Tories announce ‘Brexit 50p piece’. Public mockery is worth a fortune

Realism: A mock-up of the way the ‘Brexit 50p’ would look in an honest country.

The Conservative government has hit a new level of self-parody with its announcement of a commemorative 50p piece to mark the day the UK leaves the European Union.

The coin will be inscribed “Friendship with all nations” as the UK solemnises its divorce from 27 of them.

Needless to say, the public reaction has been monumental – and the coin was only announced this morning (October 29).

TalkRADIO on Twitter asked what words people would prefer to have on the coin. Comedian David Schneider responded: “How about “Nos mentiti sunt, futuae iam sumus” or “We were lied to, now we are f***ed”?”

Of course, some shrewd characters have noticed that the announcement has come on the day Chancellor Philip Hammond reveals his latest Budget – which is bound to be nothing more than a stop-gap measure until the end of March because leaving the EU is bound to change the economy radically and there’s no way Phil the Bleak will be ready for it.

And the Budget itself…?

Good advice, that. Sadly, around 13 million people regularly show that they do permit themselves to be insulted in this way – increasing to more than 17 million in the EU referendum of 2016 that put us all in this sill mess in the first place.

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17 thoughts on “Tories announce ‘Brexit 50p piece’. Public mockery is worth a fortune

  1. trev

    Personally, if we are going to leave the EU, I think we should return to using Imperial weights & measures instead of metric, and also pre-decimal currency. If leavers are so intent on turning back the clock then lets go the whole hog. Hammond should announce a new ten bob note.

  2. Justin

    They should do one for the demise of the tory party, now that would be one worth having for a collection

  3. Barry Davies

    Well we had the eurocreep 50p with the hands linking, ours was the small one signifying the queens hand for joining so one waving a flag with freedom on would be good. It’s an absolute tragedy how many people in the UK hate democracy and want to be germans, the eu collaborators have not stopped thing since the result was posted, and 99% of their claims are total testes.

  4. Zippi

    “increasing to more than 17 million in the EU referendum of 2016 that put us all in this sill mess in the first place.” You are falling into that trap, again, of assuming that all people who voted for us to leave the E.U.. did so for the same reason and a stupid one at that. This is unfair, untrue and unhelpful. Please, stop it.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You are mistaken. I am saying that everybody who voted ‘Leave’ put us in the silly mess we are in. That is empirically true. We are in this mess because they voted ‘Leave’.

      1. Zippi

        The implication, based on the comment to which you referred, is that the people who voted to leave “allowed their intelligence to be insulted.” They made a democratic decision and there were myriad reasons for their doing so. How that is implemented is nothing to do with them; the mess is not their fault but that of the whole of Parliament, the members of which should have put their ducks in order before the Referendum was given. Don’t blame the electorate for this, or those who voted contrary to you. If the Remainers had won, people would still have voted to leave and done so because they WANTED to. Please, stop blaming them, or claiming, somehow, to know better. We were asked a question, we made our choice and Parliament mucked it up. PARLIAMENT!

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Unfortunately the mess IS the fault of the voters because they put power into the hands of the Conservatives to do as they have.
        People who voted ‘Leave’ did so in the full knowledge that the politicians had NOT “put their ducks in order”, and that they therefore had no idea what, in fact, they were supporting.

      3. Zippi

        No. It is NOT their fault! It is the fault of the whole of Parliament! Both M.P.s and £ords had the opportunity to put into place safeguards, parameters, specific criteria, the remits of the campaign groups could have been written into law, there should have been at least some sort of framework but Parliament was negligent in this regard and it is Parliament who gave this government the ability to do as they have. Don’t blame the leave voters for the behaviour of this government. People wanted to leave and as I said, If the result were the reverse, people would have still voted to leave. When did you know that the ducks were not in order? When did you find out that David Cameron had made no plan? When did you find out that Parliament had made no such provisions? Before the Referendum? because methinks that you were the only person outside of Parliament who did, if that were the case. When did we find out that David Cameron was going to quit? You are right that nobody knew what was going to happen, because nobody has an accurate crystal ball but to blame the electorate for Parliament’s failings? No! People voted in good faith!

