Elderly man’s health failed and he died after council sent his wife to a care home

In these days of Covid-19, one might be forgiven for thinking this gentleman was worrying himself sick that his wife would catch the virus and die. But it is also a recognised phenomenon that if a couple who have been together for many years are split up, most commonly because one of them dies, then the remaining partner’s health often suffers – possibly to death. So This Writer is led to question why the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead didn’t take this into account when it split up the…

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Refugee woman found dead by malnourished baby after UK asylum system left her to starve

  Would people be so keen to cross the channel to the UK in dinghies if they knew the Tory government is likely to leave them to starve? It seems our asylum system’s problems are twofold: getting into the UK is one part and the other is the way people are treated once they are here. Mercy Baguma, originally from Uganda, was discovered by police in a Glasgow flat on August 22, after friends said she had not been seen since the previous Tuesday. Her malnourished baby boy was found…

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Thugs who don’t understand the rules are terrorising people over face masks

Look at this: a woman has received abuse for not wearing a mask while out in England – even though she is exempt. The problem isn’t just that the abusers don’t understand the rules. It’s that they don’t care. They’re using Covid-19 restrictions to bully people – especially disabled people and their carers. That’s the result of 10 years of unremitting government anti-disablist propaganda. So not only do they think it is okay to abuse Louise Sharp, of Whitley Bay, for not wearing a mask when she needs to have…

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Tory Britain: Homeless children are born on the street – while privileged pensioners have helicopter rides from hospital

This is the truth of Boris Johnson’s brave new Britain: the public purse can pay for the privileged to have helicopter rides home from hospital, while a homeless woman didn’t qualify for hospital treatment until after she had given birth on a cold Cambridge street. The woman, aged around 30, gave birth to twins who were around 11 weeks premature on Sidney Street, outside Trinity College, Cambridge on Monday. Is this the kind of medical care the fifth-largest economy in the world provides to its people? How did this woman become…

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Fiction battles reality as Tory NHS cuts leave elderly woman with dementia on A&E trolley for hours

The fiction: 🏥 We’re investing in our NHS and making sure this funding gets to your local hospital and GPs. 👇https://t.co/BiKbu9lLiq#GetBrexitDone #VoteConservative #BackBoris pic.twitter.com/PlmiH3D9mG — Conservatives (@Conservatives) November 7, 2019 The reality: A dementia-sufferer taken by ambulance to A&E at an over-stretched hospital endured six hours on a trolley as Tory austerity continues to wreck the NHS. Photos show 88-year-old Jill Woolley – who worked for the health service as a doctor’s secretary – with other frail and elderly patients waiting side-by-side on trolleys crammed into the department. Shadow Health…

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Apparently Boris Johnson has no problem with his MPs abusing women

Boris Johnson has quietly dropped a cabinet office investigation into the way former Foreign Office minister Mark Field manhandled a protester during the recent Mansion House dinner. BoJob seems to think the investigation is no longer needed because he sacked Mr Field from his government role last week (he had been suspended by Theresa May shortly after the incident). According to The Guardian: Boris Johnson has dropped the Whitehall investigation into Mark Field, the Tory MP who was caught on camera manhandling a Greenpeace activist out of a black-tie dinner. Johnson…

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Help find this woman before sleeping in bins gets her killed

Have you seen the young woman in the picture above? She was last seen in Deepdene Gardens, just off Brixton Hill in London – sleeping in a wheelie bin. If she had not been spotted, she may have been scooped up by a refuse collection truck and crushed to death. This is the risk run by rough-sleeping homeless people if they sleep in these bins – although they may not know it. I refer you to a story on This Site from December 2014 – four years ago: “‘One of…

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What does James Brokenshire have to say about the homeless man who died outside Parliament?

While Tories tried to accuse Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of saying something he didn’t in Parliament, a drama of a different kind was unfolding just a few metres outside the building – where a homeless man died on the street. The man, believed to be a 45-year-old Hungarian named Gyula Remef, was said to have taken the street drug Spice, and was also said to have been drinking. At first sight, this supports the claims of Housing Secretary James Brokenshire, who has said the rise in rough sleeping was due…

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Tories ‘dead cat’ claim about Corbyn hides huge PMQs defeat for May – over Brexit

What a hypocritical shambles the Conservative Party has become – desperately roping their friends in the mainstream news media into a lie about Jeremy Corbyn to prevent them from reporting the way he humiliated Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions over her crap Brexit “deal”. Once again, Mr Corbyn wiped the floor with the woman who still masquerades as a competent prime minister. He rightly pointed out that the Prime Minister has plunged this country into a national crisis. She refused Parliament the right to vote on her Brexit deal. She…

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CJD sufferer to be homeless – Tories will call this their greatest achievement (Part One of Three)

The latest atrocity to be inflicted on the innocent by the Conservative government became the opening act of a three-part farce on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday (November 18), demonstrating everything that is wrong with our government and its complicit media. The story, broken by The Sunday Times, concerns 19-year-old Emily Lydon, who was born brain-damaged after her mother contracted the human form of mad cow disease (BSE), but now faces losing her home because of benefit cuts linked to the switch to Universal Credit. Her mother died when she…

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