Can’t read or don’t care? Javid, Goodwill: parrot-like on DWP stats lies

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  1. b-b-p June 30, 2013 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    This is a typical deflection reply similar to those all MP’s send out.ID Smith is rolling out his draconian reforms quite hastily because he wants them in Place before the next General Election .UC is the next bodged effort to go nationally in either Sept or Oct 2013 ,that gives the Government a year to prepare and be able to quote more phoney stats to the Electorate .Example who was on IB or DLA when we came to power and look at the figures for claimants on ESA now,but those figures will be more accurate because of the not fit for purpose ATOS assessments that have not passed appeal and not the genuine figures of the disabled and sick.that are actually incapable for work but deemed fit on paper .The whole system surrounding Benefits is a total sham and just another cog in the wheel to support their other phoney claims of how better the Country is through this government .These Policies have been driven by a Gravy Train mentality and self interest for a minority over any morality ,fairness or reason for a majority . . .

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