Supine prime minister is so weak she’ll stick with hate-tweeter Trump

Did you ever think you’d see the day a UK Prime Minister would admit the American President can insult us to his heart’s content, and we’ll still support him blindly? That is what Theresa May did in her press conference today. It was sickening. Asked what she thinks about President Trump spreading hate speech on Twitter, and what she would do about it, Mrs May spoke at length about Britain First – despite not having been asked for her opinion of that organisation. We know it is “hateful”. Eventually she…

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Fake news hack slapped down over ‘Momentum v Moderates’ lie

The charitable response would be to say that this person is confused: Moderates: "We have to work together". Momentum: "No. We're going to crush you instead". Moderates: "But we need to be friends". Momentum: "Nope. We need to crush you. And we will". — (((Dan Hodges))) (@DPJHodges) November 28, 2017 History shows that the so-called Labour Moderates (in fact, the hard-right of the party, many of whom are hard to distinguish from Conservatives in their attitudes) were the aggressors when the party’s left-wingers began to regain the ascendancy. When Jeremy Corbyn…

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What if Donald Trump had retweeted messages targeting people with disabilities instead of Muslims?

Amidst the furore over US President Donald Trump retweeting messages attacking Muslims, by far-right extremists Britain First, the following tweet struck a chord with This Writer: Theresa May's official spokesman said: "Britain First seeks to divide communities using hateful narratives which peddles lies and stokes tensions. The British people overwhelmingly reject the hate group." Replace "Britain First" with "The Tories" and it works just as well. — Rachael Swindon (@Rachael_Swindon) November 29, 2017 It does. One of the most hateful lies used by the Tories to divide communities was the…

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While Theresa dithers, Trump attacks – fuelling ‘Britain First’ row between UK and US

Weakling UK prime minister Theresa May has still not responded to US President Donald Trump’s decision to retweet hate messages by far-right organisation Britain First. So Mr Trump has attacked comments by a Downing Street spokesperson who said simply that it was “wrong” to have retweeted the misleading, extremist messages. The message from Downing Street was: “British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far right which is the antithesis of the values that this country represents – decency, tolerance and respect.” Here’s Mr Trump’s response: [email protected]_May, don’t focus…

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Bankers’ bonus cap could be scrapped after Brexit

Is this the reason certain people in the financial sector are so keen on Brexit? Bankers caused the crash and subsequent Great Recession, around a decade ago, but Tories tried to blame it on the Labour Party in an attempt to divert attention away from the huge bonuses that were still being paid out. It wasn’t until 2014 that a cap was introduced on bankers’ bonuses. Now, it seems, that cap could be removed with our departure from the EU, making it possible for bankers to fleece the rest of…

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Brexit has lost UK economy £300m per week since EU referendum result, analysis finds | The Independent

Yesterday we were told – by the BBC’s Daily Politics – that the UK’s net contribution to the EU was most recently £181 million per week. So the cost of the decision to leave the EU – not the actual departure itself – is nearly twice as much. And those of us who still – still – support the lying Leave campaign want the rest of us to shut up and accept their ever-more-ridiculous claim that Brexit is a good idea? This looks like a reality check, to me. If Brexit is…

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Trump’s support for Britain First sparks passionate reaction – with notable exceptions (THERESA MAY)

Donald Trump’s retweeting of hate messages by the far-right organisation Britain First has triggered a strong response from all sides of the UK’s political spectrum. But minority prime minister Theresa May has yet to offer any comment. Why? Mr Trump retweeted messages by Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen, including one that purportedly showed violence by a Muslim – but actually didn’t. Ms Fransen then appeared to admit that her tweets were hate messages: It should be remembered that murderer Thomas Mair named Britain First when he killed Jo Cox.…

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If a picture paints a thousand words, what can we say about this?

This photo was taken here in the United Kingdom – the sixth highest-performing economy in the world. Economic inequality is ruining the UK. And it is fuelled by people who vote selfishly, thinking that if they support the Tories, they’ll get something out of it. What they get is screwed – and so do the rest of us. It’s time for a change. Let’s give a chance to social policies that are not only claimed to be for the benefit of everyone, but actually work. Vox Political needs your help!…

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Britain to be kicked out of Europol against its will | The Independent

The Brexit bill keeps adding up, doesn’t it? The loss of shared criminal databases could do the UK a lot of harm, especially at a time when the threat of terrorist attack is never far away. But that’s the price that around a quarter of the population voted to pay. Okay, around a third of those who were qualified to vote at the time. And a large number of those would make a different decision given the chance today, we’re told. But we’re doing it anyway! How ridiculous. The UK…

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Female staff forced to give sexual favours for promotions at scandal-hit ambulance trust | Telegraph

The Tory MP sex scandal seems to have gone quiet – apart from Damian Green, of course – but it’s important to remember that sexual harassment isn’t confined to Westminster. I would certainly hope that nobody actually thought that in any case but this story from the Telegraph appeared in This Site’s Facebook messages and seems worth a mention. Female staff were groped and forced to give sexual favours for promotions at a scandal hit ambulance trust, a damning report has revealed. Women at South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation…

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