PMQs: here’s how Badmouther Boris got from his exams failure to accusing Keir Starmer of IRA sympathy

Prime ministerial failure Boris Johnson showed us all he had no answers about the ‘A’ level results scandal when he wandered off in the middle of PMQs and started accusing Keir Starmer of sympathising with the IRA – by proxy. The Labour leader had asked a reasonable question – when did Johnson know that there was a problem with the algorithm used by Ofqual and the Department for Education to produce results, as exams hadn’t taken place? Johnson’s response was not only an insult to everybody whose results were tainted…

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Johnson lies again: claim ‘no one knew’ Covid was spread without symptoms is false

By now it should be common knowledge that Boris Johnson’s relationship with factual accuracy is based entirely on his mood. And his mood at the moment is more cavalier than normal. Already this week he has blamed the enormous number of Covid-19 deaths at care homes on their bosses, when we all know his government was responsible. Now he’s trying to pretend we didn’t know that the virus could be spread by people who didn’t display any obvious symptoms. He’s wrong – as he would have known if he had…

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Starmer’s inaction over ‘Israeli billionaire’ tweet shows HE’S wrong, not Steve Reed

This is a bit of a tangled web. Keir Starmer has been criticised for failing to take action against his shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary, Steve Reed, over two tweets which have been said to be anti-Semitic. One suggested that property developer and former porn baron Richard Desmond, who is Jewish (who knew?) is “the puppet master for the entire Tory cabinet”. The other was a retweet of an article referring to an “Israeli billionaire” influencing Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick. Neither of these tweets are anti-Semitic in any way.…

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Now Labour members must quit if they want to defend against anti-Semitism smears

The grounds on which the Labour Party wants to accuse people of anti-Semitism are getting more and more shaky. In this case, one of the accusations against Cllr Karen Sudan is that she has blocked Labour Against Anti-Semitism on Twitter. This is not an anti-Semitic act. Indeed, as LAAS is represented by extremely dodgy characters, Cllr Sudan should be praised for putting distance between herself and that group. It is the Labour Party that should be ashamed for supporting it. But then, Labour does have its blinkers on when choosing…

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Grossly distorted report by Starmer supporters predictably blames Corbyn for Labour election defeat

Why are the media making such a fuss about a right-wing report that blames Labour’s defeat in the last general election on the party’s then – lefty – leader? It makes the blood boil to read the distortions in this so-called report, put together by a cabal of Starmer-supporting right-wingers with an anti-Corbyn chip on their collective shoulder who have the cheek to brand themselves “Labour Together”! Labour backstabbers, more like! It should be no surprise that all the major members of Labour Together now have prominent roles in the…

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Statistics supremo slams misleading Tory Covid-19 test figures

Next time you watch a news report showing Tory statistics on the number of Covid-19 tests published out per day, bear in mind that the numbers are deliberately wrong – and that comes from the highest authority in the United Kingdom. The Tories are hiding the facts about Covid-19 testing by blurring their definition of  test, in order to maximise the number of tests they can report. This comes from Sir David Norgrove, chair of the UK Statistics Authority. This Writer has corresponded with the UKSA on several previous occasions…

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Care home deaths cover-up suggests Johnson and Hancock are guilty as sin

Suppose a disaster happens and people die. The authorities in charge say they failed to anticipate it, take responsibility, someone resigns and we all say: fair enough – they made a mistake and they admitted it. Right? Now suppose people die but the authorities pretend they had taken precautions to prevent it – and we find out that they were lying. That looks far more serious, doesn’t it? It makes it seem that the authorities concerned intended that the disaster would happen. Why else would they lie? Now let’s consider the fact…

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NHS doctors were told not to list coronavirus on death certificates. Why?

Coronavirus deaths could be going unreported after doctors at an NHS trust were told they don’t have to list it on patients’ death certificates. Now, why on Earth would anybody want to falsify coronavirus deaths? Who on Earth would want to create misleading figures? Who would benefit? Well… doctors don’t take orders from lower-ranking members of their profession, so they were told to do it by someone above them. As it was trust-wide, we may conclude that somebody outside it issued the order; nobody within it would falsify records of…

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Leaked Labour report shows Riley libel case is based on a falsehood

This is not a good look for Rachel Riley: And of course Rachel Riley is supporting her pet lawyer: — Free Speech 3.5% ☮ (@FreeSpeech_0) April 14, 2020 Her tweet refers to a threat by her lawyer, Mark Lewis, to sue people publicising the leaked Labour Party report on how its officers handled (or rather, didn’t) accusations of anti-Semitism by members. The substantive revelation is that Labour’s leadership – especially Jeremy Corbyn – was not at fault in its attempts to handle the issue; it was hampered by right-wing…

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Coronavirus: UK government death figures are FALSE

The Tory government has been providing false death figures since the start of the coronavirus crisis, according to the Office for National Statistics. ONS figures released today (March 31) show that the government has been ignoring any deaths that took place outside hospital. So by March 20 (the cut-off date for the ONS figures), the total number of known coronavirus deaths was 210, not 170 as the government had claimed. That’s around 23.5 per cent more. Today’s official death figure stands at 1,408. But if the proportion of deaths outside…

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