Will YOU join the Thunderclap to save the Welsh Independent Living Grant?

PLEASE NOTE: The Thunderclap will take place at 5pm in the UK – it says midday on the Thunderclap website because that site is based in a different time zone. Support for disabled people in Wales to live independently is due to be withdrawn on March 31, 2019 with the end of the Welsh Independent Living Grant. The move will leave cash-strapped local authorities solely responsible for the social care of disabled people with high care and support needs. This is yet another blow against disabled people, following the closure…

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The Campaign Against Antisemitism is at it again – this time the victim is Labour’s new lawyer

This is exactly why This Writer is raising money to fund legal action against the Campaign Against Antisemitism and others who use accusations of hatred against Jews to score political points. Amazing though it seems, the CAA objects to the appointment of an independent barrister to advise the Labour Party on disciplinary matters involving allegations of anti-Semitism. It seems he is not sufficiently biased towards the CAA’s own views. Or perhaps he’s the “wrong sort of Jew” – which is itself an anti-Semitic slur and the author of the CAA piece…

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If David Dimbleby is leaving the BBC’s Question Time, what horror will replace him?

Some may think it is a relief to see former Bullingdon boy and sadly biased QT chairman David Dimbleby relinquish the role. But who will replace Dimbles after his quarter-of-a-century-long stint? I have a terrible theory about that. Perhaps science has discovered the secret of human cloning and the BBC has at long last found the perfect person to put forward its pro-Tory propaganda: Joseph Goebbels. David Dimbleby is to leave Question Time after 25 years on the BBC’s flagship political programme. The presenter, who will leave the show at the…

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Theresa May’s 70th birthday present for the NHS: A big, fat funding LIE

UK prime minister Theresa May has said the National Health Service in England is to receive a funding boost of £20 billion a year by 2023, with money from a so-called ‘Brexit dividend’ and a rise in taxes. She said: “There will be that Brexit dividend. We will have that sum of money that is available from the European Union.” There’s only one problem: Like most things she says, her promise is a big, fat lie. For a start, there is no Brexit dividend. If you’re a Tory, or a Leave…

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The future of the Tory class war? Job applicants to be questioned on their background

There used to be a saying about what happened to you if your face didn’t fit, didn’t there? Now the Tories are extending it to your background. They don’t want anybody from even relatively humble beginnings to have a chance at a position of influence. All those jobs are to be earmarked for buffoons with Bullingdon and Eton backgrounds, like Boris Johnson, it seems. It’s all part of the arse-backward Tory plan to ruin the UK as a viable economy. The stupids are running the show – and trying to…

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Tory twit Cleverly’s ridiculous propaganda exposes the methods used to hoodwink us

Cleverly tries to use a method that isn’t lying – but is misleading. His problem is that he is extraordinarily bad at it. Observe: The ridiculous James Cleverly appears to be the Tories’ go-to eejit when they need someone to tweet absolute nonsense or to defend the indefensible. So few were surprised … when Cleverly tweeted a completely misleading image of [the] ‘LabourLive’ event to try to portray the event as a poorly-attended failure. Mr Cleverly had tweeted an image of the field before it had filled – but clearly…

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Don’t believe the naysayers – Labour Live was a huge success

Jealousy is a terrible thing. It can cause terrible misjudgements. I’m terribly jealous of all those who were able to attend and participate in the huge Labour Live festival this weekend. I live right out in the wilds of Mid Wales and have to make up for this remoteness by helping run a cultural festival here: The Radnor Fringe Festival at the Rock Park, Llandrindod Wells from 6pm on Friday (June 22) until around 10pm on Sunday (June 24). It’s a very friendly event so if you can make it…

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The Conservatives are now the Party of Upskirting

The practice of taking photographs of female celebrities’ private parts by pointing a camera up their skirts or dresses has won a ringing endorsement from Conservative backbencher Sir Christopher Chope and his ever-willing henchman Phillip Davies. Mr Chope filibustered a private members’ bill calling for upskirting to be criminalised. Along with his supporters, he spoke for a total of four hours in order to prevent the legislation from progressing through Parliament. He has defended this indefensible behaviour by saying he hates private members’ bills – shurely shome mishtake as he…

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Huge response to Vox Political’s crowdfunding appeal to fund legal action against anti-Semitism liars

A crowdfunding appeal to help clear me of false and libellous anti-Semitism allegations has raised more than £1,000 – on its first day alone. I started the appeal on the JustGiving website after it became clear that the organisations and individuals, who have lied to the public with false claims about my character, will not willingly withdraw their accusations. Vox Political doesn’t make anything like enough money to fund an expensive court case so I had to take this step. The response so far has been overwhelming. More than £1,000…

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Desperate Tories are calling on banks and finance companies to interfere in politics

Many years ago, when This Writer first arrived in Mid Wales, I was told of an old political blackmail that – allegedly – is still used here. Tory landlords would rent out properties to poor people, often their employees, only on the condition that they voted Conservative at general and local elections. With that in mind, I must ask: Just what is the Conservative Party’s Economic Secretary to the Treasury suggesting to City business executives? John Glen (that’s his name, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you never…

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