Jewish former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen is voting Labour. Here he explains why

Once again there is a huge amount of activity in the right-wing media, with more attempts to claim that Jeremy Corbyn has done too little to end anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen is a Jew, and will be voting for Labour in the general election. In a Facebook post that I include in full below, he explains his reasons for ignoring the – increasingly desperate, in my opinion – protestations of the witch-hunters. For me, the standout point is this [boldings mine]: “The minimum requirements for…

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‘Jewish families will leave’ – this nonsense claim is the upshot of the Labour ‘anti-Semitism’ witch-hunt

What an absolute travesty. I wonder how many people reading this can remember back in the 1987 general election, when reporters claimed rich people – including pop stars like Phil Collins – would leave the UK if Neil Kinnock became a Labour prime minister? It was mentioned on a TV panel show of the time, and I recall Tony Slattery remarking, “What a rock-and-roller you are, Phil!” Well, Labour didn’t win and Phil Collins didn’t leave. The reality was that people like him were never really going to. We know that…

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Haters attack Jewish candidate lined up to replace Louise Ellman in Liverpool – because she is pro-Palestine?

Appointing a Jewish person to replace Louise Ellman as Labour’s candidate to represent Liverpool Riverside in the next general election might seem the most natural thing in the world. Ms Ellman quit the party acrimoniously ahead of a re-selection trigger vote that she seemed certain to lose, after she accused members of her local party of anti-Semitism. When she quit, she threw a few more un-evidenced anti-Semitism accusations at party leader Jeremy Corbyn. So it would seem good politics to nominate another Jewish party member to replace her – if…

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Are right-wingers stealing tactics from fake anti-Semitism witch-hunters?

If you’ve never heard of “Torrancing” before, don’t worry. I don’t think I have either, although I certainly believe I have been a victim of it. Here’s how it works: The Establishment is resorting more than ever to negative tactics, with escalating smears and distortion. But Labour supporters need to be aware of one particular tactic employed by right-wing and so-called ‘centrist’ commentators in an attempt to drag Labour supporters into spending their resources negatively. ‘Torrancing’, as the graphic above explains, is a baiting technique used to deliberately incite an…

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Exposed: Torygraph lies about Labour and anti-Semitism

The Torygraph is the latest right-wing newspaper to descend into conspiracy-theory anti-Semitism smears to undermine Labour’s chances in forthcoming elections. The “newspaper” – if you can call it that – has allowed itself to repeat the conspiracy trope that criticism of Israel must equal anti-Semitism. It doesn’t. Even hardened campaigners against A-S have affirmed that reasoned criticism of Israeli politics cannot be equated with hatred of all Jews. We have evidence that, for example, “the “Act.IL” organization, which is coordinated, backed and has been funded by Israel’s so-called Ministry of Strategic Affairs, had used a troll army…

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Burgon accused in ‘Zionism’ row as anti-Labour smears mount up

It seems Labour’s Richard Burgon lied about saying Zionism was “the enemy of peace”. Does anybody blame him? An investigative journalist called Iggy Ostanin put the evidence together in this tweet: Exclusive: Richard Burgon repeatedly lied to @afneil when he denied saying “Zionism is the enemy of peace”. He said over and over that he wouldn’t have said that because it’s not his view. This video I discovered shows him saying just that in 2014. Watch the whole thing. — Iggy Ostanin (@magnitsky) April 16, 2019 Shame on him…

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At long last, the voices of OPPONENTS of the anti-Semitism witch-hunt are being heard

As a victim of the witch-hunt, I am delighted to see that people aren’t meekly accepting the mainstream interpretation of it any more. We’re currently seeing a backlash against the ‘establishment’ view that anybody accused of anti-Semitism must be guilty, with three notable contributions in the last few days: More than 200 Jewish women, incensed by The Guardian‘s insistence on assuming that MPs like Margaret Hodge must be telling the whole truth about the situation, wrote to the newspaper to point out that this Dame’s claims fall far short of journalistic…

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Intimidation forces cancellation of film screening about Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’ WitchHunt (Part One of Two)

Labour’s latest bid to smear and discredit people who speak against fake “anti-Semitism” accusations against party members is a disgrace that flies against a basic rule of British justice. Of course the usual fellow-travellers in the mainstream media have kicked up a song and dance about it so you’ll know that Labour MP Chris Williamson was attacked yesterday (February 26) by his former party colleague Luciana Berger after it was revealed his office had booked a room in the House of Commons to host a screening of the film WitchHunt, about the…

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‘Pestminster’ scandal means Theresa May must tell us – IMMEDIATELY – what she knows and when she was told

Michael Fallon has owned up to touching Julia Hartley-Brewer inappropriately, marking him out as possibly the first sex pest on the Tory spreadsheet to be identified. Perhaps he thought there was no point trying to deny it – after all, we already know he had to be peeled off a female Russian agent while drunk, and also that he referred to a female journalist as a “slut” – to her face, not recognising who she was. To This Writer, it suggests that he is the person described as “perpetually intoxicated…

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