Liam Fox said a Brexit deal would be easy. With no deal likely, he’s diverting blame

How craven: The man who predicted the Brexit negotiations would be the “easiest in human history” now insists he shouldn’t be blamed if there isn’t a deal. The man who predicted the Brexit negotiations would be the “easiest in human history” now insists he shouldn’t be blamed if there isn’t a deal. Liam Fox told the BBC that the government wants a deal with Europe – but that if there is no deal “it wouldn’t be the fault of the UK government, it would be the fault of its European…

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Netanyahu echoes Hitler. Will his followers call ‘anti-Semitism!’ on those who point this out?

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lowered himself to baiting his critics – trying to lure them into apparent displays of anti-Semitism – by paraphrasing Nazi tyrant Adolf Hitler in a comment on Twitter. He stated, in a sabre-rattling speech aimed at Iran: “The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong.” The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are…

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Where is the evidence of “unfathomably vast” abuse of Jews because of alleged Labour anti-Semitism?

We’ve been here before. Remember when Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth lied about receiving thousands of abusive social media messages in a single day? She claimed in a BBC interview on September 2, 2016, that she had received 25,000 pieces of anti-Semitic abuse since the incident in which she had (falsely) accused Marc Wadsworth of anti-Semitism in June that year – 20,000 in a 12-hour period. But research by the Community Security Trust showed that over a 12 month period (from October 2015 to October 2016),  there were 2.7 million tweets…

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Don’t be fooled by fake news: Frank Field left Labour rather than be kicked out

Does Frank Field really think we are all that stupid? He did not leave Labour because of the way the party is dealing with anti-Semitism. He resigned the whip because his constituency Labour Party in Birkenhead overwhelmingly supported a vote of “no confidence” in him as their MP and called for the withdrawal of the party whip, after he propped up the Conservative government by supporting it in a crucial Brexit vote. And he had the sheer barefaced cheek to accuse his fellow Birkenhead party members of taking part in “a…

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The twisted logic of Jonathan Sacks

It must be an amazing thing to see the world through the prism of Jonathan Sacks’s mind. I would not recommend it, though; it does not seem pleasant at all. Take a look at the way this former Chief Rabbi has perverted the words of Jeremy Corbyn, regarding that incident with the Zionists in 2013. Mr Corbyn, you will recall, had said a group of Zionists had listened to a speech by Palestinian representative Manuel Hassassian at Parliament, then complained about it by deliberately misrepresenting his words. He said they…

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DWP admits it only restored epileptic man’s benefits because of press coverage

This tells you everything you need to know about the Conservative government’s attitude to people who need the state’s help. It could not care less. All that matters is image. If there is a threat to the government’s image as an organisation that behaves with all due propriety, then the DWP leaps into action to reverse an adverse decision. Concern for the health and well-being of claimants is of no consequence at all. The conclusion is clear: If you fall foul of a DWP decision, take your story to the…

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Police launch investigation into Campaign Against Antisemitism’s ‘death-threat’ petition

This just in, courtesy of Skwawkbox: The Charity Commission is investigating the Campaign against Antisemitism (CAA) – an organisation that has been accused of being pro-Israel ‘shock troops’ ‘posing as a charity’ with regard to its petition against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. As well as being a likely breach of charities’ obligation to refrain from party-political activity – the petition demands Labour MPs remove Corbyn or form a new party – the petition has been called defamatory and accused of inciting number of death threats. The CAA has condemned the death-threat…

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Theresa and the terrorists: She supports them in the Middle East but what did she think of Mandela?

Tories and terrorism – they’ve got a real problem, haven’t they? On one hand, they firmly – and wrongly – denounced the late Nelson Mandela as a terrorist for many years. Lest we forget: — Tom Pride (@ThomasPride) August 28, 2018 On the other, they have merrily provided weapons to those inflicting terror on others in the Middle East – in Israel, and to Saudi Arabia for its war on the Yemen, for example. Theresa May is currently in South Africa, and visited the Robben Island prison cell in…

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Bryant gets burnt over ‘gammon’ gag

If this wasn’t so deliberately disingenuous it would be absolutely hilarious. It’s still funny, but tinged with the malevolence that accompanies all right-wing Labour MPs claims of anti-Semitism in others. You may be aware of the slang term “gammon” – used to describe (according to the Wikipedia page on the subject) “older white men, especially those who are particularly patriotic or supported Brexit, who appear pink-faced when emotional. The term is a comparison of their skin colour to the pink of salted pork hind leg, i.e. gammon.” The term came…

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A good day’s work: Lying and libellous plots to attack Jeremy Corbyn seem set to fail

August 27 was an interesting day for those of us wrapped up in the Labour Party – anti-Semitism storm-in-a-teacup. We learned that certain Jewish Labour MPs have decided they will need bodyguards when they attend the party conference, due to a perceived increase in anti-Semitic feeling – a perception that some of them played a part in creating, by giving credence to false allegations of anti-Semitism. We also learned that unnamed malcontents were cloning Twitter accounts belonging to Labour Party supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – creating new, fake…

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