme was a disaster, too?

How unfortunate for the Home Office that it should fall foul of the lawyers twice in one day. Or is it perhaps a sign of the Johnson government’s disregard for the law? The Tory government’s much-maligned Windrush Compensation Scheme has been trashed by – one would expect – activist lawyers from no fewer than nine separate firms. They say it is failing to provide access to justice – a claim that can only have gained validity after it was revealed that the HO tried to rush-deport 23 people illegally, because…

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Prejudiced Tories are unfairly denying benefits to people whose relatives die of Covid-19

Using an ad-blocker? PLEASE SWITCH IT OFF My ads don’t cost you anything but they do provide me the money I need to live. Using an ad-blocker on this site is as bad as stealing. Doesn’t this show how sly, sneaky and underhanded Boris Johnson and his Tory friends are? If any low-paid frontline NHS and social care workers die of Covid-19, their relatives are entitled to claim a £60,000 lump sum under a Tory compensation scheme. But if they are already claiming benefits and they do this, they will…

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EU citizen registration scheme isn’t risking another Windrush scandal – the first one isn’t over!

EU citizens living in the UK may find themselves the focus of another Windrush-style scandal if they fail to apply for “settled status” – but it seems the first Windrush scandal isn’t over and people are still being deported. According to The Independent: EU nationals are in danger of slipping through the cracks of the government’s Brexit registration scheme and turning into another Windrush-style scandal, citizens’ groups have warned. MPs on the EU future relationship committee were told by community groups that there was simply no way to tell whether how many…

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Windrush scandal victims deliver petition to Downing Street – for all the good it will do

If ever you needed proof that your government tells you what to do, and not the other way around, it’s this. The Windrush Scandal – and the “hostile environment” that spawned it – was created from a desire to rid the UK of huge numbers of citizens who came to the UK from Commonwealth nations, notably in the Caribbean, to help rebuild the nation after World War II. Their job was done, you see, so racist politicians decided to destroy any information offering them a right to UK citizenship and then…

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Tell your friends to watch Windrush drama Sitting in Limbo – it’s more than the BBC will do!

Did you know the BBC is screening a drama based on the “Windrush generation” racism scandal? It’s on this evening (Monday, June 8, 2020), starting at 8.30pm and the BBC appears to have done its best not to promote it in any way. Make up your own mind on what that says about the BBC’s relationship with the Conservative government, whose racism is likely to be a major story element. And make up your own mind on whether the Corporation’s reticence has anything to do with the death of George Floyd…

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Bad Times-ing: new radio channel announces Windrush Home Secretary will host show – in the middle of George Floyd racism riots

How tactless. How Murdoch. Times Radio is a Rupert Murdoch venture – it’s run by his firm News UK – and will start broadcasting on June 29. So the organisation put out a press release today (June 2) announcing its initial line-up. Fair enough? Not really. You see, among the presenters is Amber Rudd, the former Tory Home Secretary who had to quit her job over her appallingly bad handling of the racist Windrush scandal. She was the one who misled Parliament over a memo showing that the Home Office…

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Windrush victims may be unhappy but Philip Rutnam was right to quit over MP bullying

The Guardian has published a comment piece criticising Sir Philip Rutnam for his decision to quit as permanent secretary – de facto boss of civil servants – at the Home Office over bullying by Priti Patel. Columnist Amelia Gentleman reports that some consider it offensive that, by contrast, he could preside over – for example – the “hostile environment” that led to the Windrush Scandal with no concerns. The criticism is understandable, but wide of the mark because of one fundamental point: Civil servants put into effect the decisions of Parliament.…

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Jamaica deportation: 25 saved from flight – but 17 are aboard, despite court ruling

This is a win – if only a partial one. A ruling by the Court of Appeal that people who have not had access to legal advice should not be on the Home Office’s deportation plane to Jamaica has led to a reprieve for 25 of them. But they do not know what the Conservatives will do to them next, and 17 people were forced to take the plane. Campaigners have said that the decision to deport people who have been in the UK since they were as young as…

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Jamaica deportation: will the Tories go ahead after appeal court decision?

The Court of Appeal has advised the Tory government not to deport 50 people to Jamaica until it has confirmed they have all had access to advice from lawyers. But will Boris Johnson and his bandits accept that advice? Consider the way Priti Patel swanned out of the Commons chamber, while David Lammy was asking her an urgent question on the subject. "The Windrush generation came to this country after the Second World War and gave so much but took so little." Cries of "shame" ring around the House of Commons…

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Johnson insists on deportation of Caribbean nationals despite claims they’re NOT ‘serious criminals’

Exactly why is the Tory government insisting on deporting people of Caribbean origin who have been UK residents for many years? He says they’re “serious criminals”. But are they? Let’s remember, the Tories have been wrong about their deportations before, but still insisted on causing misery to thousands of innocent people. (And the UK electorate then insisted on returning them to office. I suppose it’s true that some people only care when they’re the ones being persecuted.) All 50 of those being deported are said to be convicted criminals, but…

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