Hare-brained Hunt wants to hire business leaders as ambassadors. Remember when ‘free’ schools hired untrained teachers?

Should we be grateful that Jeremy Hunt didn’t try to bring people in off the street to perform major surgical procedures on the NHS? Ambassadorial duties are highly-skilled and require a particular character – and business leaders aren’t generally known for having those qualities. We have only to remember when Michael Gove opened up his vanity “free school” scheme to untrained teachers. Standards plummeted. Andrew Adonis has tweeted a lot of sense about this today, and right-thinking people should agree with him: Can Jeremy Hunt name a single ex business…

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Could this exhibition challenge dehumanisation and abuse of the homeless?

This is a terrific idea because it reminds us that homeless people are human too. It is easy to de-humanise the people sleeping rough or begging – to view them as obstacles to be passed or ignored. That seems an easy route to the kind of behaviour that has been connected to the deaths of rough sleepers recently. But the Inspirational Voices exhibition at Manchester’s Piccadilly railway station will present huge portraits of people who have been homeless, along with a label chosen by the model to represent their personality.…

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Election fraud trial: Expenses of Tory MP who defeated Nigel Farage in election may have been forged, court told | The Independent

Reproduced without comment, in order not to prejudice proceedings: A Conservative MP’s expenses form for his general election campaign may have been forged, a handwriting expert has told the politician’s trial. Craig Mackinlay, 52, is on trial alongside his staff after they were accused of overspending in his successful bid to beat the then Ukip leader Nigel Farage to the seat of South Thanet, Kent, in 2015. Mr Mackinlay, his election agent, Nathan Gray, 29, and campaign manager, Marion Little, 63, have all denied deliberately filing false expenditure returns. Mr…

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Is this why the Tories are ditching PFI? Brand-new £24m health centre will NEVER be used by NHS patients

Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond gave in to demands from the Labour Party and agreed to stop signing Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals in his Budget yesterday (October 29). Perhaps this is the reason: Altrincham Health and Wellbeing Centre was meant to be the major new health hub for south Trafford – but it is to be converted into offices without a single patient ever crossing its threshold. The building was constructed by local developer Citybranch for investment company Canada Life after a £35m deal. Now NHS Property Services is leasing…

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It’s freezing out! How long until we hear of the first cold-weather death of a pensioner?

When I woke up this morning (October 30), the temperature outside was -6C and the cat was begging me to let her get into bed with me to get warm. It seems autumn has been and gone, and we have made the transition from balmy summer into frigid winter with the kind of rapidity that some people find hard to accommodate – especially those who are past retirement age. It seems it is time for the annual Tory pensioner cull. The number of deaths due to cold weather has increased…

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Cynical post-Pittsburgh posturing by the usual ‘left anti-Semitism’ liars

This is utterly vile: On the day 11 people were murdered in a synagogue in Pittsburgh – apparently by an adherent of the political far-right, bandwagon-jumpers claiming to speak for British Jews were lining up to accuse left-wingers in the United Kingdom. Authorities in the US have alleged that 46-year-old Robert Bowers burst into the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and gunned down 11 people who were there for Shabbat – the Jewish sabbath, just before 9.54am (EDT) on Saturday, October 27. Six others were wounded. Bowers was arrested after…

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It’s Phil the Bleak’s FANTASY BUDGET! Would you buy anything he’s offering before Brexit?

Philip Hammond used the last Budget before Brexit pretending to spray a load of policies up the wall because he knows none of it will matter after March 30, 2019. He spent his entire speech talking twaddle like a toddler because he knew he could say anything he wanted in the knowledge that the economy will crash after the UK leaves the European Union. That means he can cancel anything he likes and say, “Times have changed – we must move with the times.” It’s transparent – and sickening. The…

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Tories announce ‘Brexit 50p piece’. Public mockery is worth a fortune

The Conservative government has hit a new level of self-parody with its announcement of a commemorative 50p piece to mark the day the UK leaves the European Union. The coin will be inscribed “Friendship with all nations” as the UK solemnises its divorce from 27 of them. Needless to say, the public reaction has been monumental – and the coin was only announced this morning (October 29). Alexa, show me something that makes the UK an even bigger international laughing stock… https://t.co/UebtX6g78x — Peter Smith (@Redpeter99) October 29, 2018 We…

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At last – hearing set for Vox Political writer to defend against Labour’s false accusation of anti-Semitism

It has taken more than 18 months but at last This Writer will be given the opportunity to explain why accusations of anti-Semitism, made against me by the Labour Party, are a lot of hysterical nonsense. A disciplinary hearing involving a panel of National Constitutional Committee members will be held on November 13, at a venue in Mid Wales. The NCC was forced to come to me because I am a carer and must be near Mrs Mike, in line with the “reasonable adjustments” described in the Equality Act 2010.…

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‘Vote the Budget down to stop people being forced into poverty’

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has appealed for MPs of all parties to vote down Philip Hammond’s Budget when he announces it tomorrow (October 29) – if it fails to stop Universal Credit forcing people into poverty. Mr McDonnell’s words came on the day The Observer published a report exposing how Universal Credit is forcing people out of their homes. “The rollout of universal credit and freezes to local housing allowance rates put even basic accommodation beyond the means of many. One shelter said universal credit was a factor in a third of…

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