Thinktank proposing monthly fee for NHS is funded by private healthcare companies

Valuable work from Tom Pride. It is sad to note that it is a LABOUR peer who is embroiled in this. As a Labour member, my own view is that anyone found to be trying to use a Parliamentary position for personal gain should be ejected from the Party forthwith. They blacken all our names.

10 thoughts on “Thinktank proposing monthly fee for NHS is funded by private healthcare companies

  1. Angie Harding

    and what about the people who can not afford a monthly fee that’s why the NHS was set up in the first place for people who could not afford to pay for healthcare. so the government want to take the country back to a time when people could not afford a doctor, when women had their babies at home as they could not afford to go into hospital; in other words, a system like the US has – if you cannot afford heath care you’re F******.

  2. jaypot2012

    I agree that he should be thrown out of the party – he’s an absolute disgrace!
    Now then, let’s see what the rest of Labour have to say or do about it all as their voices are extremely quiet as usual!

  3. john ingamells (@geovanni218)

    i fully agree that this man should be expelled or have the whip removed from the labour party immediately. it is an absolute disgrace that this man can collude with tory think tanks, openly propose radical changes to the basic concept of the NHS and there seemingly be no major comment from the labour shadow leadership to offer comfort and security to the many who are suffering major ill health and feel under attack from all sides and on many direct issues that have a major effect on their lives and futures. I fear that if , in this age of the populist policy trumps everything, this proposal was promoted by the media that it was supported, as with so many issues now..immigration welfare, austerity, … miliband and his colleagues might just go for it and betray the heart of the labour party and the many people who would suffer as a result.

  4. hilary772013

    I am sorry words fail me.. I AM SICK OF THE LOT OF THEM.. Tory Labour LibDems the whole lying scheming lot of them.. Time for a change but WHO will actually represent us. In my eyes now Labour is just as bad as the Tories if not worse because LABOUR is supposed to represent us.. My heart is heavy with despair it really is.

    1. Mike Sivier

      In fairness, the Tories say they represent us too.
      My personal opinion is that this is a reminder that Labour was infiltrated by a bunch of neoliberals back in the 1990s. Every now and then they poke their noses out and say or do something that damages the party and this was one of those occasions.

  5. Stephen Bee

    The Left Wing Think Tank ‘StevieB’ has just issued research showing that The Lords are unsustainable and there will have to be austerity cuts to their numbers. One suggestion has been to give them a ‘beneficial’ perk of free membership to The Liverpool Care Pathway! A pilot study with a representative panel of one..Lord Warner…will begin shortly 😛

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