Thieving Tories have breached the laws of human rights – and arithmetic – over workfare legal ruling

Once again, the Conservative Party has been found to have trampled over UK citizens’ human rights – and, once again, they are refusing to make proper reparations for the offence. I remember the Cait Reilly ‘Poundland’ case very well – I covered it in detail at the time. See this article for an example of the coverage. The facts are clear: The Conservatives stole £130 million from people who could ill-afford the loss – no doubt in the hope that their victims would go away and die. Now they are…

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Poundland implicated in work experience scandal – again

Poundland seems to be turning into a serial abuser of jobseekers. It is now five years since Cait Reilly (remember her?) took the DWP to court for forcing her to stack shelves at one of the discount retail chain’s stores. It was forced labour, not voluntary, the company paid her nothing (she only received benefit money) and pocketed all the profits. In May 2013, This Writer worked out that companies using jobseekers in this way were making profits of almost £1 billion per year – and were being funded by…

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Tories blew £100k of public money hiding ‘Mandatory Work Activity’ firms – because they were profiting from it?

This Blog, and others, has spent years warning that the Conservative Government will spend huge amounts of public money hiding what it is doing. So the revelation that Iain Duncan Smith spent £100,000 hiding the names of companies that have exploited the cheap, unpaid workers available through ‘Mandatory Work Activity’ comes as no surprise. It is easy to see why. Between June 2011 and July 2012, the total profit made by Mandatory Work Activity provider companies, charities and councils was nearly £1 billion. There was no cost associated with that profit, either –…

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Even now, the DWP is pushing sickness benefit claimants toward early graves

Doesn’t this say everything you need to know about our homicidal Tory government? At the same time as a major film is released, criticising the Department for Work and Pensions over its treatment of the sick and disabled, the DWP alters its guidance to make it easier to threaten their lives. It concerns ESA regulations 29 and 35. Many people have relied on these regulations to save them from potentially life-threatening demands by the DWP. Now, it seems, the rules have been watered down. Meanwhile, Iain Duncan Smith is telling…

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Are the Tories increasing benefit conditionality to include working people on sick leave?

We know from the Autumn Statement that Mandatory Work Activity and Community Work Placements are being scrapped. This has been welcomed by organisations like Boycott Workfare, who have campaigned against the enforced “work 30 hours per week for your benefits” schemes ever since they were introduced in 2011. But it is only being replaced by something which is potentially much worse: the so-called Work and Health Programme. According to the Daily Mirror, this new scheme aims to help long-term sick people find a job, “but a DWP spokesman could not confirm whether…

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Do you really want Tories to reintroduce slavery by the back door? Please share #HumanRights #BillOfRights #slavery #slave #workfare #workprogramme

You’ll be aware that there have been many legal challenges against Workfare/The Work Programme/Mandatory Work Activity, on the basis that they are slave labour schemes. The Department for Work and Pensions, under slave-master Iain Duncan Smith, has worked tirelessly to dismiss these challenges – with only limited success, as our courts are populated by judges who still believe in something called justice. However, the repeal of the Human Rights Act 1998 means the end of the ban on slavery. Conservatives are already making plans to force any young person without…

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Rachel Reeves could single-handedly lose the election for Labour

I’ll say it if nobody else will – Rachel Reeves is so stupid she could lose Labour the election. Work and Pensions is a gaping policy open-goal for the Tories but Ms Reeves can’t see this and wants the world to know she’ll out-cut them on the Benefit Cap. “Labour supports a cap on benefits. We will ask an independent commission to look at whether the cap should be lower in some areas,” are her actual words. What stupidity. One can only imagine she is basing these comments on the…

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Sanction and suicide – The poor side of life

We don’t easily get shocked on our weekly demos; we hear so many terrible stories. But yesterday was a day that I won’t forget for a while, writes SeerCharlotte71 on The poor side of life. I walked over and spoke to this lovely man. He was … in his mobility scooter and shook my hand. He went on to say, “My friend committed suicide just before Christmas. He hung himself at the top of his stairs. “He had been sanctioned but he had mental health problems. He was that scared that…

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Social security/welfare: How badly has the Coalition failed the nation?

  Does anybody remember the Coalition Agreement? This was the document drawn up between the Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties, either in May 2010 or in March that year, depending on who you believe. Did they stick to it? Of course they didn’t! The whole thing seems to have been a Con job. A glance through it today reveals inconsistencies with what has happened, deviations… some might even say outright lies. Let’s have a look at a chapter, shall we? 19. JOBS AND WELFARE This seems an obvious place to…

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Tories unleash flagship scheme ahead of conference – to abolish your rights!

One has to marvel at the twisted logic of modern Conservatives; right before their last party conference in the run-up to the general election, they can normally be expected to be trying to bribe us all with tax cuts and benefits (maybe they will come later). Instead they are promising to remove the safety net that keeps us free of exploitation by – what a surprise! – the Conservatives and their friends. It’s not a new plan – Vox Political reported on the policy back in March last year, when…

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