The UK’s shame: How did we end up calling for CHILDREN to be DROWNED?

What is the matter with us? Back in the day, everyone I knew used to be tolerant, if not downright friendly, to people from other cultures. It’s what made us great – the ability to see the best in others and adopt it for ourselves. Then something changed. A gang of liars slithered into Downing Street, Whitehall and Westminster and started spreading lies and divisive talk – about people who were unemployed, or sick, or disabled… or foreign. Suddenly we’re all at each other’s throats; queuing up to run everybody…

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Outcry against ‘settled status’ registration scheme for EU citizens is rising

The image above is a mild response to the Conservative government’s racist demand that foreign nationals from EU countries submit to a registration scheme in which their details may be passed on to third parties for reasons unknown, and pay to become a persecuted minority. I have already referred to the work of Professor Tanja Bueltmann in revealing what this scheme actually means for people who have enjoyed the right to live and work in this country for many decades – many since before the UK joined the EU in the first…

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Ill-gotten gains; DWP staff get New Year honours while benefit claimants go hungry

LUCKY FOR SOME: 13 staff from the Department for Work and Pensions are named in the New Year Honours, for “making a real difference to the lives of countless individuals”. The announcement has been welcomed by Amber Rudd, the disgraced former Home Secretary who is currently disgracing the position of Work and Pensions Secretary: Congratulations to @DWP staff receiving #NYHonours. I’m thrilled the work of those who go above and beyond in their local area, be it helping disabled people in Birmingham enjoy a more independent life or helping disadvantaged…

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Fraser Nelson’s comedy column about Britain’s well-being makes him a poor Marie Antoinette

Can you believe this nonsense? Please don’t say “yes”: We reach the end of 2018 with a country that has never been healthier, wealthier or – as the official "wellbeing" index tells us – happier. #despiteBrexit. My Telegraph column on what went right in 2018 — Fraser Nelson (@FraserNelson) December 28, 2018 You can’t read the article without paying for it, so I haven’t bothered. It’s bad enough that Fraser Nelson has made himself the Tory government’s useful idiot by posting the tweet above. For balance, let’s have some…

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A manufactured ‘migrant crisis’ – to create anti-EU sentiment ahead of the big Brexit vote?

The Tories really think we’re stupid, don’t they? They’ve dreamed up a crisis  – I mean “crisis” – involving people trying to get into the UK from the European Union. Clearly the EU isn’t doing its job and keeping these people out, right? Well… It’s not actually that clear-cut. Here‘s the BBC’s version of the story: “The rising number of migrants attempting to cross the Channel in small boats has been declared a “major incident” by the UK home secretary. “Sajid Javid has asked for an urgent call with his…

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What’s the REAL motive behind the Tories’ racist ‘EU Settlement Scheme’?

The UK’s Conservative government is creating a central register for one minority in the UK – EU citizens – holding data it can share freely and in secret with undisclosed private and public organisation in the UK and across the world. Why? Bear in mind that the current Tory administration is well-known as a persecutor of minorities. Consider its treatment of the Windrush generation, of people with disabilities, and of those with long-term illnesses. I’ve already explored the basics of this horrible idea. Here’s the3million Twitter account – the largest grassroots…

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Is this why Theresa May recalled her cabinet – to bribe more MPs into supporting Brexit?

“Swivel-eyed loon” John Redwood, who was once described as a “bastard” by former prime minister John Major, is to be knighted in the New Year Honours, courtesy of current PM Theresa May. She needs his support to get her duff Brexit plan through Parliament. Remember, Mrs May gave a knighthood to Eurosceptic John Hayes back in November, for no reason at all – unless you believe it was intended to buy his support for her bad deal. Mr Redwood has been a “vehement” critic of Mrs May’s deal. Why would…

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Austerity policies are ‘social murder’, say experts who’ll be ignored by the Tories

New research by Lancaster University has shown that austerity policies, beloved by the Conservative government, amount to “social murder”. But don’t get your hopes up that this might lead to a huge policy change. This isn’t the first such report to come from a British university, and the Tories are likely to treat it with the contempt they have given the last. The new report by Dr Chris Grover, head of the university’s sociology department, defines austerity as a form of structural violence – built into society in the form…

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Tory post-Brexit residence scheme for EU citizens shows they’ve learned NOTHING from Windrush

Those racists in the Conservative government think we all have really short memories, don’t they? Their colleagues and cronies at the Home Office have unveiled a new “EU Settlement Scheme” for citizens of the European Union who want to continue living and/or working in the UK after Brexit – and it looks startlingly – shockingly – Windrushy. I hope you understand what I mean by that. Applicants under the scheme will have to provide proof of their own identity, proof that they live in the UK, and proof that they…

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One British leader is serious about sorting out the Brexit shambles – shame it isn’t Theresa May

Criticise him all you like, but it is clear that Jeremy Corbyn is the only British political leader who is interested in sorting out Brexit – in the national interest. The other opposition leaders are only interested in undermining him, and as for Theresa May… Mr Corbyn is right to claim that she wants to run down the clock so we have no choice but to accept her deal or “no deal”. Neither is acceptable to the British people. It is notable that nobody has asked Mrs May the obvious…

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