History lesson for Peston (and backstabbers) on Labour anti-Semitism

A bid to backstab Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell backfired in the faces of Lisa Nandy and Wes Streeting after all three appeared on Robert Peston’s ITV chat show yesterday (February 27). Ms Nandy and Mr Streeting were keen to suggest their own party had failed to act appropriately in the early days of anti-Semitism accusation against members, citing the case of their colleague Naz Shah as an example. But Mr McDonnell contradicted them, saying he had intimate knowledge of that matter as Ms Shah was his Personal Private Secretary (PPS)…

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Shooting range that used image of Shamima Begum is a LONG way off-target

It’s one thing to suggest that IS defector Shamima Begum should not be allowed to return to the UK – but putting her face on a target in a shooting range is completely beyond the pale. You may recall that This Site ran a poll to gauge public feeling on Ms Begum’s request to return and Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s decision to revoke her citizenship of the UK instead. After nearly nine days – and 2,151 votes – the result was relatively close, with around 56 per cent saying she…

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Tory Torbay Council steals coats meant for homeless people – and gives them to charity shop

It’s easy to forget sometimes, in the midst of media-whipped furore over Labour anti-Semitism or Brexit or whatever, how cruel the Conservatives really are. But there’s always an example of Tory barbarity at hand to bring the reality back to us. For example: “A charity says it’s ‘outraged’ after coats left out for the homeless were removed by the council and given to a charity shop. “Hundreds have been left on the railings of Torquay Town Hall in the past few weeks. “It was part of a national initiative to…

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Why has Labour forced Chris Williamson to apologise for defending innocent people? (Part Two of two)

It seems we are witnessing a concentrated attack on Labour MP Chris Williamson. Not only did he face calls for his expulsion after his office arranged a screening of a film about the Labour WitchHunt against innocent people accused of anti-Semitism – as if someone doesn’t want anyone to hear alternatives to the official party line about this fiasco… But now he has been forced to issue an apology over videotaped comments he made at a party meeting in Sheffield. And what did he say? See for yourself: WATCH: Chris Williamson…

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Intimidation forces cancellation of film screening about Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’ WitchHunt (Part One of Two)

Labour’s latest bid to smear and discredit people who speak against fake “anti-Semitism” accusations against party members is a disgrace that flies against a basic rule of British justice. Of course the usual fellow-travellers in the mainstream media have kicked up a song and dance about it so you’ll know that Labour MP Chris Williamson was attacked yesterday (February 26) by his former party colleague Luciana Berger after it was revealed his office had booked a room in the House of Commons to host a screening of the film WitchHunt, about the…

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Tony Blair supports The Independent Group – so why hasn’t he been expelled from Labour?

Labour Party rules are very clear on this: No card-carrying Labour member may remain in the party if they support another political organisation in any meaningful way. That includes former party leaders because everybody in the Labour Party is equally subject to the rules. Right? Here‘s Tony Blair, speaking up in support of The Independent Group, as quoted in The Independent: “Last week several MPs defected to form a new political grouping. “These are new times. We need, despite our moderation, to embrace the spirit of insurgency. “We need new ideas…

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Watson challenged to make a bid for the Labour leadership – but will he take the bait?

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson may have bitten off more than he can chew. In an interview with Andrew Marr on February 24, Mr Watson said he wanted to create a group of “social democrats” within the Labour Party to challenge the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, particularly over anti-Semitism. This Site has already commented on the anti-Semitism issue, pointing out that Mr Watson’s words cannot be taken at face value after he accepted money from the Israeli government, which is doing all it can to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming the…

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It seems Brexit will be delayed, no matter what May says – but for how long?

It seems the UK is likely to remain in the European Union beyond March 29 – no matter what Theresa May says. If so, it means she’ll have told us yet another falsehood on Sunday when she said she still expected the UK to leave the EU on March 29. But there are conflicting stories about the date to which Brexit may be extended, depending on whose plan we all end up following. The Torygraph adds two months to the calendar, with a scheme concocted by the Tories: “Downing Street officials…

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Watson’s warnings over anti-Semitism would have more weight if he hadn’t taken Israeli money

It all looks very bad, doesn’t it? Here‘s Tom Watson on The Andrew Marr Show, claiming Jeremy Corbyn should “make a ‘personal intervention’ to tackle anti-Semitism claims – revealing he had sending a dossier of 50 cases to the leader. “He blasted new Labour general secretary Jennie Formby over the anti-Semitism row, saying her reforms had ‘very patently… not been adequate’. Bad for Jeremy Corbyn? No. Bad for Tom Watson. His zeal against alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party seems to be fuelled with cash from the Israeli government, which is believed…

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The DWP, disability, and denials: ‘hostile environment’ for claimants is no mistake

Are you getting tired of hearing the Conservative government claiming the latest tragedy to befall sick or disabled people is the result of an administrative error? If so, think of the reason: You’ve heard it too often. Every time we hear of a new instance in which the Department for Work and Pensions victimises somebody in a position of extreme vulnerability – possibly to their death – the Tories say it was an error, often with a comment that measures are being put in place to ensure the same mistake…

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