Please read and respond to the Tory consultation on sickness benefits

Actors demonstrate how DWP officials are likely to react to responses to their ESA consultation. Let's not give them the opportunity; let's give them a response that's too big to ignore.

Actors demonstrate how DWP officials are likely to react to responses to their ESA consultation. Let’s not give them the opportunity; let’s give them a response that’s too big to ignore.

Damian Green wants responses to his consultation paper on planned changes to Employment and Support Allowance, so it would be rude not to oblige him.



Please read it and respond as fully as possible.

Mr Green wants the views of:

  • people with health conditions and disabled people
  • both large and small employers
  • employability professionals
  • health and care professionals
  • families, friends, teachers and carers
  • local leaders and commissioners in health, social care and local authorities
  • voluntary and community organisations

That seems to encompass most people, so please pass the link on to everybody you know and ask them to provide their critical opinions as well.

It is your civic duty, after all.

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16 thoughts on “Please read and respond to the Tory consultation on sickness benefits

  1. Jt Zoonie

    You work in your own little cloud. I don’t have a Web site but I have helped people not to be on a ward here in Leicester. sorry I do not fit in either your holy than though
    I have done a ton in Leicester and kept mental health patients alive. sorry I fall under your radar.

  2. joanna

    “prevent mental illness, What utter crap! There are many causes for mental illness and mental conditions! How on earth does he propose to prevent Bi poler disorder or schizophrenia, PTSD and imbalanced brain chemistry, is He a God?

    1. Janeatte G

      If you are meaning Green the frothing at the mouth Tory then I doubt there are plans to cure anything more like who is easiest to get rid of next because that’s what the Tories do pick on the most vulnerable. It seems like they are literally getting away with murder ..We need one spokesperson with a loud and firm voice to let the whole Country know what the disgusting Tories are up to now, Personally I feel the Tories days are numbered. and a better fairer life will be there for everyone The fear will definitely be gone.

    2. Jean Hall

      Amazing how doctors and nurses have to spend years of training, years of practice, years of post grad study to diagnose,treat and nurse patients but Tory MPs are able to diagnose, treat and CURE the sick without a single qualification. According to them sick people aren’t ill, they just need to get off their backsides and go to work and that will cure everything. Terminally ill patients need jobs to take their selfish minds off their health issues. Immobile patients can crawl to work, If they haven’t enough money to feed themselves a bit of starvation will encourage them to buck their ideas up.
      Meanwhile, back in parliament, overpaid politicians steal from the taxpayers for ridiculous things like limousine transport to and from work, second homes, heating for stables and 39 quid breakfasts. Even expenses for attending a tribute to another politician at a rate of £300 per hour plus travelling expenses.
      And all these ‘benefits’ are courtesy of the working class. They are not gifts from the government. This money is provided by the millions who have no problem with supporting those who are unable to work but we do have a problem with overpaid politicians helping themselves to ridiculous amounts of our hard earned cash for luxuries which are neither essential or unaffordable to individuals who are already overpaid and overstuffed. Individuals who avoid contributing to the national pot by avoiding paying tax.
      The only problem I have with the sick is the sick society that this Tory government has created. Someone should cure them of their selfishness and greed and the result would be a country that flourished again.

  3. philippajanebrown777

    This is a nightmare. The website has, 3 times, said ‘Oops, there seems to b a problem’. Please take the survey again. At 45 minutes a go this is time wasting and, I suspect, deliberate!

  4. Peter Austin

    When it comes to benefit payments for people with mental health issues and the amount of money stolen by MP’S under the guise of expenses there is no doubt which is the more deserving. This man and I use the term loosely should be removed from office, in fact the whole corrupt Tory Party should removed, they are the worst Government since Margeret Thatcher.

  5. Barry Davies

    I have written to Mr Green pointing out the basic failure of his green paper, which is to assume that everyone is capable of of working and only idle good for nothing claim benefits. The are to many jobsworth fascist working for the DWP to actually help those who could work get a job, or those who can’t actually work anymore after decades of being hardworking get any benefits. Anti the government accepts there are those who simply can not do a job, and has a work capacity assessment that actually assess’ exactly what type of work you could possibly do the number of deaths by failure of government will continue to increase.

    1. joanna

      Plus the fact is, even if a person might be able to do some work, who would take them on, because in business they would be seen as a liability. I don’t know much about the Remploy factories, but what I had heard, they seemed to be a better alternative, especially as people were gainfully employed whilst have their needs cared for.
      If I am wrong I apologise!!

  6. Roy Beiley

    I believe that it is best to ignore his invitation. Whatever we say he is going to ignore anyway and introduce just what they think will cost them the least money.
    I am sure that IDS, Green and all the other apologies for human beings which make up the Tory Party “get their rocks off” by reading all our pleading comments and have a jolly good chuckle at their dinner parties.”I say Damian here’s a corker! Chap here thinks bi-polar disorder can’t be cured by having a job to go to. What a hoot”

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I think it’s better to respond – because then they can’t say they weren’t told differently.

  7. casalealex

    “Consultation to be carried out as cost of treating long-term health conditions that prevent people from working reaches £7bn.”

    There you go then, it all comes down to ‘cost’ – money! Nothing about actually treating health conditions. All about getting people with ‘long-term health conditions’ into ‘work’ which, due to their health or disabilities, they are incapable of doing.

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