More mistakes in the script? Correcting Cameron’s New Year speech

David Cameron’s New Year message – what a disgrace!

Standing uncomfortably in an empty factory (one presumes the workers were all on part-time contracts to save bosses money in holiday pay and national insurance), the comedy Prime Minister looked nervous as he reeled off a list of statements the Conservative Party wants the proles to believe, going into 2014.

What a shame his words were so easy to debunk.

If you can bear to hear it, play the video (above). I did, and wrote the following response in real time – as his speech was taking place. Then I sent it to his Facebook page. Here are my words:

“Mr Cameron,

“When you weren’t elected into office, the economy was on the up – and your policies killed it stone dead for three years. You haven’t cut the deficit significantly for years (it’s been stuck at £120 billion or thereabouts). You have cut income tax for the super-rich; raising the tax allowance for the poor (which you claim is a cut) means they don’t pay National Insurance (if anybody hadn’t noticed) and it will take them longer to qualify for retirement pension.

“You only decided to cut fuel duty because Labour came out with a better policy – and nobody was fooled by your choice.

“The jobs created under your government are part-time, zero-hours, or fake ‘self-employed’ in which the worker is contracted to larger companies and receives lower-than-minimum-wages for the amount of time spent. Stop talking nonsense about ‘jobs taxes’ – all this does is show that you do not understand the principles behind National Insurance.

“How many people did your ‘welfare’ work kill last year? We don’t know because your Department for Work and Pensions is terrified that releasing the figures will cause a national scandal.

“As for your immigration policy – apart from the tangential tightening of monitoring around the minimum wage, all your new measures are already enshrined in law; you have created phantom solutions to a phantom problem.

“Building an economy for people who work hard and “play by the rules”, is it? There’s a new condition in there, and people should be warned that your rules are not intended to benefit hard-working people but to free their employers from any responsibility towards those who generate their bloated salaries for them.

“I’m surprised you didn’t choke on your comments about education, after the fiasco that has led to the closure of one free school and special measures for several others.

“As far as the Scottish referendum is concerned, if any government, through its policies, could do more to push an entire country out of the United Kingdom, I don’t see how.

“I look forward to your response on the welfare deaths. In 2011 they stood at 73 per week, which was a scandal at the time. New figures will show whether you have been merely misguided or intentionally genocidal.

“Happy New Year? It will be a lot happier if you and your entire Parliamentary party resigned. How many of them know anything about struggling to make ends meet, in debt and in a place where there are no jobs to be had?

You know nothing about hard work.”

Did anyone else notice he said nothing about the National Health Service, that his government has brought down from its most popular and efficient moment ever – slandering it and legislating to ensure private profit-driven firms could get into it, turning it away from healthcare and into money generation?

If ever there was a time to fight back for our cherished publicly-funded institutions, it is now.

That is the real message we should take from this soulless mouthpiece and his empty words.

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16 thoughts on “More mistakes in the script? Correcting Cameron’s New Year speech

  1. Barrie Lynes

    There are no words written in any dictionary in any language that could come close to explain the feelins of deep hatred and contempt this dirty filthy slug dump cretin joke of a man generates in the UK. If there were tickets available to watch his slow painful death and they were £1000’s each and the venue held a million people, I could sell those tickets in 5mins. Id buy ten just for me. It would be hailed as the greatest show on earth.

    1. JBS

      I’ll take fifty.

      What’s on the programme, by the way? Is it hanging, drawing, and quartering? Are there fireworks?

  2. Zippy

    What a crock of sh**. I know some don’t understand but f*** me you don’t have to be Einstein to know he’s speaking the biggest load of b**** imaginable! W***er.

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  4. Andrew Carr

    I watched it unfortunately and I’m sure he’s the Antichrist but even worse was Ian Duncan Smith and Karen Brady. She starts off by saying that she asked her Managing Director to buy Birmingham City and then takes all the credit for it herself and is indicative of the Tories Mantra. I used to fancy her too lol. Well Happy New Year to all Hard-working” Brits and hopefully they will remember the Hyphen too as they appear to have had a privileged education but are as thick as pig s**t when it comes to anything approaching reality. Yes Mr Cameron you are thick get it? And we were NOT a junior partner to the U.S. in 1940 fighting the Germans etc as they were not involved then Dip s**t!

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