Atos deaths: A letter to Mr… Smith

Is the Department for Work and Pensions unable to compile data about the number of incapacity benefits claimants (including IB and ESA) who have died because it is underfunded – or understaffed? That is the main question in Samuel Miller’s latest letter to Iain (Something) Smith, which you can find over at This blog mentioned a few days ago that LieDS and his department have decided to withhold up-to-date information on the number of deaths involving people going through the assessment process for benefits (via Atos), who have been…

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Exclusive: Child sex abuse – Police arrest half brother of prominent Tory MP

Some of you will remember how quickly David Cameron, David Mellor and other big-name Conservatives moved to hush up any implication that Tories might have been involved in child sex abuse after the Jimmy Savile scandal broke last year. Now the half-brother of a prominent Tory MP has been arrested by police following leads on historic child sex abuse, passed to them by Labour MP Tom Watson. This issue has not gone away, but the right-wing media will try to keep it quiet for as long as possible. Don’t allow…

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DWP admits ‘real’ disability poverty rose under coalition

I would have said this article was behind the times, because Vox Political mentioned increases in absolute poverty a couple of weeks ago. The difference is that, it seems, the DWP press release claimed disability poverty was down by 100,000 – but am I right in thinking this report is saying that’s RELATIVE poverty, whereas ABSOLUTE poverty was up by the same amount? In other words, the DWP has been cooking the books YET AGAIN? How long do we have to endure this continual deceitfulness from an organisation that should…

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