Thinktank proposing monthly fee for NHS is funded by private healthcare companies

Valuable work from Tom Pride. It is sad to note that it is a LABOUR peer who is embroiled in this. As a Labour member, my own view is that anyone found to be trying to use a Parliamentary position for personal gain should be ejected from the Party forthwith. They blacken all our names.

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ESA/WCA inquiry chair: ‘Victims are NOT being sidelined’

Dame Anne Begg has responded to concerns that people who submitted evidence to the Commons Work and Pensions Committee’s inquiry into Employment and Support Allowance and Work Capability Assessments were being sidelined – with a denial. The committee’s chairperson said the call for evidence generated 190 submissions, and every single submission will be circulated to all committee members. In addition, the committee clerk in charge of the inquiry, who will be writing the brief for committee members, has carefully read all the submissions as they have come in, she stated…

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My Bedroom Tax protest speech

Vox Political was relatively quiet yesterday; although I reblogged plenty of articles from other sources, there was no new piece from the site itself because I was in Caerphilly, delivering a speech at a Bedroom Tax protest there. Caerphilly is the birthplace of the late, great comic Tommy Cooper, and it was in the shadow of his statue that the demonstration took place. I instantly (and privately) named the location ‘Cooper Corner’. I took the opportunity to lighten proceedings at the start by suggesting that Mr Cooper (albeit in petrified…

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