The minimum income is 2.5 times what people get on benefits – but still they are labelled scroungers

“How much money do you need for an adequate standard of living?” That is the question posed every year by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation – and every year the organisation calculates how much people have to earn – taking into account their family circumstances, the changing cost of these essentials and changes to the tax and benefit system – to reach this benchmark. This year’s research finds: A lone parent with one child now needs to earn more than £27,100 per year – up from £12,000 in 2008. A couple…

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Nestle to pay Living Wage to all contractors – but does it work?

The occasionally-controversial food giant Nestle has become the first major manufacturer to agree to pay the Living Wage to all of its staff, including all contractors. Apparently it already pays the Living Wage to all 8,000 people who are directly employed by the company; now it is extending the policy to its 800 contractors – to be in place by the end of 2017. This presents us with an opportunity. The Living Wage is set at £8.80 an hour in London and £7.65 an hour elsewhere in the UK –…

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Latest privatisation/corruption plan is halted as government reluctantly scraps Land Registry sale

A little-known plan to sell off one of the government’s best-performing and self-financing organisations has been scrapped – not because of fears that a new system would be prone to corruption but apparently because it was “too complicated” and would have necessitated “new legislation”. The change of heart – for whatever reason – has been taken by the PCS Union as a victory for its campaign against the sell-off, which included a two-day strike against the privatisation proposal, which members described as “secret”. Commentators including Vox Political pointed out that…

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