Please read and respond to the Tory consultation on sickness benefits

Damian Green wants responses to his consultation paper on planned changes to Employment and Support Allowance, so it would be rude not to oblige him. HERE IT IS. AND HERE’S THE GREEN PAPER THAT GOES WITH IT. Please read it and respond as fully as possible. Mr Green wants the views of: people with health conditions and disabled people both large and small employers employability professionals health and care professionals families, friends, teachers and carers local leaders and commissioners in health, social care and local authorities voluntary and community organisations That…

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£1,000 fine for failing to join the Electoral Register? What’s going on here?

It isn’t very long since the Conservative Government was trying to kick people off the Electoral Register – changing the conditions of registration to cut down the number of people eligible to vote. Should we conclude from the administration’s current behaviour that this tactic has achieved its objective – the 2015 general election and the EU referendum are both in the past, and the figures on which they plan to gerrymander constituency boundaries in their favour have been finalised (as far as they are concerned) – and the plan is…

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No inquiry on the ‘Battle of Orgreave’ – because Conservatives were too deeply involved?

How best to define Home Secretary Amber Rudd after today’s controversial announcement that there will be no inquiry into events at the “Battle of Orgreave”? Well, I could say that – as her name suggests two of the colours used on traffic lights – she is extremely green to think she can make such an announcement and expect the issue to go away. Or I could suggest that she has lived up to her surname, in that a ‘Rudd’ is defined (after Australian politician Kevin Rudd, not her) as an…

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Foul language fail: Raheem Kassam pulls out of UKIP leadership contest

And good riddance. Do you know how many people he has told to “F*** off” (he didn’t self-censor, mind) on his Twitter feed? Now he can f*** off as well. Raheem Kassam, Nigel Farage’s former chief of staff, has withdrawn from the race to be Ukip leader, leaving just Paul Nuttall and Suzanne Evans in the running. The rightwing journalist had been the most colourful contender in the field, expressing admiration for the US presidential candidate Donald Trump and gaining the backing of the major Ukip donor Arron Banks. Despite…

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What’s worse – living on sickness benefits or dying at work because you were sent back too soon?

Damian Green is another ideologically-twisted pervert who wants to clear sick people off of benefits and doesn’t care what happens to them afterwards, it seems. The Conservative Government seems to have an unending supply of these sickening (if not actually sick) individuals. Mr Green is currently parroting former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith’s propaganda, and trying to pretend that every word has come to him of his own accord. “In the long run there is nothing more expensive than saying to someone, ‘Here’s a benefit you can have…

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Proof that Tory #NHS ‘desperate measures’ were planned since at least 2010 | SKWAWKBOX

Are you looking forward to paying a fortune for health insurance that probably won’t pay out if you need it? If not, then you’d better do something drastic, and quickly: The plan to privatise the NHS in England is moving steadily towards fruition. No, you cannot rely on anybody else saving your National Health Service. You need to get up off your posterior and make a point to your MP. If that person is a Tory, they’ll be fully in support of privatisation and may even have shares in private…

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NI court says UK government does not need Parliament’s approval to trigger Brexit

The decision is not legally binding, although it may put challengers to Theresa May’s Brexit plans in Westminster in what’s known colloquially as “a bit of a bind”. The judgement concerns itself only with the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland’s constitution – but it seems likely to inform debates in the Westminster Parliament as well. It isn’t the end of the line for challenges to the legality of Mrs May trigger Brexit without Parliamentary approval – but it is a strong indication that challengers are running out of track.…

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Are German State Railways exploiting train drivers in Britain to put lives at risk? | David Hencke

Another failure of privatisation: The freight trains concerned are owned by a (nationalised!) German company. They use the same lines as passenger trains, which means if the dangerous practices aren’t stopped, sooner or later somebody is likely to die. The rules, that mean drivers aren’t getting rest for up to 19 hours at a time, are being enforced by a foreign-owned company that bought into the British railway system when it was privatised. Solution: Re-nationalise the UK’s railways and bring in proper safety measures. Right? A highly respected but [previously]…

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How foreigners became the convenient scapegoat of the referendum campaign | LSE

This is interesting, because This Writer came to the same conclusion completely independently. I argued that Tories have re-introduced rationing – of education, healthcare, housing and more – and then allowed UK citizens to blame it on migrant workers. I wrote: “People have become hugely protective of what little remains, and see immigrants as threats to their own ability to access that remnant. “Meanwhile the Conservatives and the richest one per cent of UK citizens have more than doubled their already vast income over the last six years. “So who…

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Thousands of Post Office workers and managers to stage fresh strike – Mirror Online

How many people will blame the Post Office workers, rather than their employers? Thousands of Post Office workers and managers will stage a fresh strike [today – October 31] in a dispute over jobs, pensions and branch closures. Members of the Communication Workers Union and Unite will walk out for the second time in two months, with further action in the run-up to Christmas not ruled out. The unions are in dispute over the closure of the final salary pension scheme, job losses and the franchising of Crown Post Offices, the larger…

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