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        You have not answered the substantive issue – that, knowing what the government had not done, a majority of those who voted still voted Leave.

      5. Zippi

        The point is that the people DIDN’T know what the government had NOT done until AFTER the Referendum, hence my questions to you. All of the lack of planning only came to light £ONG after. As I said, people voted to leave, because they WANTED to, what part of that don’t you understand? Had the result gone the other way, that would not have changed; people wanted to leave. The chance might never come again but it wasn’t just the government that failed us, it was the WHO£E of Parliament, both Commons AND £ords! People on both sides, voted in good faith, just as those who voted in 1973 will tell you but they got more than they voted for. You can’t blame the people for the behaviour of those in power. Did you know that John Major was going to push ahead with the Maastricht Treaty? He didn’t ask us. Was that our fault too? You can’t have it both ways. Politicians lie all of the time. We vote in good faith and trust them to do the right thing; that often they don’t is not our fault. You are blaming the wrong people. You were quick to shame the Conservatives for blaming immigrants for their own economic incompetence, now you are doing the same thing to leave voters. Nobody knew what the outcome of the Referendum would be, nor how it would play out afterwards but we trusted Parliament to have systems in place to deal with any outcome, after all, there were only two choices. That there was nothing is not the fault of the electorate, any of it so, stop putting the blame at the door of the people who voted one way, as was their democratic right and some might say, duty. What did £abour do? Try to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, instead of dealing with the matter at hand. What did David Cameron do? Jumped ship. Be angry, by all means; be frustrated but direct your anger in the right place, at those who deserve it.

      6. Mike Sivier Post author

        This is getting convoluted now. People didn’t know what the government hadn’t done?
        Perhaps the government should have explained what it had and hadn’t done in the first place, then.
        People may have voted to leave because they wanted to do so, but if they didn’t know what it entailed, they were voting in ignorance. That much is clear – especially with hindsight. Would they have done so, had they known they were voting to put the UK through extremely hard times? Would they have done it if they had known they would be worse-off, rather than heading into a land of milk and honey, as the Leave campaigners urged them to believe? Are they really that stupid?
        That’s what you’re saying, after all. That Leave voters act against their own best interests, knowingly.
        The rest of Parliament could not make the appropriate preparations for Brexit because that was not in their power; it was the government’s responsibility and the Conservatives acted irresponsibly. That much is also clear.
        I’m sure you’re right that many people voted in good faith, and I certainly agree that politicians lie all the time. Given those two pieces of information, and knowing what we know now, why are you so determined that the UK should go through with leaving the EU because of a vote based on lies and lack of preparation?
        Also, it is clear now that there were NOT only two choices. Please don’t resort to black and white thinking of this kind because it is not true. We were given two choices, but it is clear that we were not provided an accurate description of what those choices would mean. So we voted on a false proposition. Again, the vote should be voided.
        And don’t assume that I’m angry. I have no particular emotion about this. I merely report what I see.

  5. Justin

    what about the pretty red bus full of lies on it, so that people can remember in a coin that monetary value is going to nosedive what a useless bunch of lying imbeciles as Laural and Hardy would say ” that’s another fine mess you got us into Boris”. it is almost as bad as having thatcher’s ugly face on a fifty pound note along with that useless piece of stone in London that has her face on it, though the pigeons don’t mind it,

  6. Rik

    Pathetic… maybe inscribe it with the Grim Reaper complete with a sickle would be more appropriate. . . .

  7. Carolyn Adams

    Tories are taking the brexit, idiocy and pathetic attempt to solace the public, many who voted out did so purely on the Big Red Bus propaganda, Nigel Ferage, the one who bit the hand that fed him, we put dogs down for less

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