Where is the evidence of “unfathomably vast” abuse of Jews because of alleged Labour anti-Semitism?

Jeremy Corbyn: He would be spectacularly ill-advised to accept the advice of liars like the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council, and the Community Security Trust.

We’ve been here before.

Remember when Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth lied about receiving thousands of abusive social media messages in a single day?

She claimed in a BBC interview on September 2, 2016, that she had received 25,000 pieces of anti-Semitic abuse since the incident in which she had (falsely) accused Marc Wadsworth of anti-Semitism in June that year – 20,000 in a 12-hour period.

But research by the Community Security Trust showed that over a 12 month period (from October 2015 to October 2016),  there were 2.7 million tweets concerning Jews, of which only 15,575 (0.6%) were considered to be antisemitic.

The maximum peaks the CST team found were around 200 antisemitic tweets a day, and that was for the whole UK.

But the CST is one of the Jewish organisations that have written to Jeremy Corbyn, claiming “unfathomably vast” abuse has been received by Jews on social media this summer, due to the row over anti-Semitism stirred up by – among others – the CST.


Of course.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council, the CST – and others – have created a fake row, with faked accusations of anti-Semitism.

And if real anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head now, it is only because these organisations have encouraged the perpetrators to believe that they will be safely hidden among the fakes.

It is therefore disingenuous for Board of Deputies chief executive Gillian Merron to say the Jewish community has “no interest in an ongoing dispute with any major political party about the nature of racism against us”, but that her group has to defend the interests of Jewish people.

Her group has deliberately harmed those interests by stirring up this row.

The JLC and CST followed the well-established pattern of conflating Zionism, Judaism and the state of Israel (they are not the same things), claiming that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party must accept that most British Jews had close ties with traditional Zionism – support for a Jewish homeland – and Israel.

There is no evidence to suggest that this is true.

And this statement is a flat-out lie: “The current obsessive hatred of Israel and Zionism means that no Jew can be an equal member of the Labour party, because even if they pass an initial loyalty/morality test, they still always remain under suspicion, lest they display ‘Zionist’ or ‘pro-Israel’ tendencies,” the letter said. “This is the current experience of Jews in Labour circles. It is an antisemitic environment.”

The claim of hatred towards Israel is not true. Nor is the claim of hatred towards Zionism.

It is possible that people may hate the policies of the current Israeli government, including its interpretation of Zionism which happens to demand the slaughter of thousands of Palestinian civilians for no good reason at all.

There is no evidence to suggest that Jewish Labour Party members who have not already exhibited loyalty to the Israeli government and its version of Zionism (like certain MPs we know) are likely to.

And let’s be honest, if they don’t demonstrate any such loyalty in their words or actions, there’s no reason to believe they have it – so the claim that Jewish members would always remain under suspicion is a lie (or should be).

So all the organisations writing to Labour are lying. What did you expect? None of them are affiliated to the Labour Party and there is plenty of evidence that some of their members have other political loyalties.

It follows, therefore, that their advice to Labour about ways of fixing the issue is useless – worse than useless, in fact. It will only create more opportunities for the kind of mischief that they have already been making.

So, what advice should Labour, and Jeremy Corbyn take?


Check all the facts. Don’t accept any claims on face value. Draw your conclusions from verifiable information – not the unevidenced claims of liars.

And act appropriately, on the conclusions you draw.

Leading Jewish organisations have called on Jeremy Corbyn to end the “impasse” over tackling antisemitism in the Labour party, calling the abuse received by Jews on social media during the row this summer “unfathomably vast”.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and the Community Security Trust (CST) wrote separate letters to Labour’s general secretary, Jennie Formby, accusing the leadership of failing to deal adequately with concerns.

Source: Jewish groups urge Corbyn to end ‘impasse’ over antisemitism | News | The Guardian

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10 thoughts on “Where is the evidence of “unfathomably vast” abuse of Jews because of alleged Labour anti-Semitism?

