7 thoughts on “‘Plain vanilla’ couples now allowed onto Universal Credit…

      1. Methusalada

        Their is a 2 to 3 months waiting list for most CAB appointments, Who are mainly voluntary staffed orgs. I went through all 24 pages of these new & recently altered regs including the last 3 blank pps . I still don’t understand where the CAB came into this quiz ?
        I take it you are referring to the Citizens Advice Bureau ?

  1. Methusalada

    I think I understand a little in regard to this “policy doc” as I am covered in some areas but excluded by my age it is not relevant to myself as I am over 70 yrs of age. However that apart I was wondering why is life being made so complicated & difficult for unemployed people . Secondly I wonder if the department that issues the Universal Credit (Pathfinder) scheme have sufficiently trained staff to cope with the project when ? it finally rolled out nationally.

    Have just received an email from David Jones MP who is Secretary of State for Wales requesting my personal info address ,telephone day & night etc. I responded by replying to his Parliament email address stating that he already has such info but if he wanted to meet me personally as a constituent then I would consider it. Isn’t life strange !
    Ministerial Internet tracking?

  2. AM-FM

    They don’t really think anyone on this planet can write a computer programme to sort all that out do they? In real time, with 20 million users and constant dwp changes to the rules and regulations. It makes the internet look simple!

    A claimed whisleblower from a pilot area:

    “Trained universal credit account developers are only able to complete three tasks a day, they added, compared with processing 30 claims a day under the old system of jobseekers’ allowance.”


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