One British leader is serious about sorting out the Brexit shambles – shame it isn’t Theresa May

Working for us: Jeremy Corbyn is trying to get Theresa May to sort out her Brexit shambles, but she persists in dragging her feet. Ask yourself why she wants to do that.

Criticise him all you like, but it is clear that Jeremy Corbyn is the only British political leader who is interested in sorting out Brexit – in the national interest.

The other opposition leaders are only interested in undermining him, and as for Theresa May… Mr Corbyn is right to claim that she wants to run down the clock so we have no choice but to accept her deal or “no deal”. Neither is acceptable to the British people.

It is notable that nobody has asked Mrs May the obvious question: Why is she so keen to delay matters? What does anybody have to gain? Is it correct that she wants to tie us to the March 29 deadline in order to ensure that tax avoiders don’t fall foul of new EU legislation coming into force in April? If so, how is that good for the UK as a whole? (Answer: It isn’t.)

We’re told that she has ordered her ministers to come back and help plan for a “no deal” Brexit – why can’t she get to work on a better Brexit deal instead?

It seems clear that Mrs May is the problem here. Mr Corbyn is working to find a solution.

So why are we all being told that he is the liability? Think about it.

Jeremy Corbyn has challenged Theresa May to cut short the Christmas recess and recall parliament early in the new year in order to bring forward a critical vote on the Brexit deal.

In an interview with The Independent, the Labour leader said he believed the prime minister and her allies were engaged in a “cynical manoeuvre” to run down the clock and offer MPs the “choice of the devil or the deep blue sea”.

His remarks come as the Commons prepares to vote on the UK-EU deal in the week beginning 14 January – in what is being billed as the most significant moment in parliament for a generation.

With just 91 days remaining until Britain formally leaves the European Union, Mr Corbyn also reiterated it is a matter of “when, not if” Labour attempts to force a general election by tabling a motion of no confidence in the government, which he signalled will come in the aftermath of Ms May’s deal failing to receive MPs’ backing.

But he refused to be drawn on whether a Labour government would seek to extend Article 50, given that just weeks would remain for any renegotiation of Britain’s exit from the bloc, and claimed: “Lots of things are possible, the EU has longform on reopening and extending negotiations, but let’s not jump too many hoops when we haven’t arrived at them.”

Source: Jeremy Corbyn challenges Theresa May to recall parliament early over critical Brexit vote | The Independent

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  1. Meryl Davids

    Treason reMAYn has colluded with the Eu via oily robbins to deliberately create a shambolic remain not leave scenario, if we are not out by 2020 we are locked in under the EU constitution Lisbon treaty.

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