  1. Neilth

    I have never come across anti semitism in all my 50ish years in the Labour Party. In fact I’m not sure which people were/are Jewish or not. I only care that they’re socialists or at least Democratic Socialists.
    The party, as has been said many many times ‘is a broad church’ – perhaps not the best analogy given this debate but there we go…
    There are many areas of policy I disagree with some individual members on and I will argue my ideas and expect them to be heard politely and with respect and I will do the same.
    I particularly disagree with my Social Democrat leaning strong Christian MP on some things but overall we are both working for a labour government in the end so I will campaign for him next election if he is still the candidate. Others in my branch and Constituency support him strongly.
    The anti semitism row seems to me to be confusing legitimate criticism of the Israeli Government particularly under Netanyahu, with Zionism and people who are of Jewish descent. The three things are not the same and the terms are not synonymous.
    It is perfectly politically correct (another cliche in other circumstances) to disagree and criticise the Israeli Government for its intolerance and belligerent treatment of Palestine and the Palestinians and the Zionist policies that seem to be driving it and I will argue with my fellow party members about this. It is NOT ok to argue or harass or abuse anyone, member or not, because they are Jewish.
    We must be allowed open debate on issues, we must not be allowed to attack anyone from a racist or anti Semitic stand.
    The furore over alleged Antisemitism in the party seems to me to be driven and supported by Blairight elements who dislike the way the membership are moving the Party through its votes for more left wing leadership and policies. They need to recognise that they are opposing the Zeitgeist but that the pendulum will swing back their way sometime in the future.
    For now, stop this fratricidal squabbling which will keep us unelectable and join forces to get rid of this hopeless Tory shambles before they cripple the country for generations to come.

  2. 4foxandhare

    I agree that the State of Israel has a right to exist. I agree that the State of Palestine has a right to exist. I do not agree that the Israeli government has the right to invade the State of Palestine and to subjugate or occupy it.

    I do not agree that this makes me antisemitic.

  3. John.

    Evidence, there is none, there doesn’t need to be any.

    The entire purpose of these vile, false accusations is to create a perception, an hysteria, which is, evidently, all that is required.

    Thus diverting the focus and discussion from the criminal cult’s murderous enterprise in Palestine to silencing those truth and justice seekers exposing it.

  4. Zippi

    I’m getting ti-red of this an very angry.
    “So, what advice should Labour, and Jeremy Corbyn take?
    Check all the facts. Don’t accept any claims on face value. Draw your conclusions from verifiable information – not the unevidenced claims of liars.
    And act appropriately, on the conclusions you draw.”
    That’s what anybody and EVERYBODY should do!
    “15,575 (0.6%) [tweets] were considered to be antisemitic.” The figure is too high but considered to be anti-Semitic by whom? Which is one of the problems. This is not proof of anti-Semitic intent, or views, or beliefs, merely what some person CONSIDERS to be anti-Semitic. Is it genuinely anti-Semitic? We will never know.
    There is too, TOO much conflation (word of the decade); conflation of anti-Semitism with racism, of Judaism with Zionism, of criticism of Israeli Government policy with Judaism, of Zionism with all of those. It is ridiculous and people need to be educated. Education, not legislation.
    I said, as did my friend and Kenneth Stern, that this would lead to genuine anti-Semitism. There is absolutely no reason why anti-Semitism should be making the news, certainly not in the way that it is. what I don’t understand is why some Jews would allow themselves to be used in this way; this is a very dangerous game and we will be next. Sadly, people are not interested in the truth, because we have been conditioned to want sensationalism. The truth is boring. Methinks that, if there were genuine anti-Semitism out there, in the way that Media are telling us, surely it would have manifest itself in Jewish communities and not remained online, or in the form of unprovable allegations. The dots just don’t join up but as long as the picture that is created is sensational, who cares?

  5. Carol Fraser

    I am not a betting lady. However I would put money on the fact that Netanyahu is clapping his hands with glee. Corbyn being a strong critic of Israel’s war crimes he has played a blinder on this one. I do not believe JC is an avid anti-semitic person for one minute. He’s a pacifist for goodness sake. Field has played into Israel’s and the Tories’ dirty trick dept. More fool him

  6. Tony Troughton-Smith

    Totally agree. Except if it’s his hat Field is talking through then he must be bloody sitting on it!

Comments are closed.