Donald Trump has started broadcasting anti-Muslim videos by Britain First

Does the UK’s minority Tory government really want to let this man into the country – US president or not? Britain First has already started retweeting Donald Trump’s tweets, using them as evidence that he supports their hate-filled propaganda. What do you think? Donald Trump has retweeted three anti-Muslim videos posted by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of the far-right group Britain First who has been convicted of religiously aggravated harassment. Trump, who has 43.5 million followers on the network, retweeted three separate tweets by Fransen, which all included separate,…

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Pay-to-see-GP service expanding across the UK as Tories expand ‘two-tier’ privatisation of NHS

This is utterly repellant. The Tories are saying you can skip NHS queues by paying for NHS services. It is completely unfair and a betrayal of the principles of fairness on which the NHS was founded, as it pushes the poor back down the queue and ensures that they remain sicker, longer. It does, however, support the principles on which the Conservative Party is based – rich people first; poor people last. It would be welcome to hope that users of the health service will refuse to participate in this…

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Brexit ‘divorce bill’ may be more around 60 billion Euros as UK caves in to EU27 demands

UK negotiators from the Conservative government have caved in completely to demands by the EU27 and will pay up every penny of unpaid bills, loans, pension and other liabilities, costing anything up to 60 billion Euros. The money will be used to support, among other things, projects to improve eastern European economies, according to discussion on the BBC’s Daily Politics today. Theresa May offered only 20 billion Euros in her Florence speech, so the Tories have completely failed to hold the cost down. In fact, according to The Guardian (below), the gross…

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May puts embattled Damian Green in the firing line despite sexual impropriety claims

Theresa May has put a man under investigation for sexual impropriety forward to act as her deputy in Prime Minister’s Question, while she visits Jordan. Damian Green will deputise for Mrs May in his role as First Secretary of State, even though he has been investigated after serious allegations were made about him – and the investigation has been completed. But the result of that investigation has not been announced – and it is possible that it never will be. It is a deeply suspicious state of affairs and one…

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Theresa May’s extra £2 billion for affordable homes funded by cuts to other housing schemes | Huffington Post

Once again the Tories take money from one scheme to spend on another – all the time cutting back the chances that either will do any good. Hopeless. Theresa May’s conference pledge to invest an additional £2billion is coming from a cut in spending on other house building programmes, it has been revealed. The Prime Minister used her speech in Manchester in October to announce extra money would be pumped in to the affordable housing budget, as part of her drive to get “government back into the business of building…

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Super-rich Putin cronies have given £1.8 MILLION to the Tories since 2010 | Evolve Politics

This is well worth reading – as we’re all very interested in the extent of Russian influence on recent democratic decisions like the EU referendum. If Russians are donating so much money to the Conservative Party, can we ever hope to get answers to the serious questions that are being posed? As questions swirl around the extent of Russian influence on our democracy… it is important to examine these extremely questionable financial links. The Chernukhins Evolve initiated this investigation after discovering that Ms Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of Putin’s former…

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This is what happens when your Chancellor gives more to banks than benefits

Incredible. Less than a week ago, Philip Hammond decided to starve the NHS of most of the cash it needs – the service got £1.6 billion out of the £4bn requested – while giving bankers £4.4 billion in tax cuts. Yesterday we discovered that working-age benefits are being frozen until 2020. And, of course, benefit claimants continue to be treated like dirt by Department for Work and Pensions “advisors” and have to wait weeks for new claims to be processed. Now, this has happened: I've had enough of this. Cancer patients…

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Tory liars suggest MPs can’t be trusted with Brexit impact assessments. So what? THEY DON’T EXIST

David Davis and his Brexit gang have made fools of themselves with the claim that MPs can’t be trusted with the 58 sectoral “impact assessment” documents they have been ordered to release to the Commons’ Brexit committee. After all, who lied to the Commons that these papers existed in “excruciating detail” (in a dig at Theresa May on October 26) – and then had to admit that they didn’t at all? David Davis. So the implication by John Whittingdale today (November 28) that the full facts should not be shared because…

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Davis told to explain redacted Brexit impact assessments or be in contempt of Parliament. Committee meets TOMORROW

Failing Brexit Secretary David Davis must stand before the Commons Brexit committee and explain why he – and the Conservative government – have treated Parliament with contempt. As the committee meets tomorrow, we shouldn’t have long to wait. That is the ruling of Commons Speaker John Bercow after an Urgent Question by Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer, who demanded to know why 58 so-called Brexit “impact assessments” were delivered to the Commons Brexit committee, heavily edited – with vital information missing from their contents. Mr Starmer made it clear that…

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Funding for women’s refuges should be mandatory, says Starmer

It’s good to see MPs of the calibre of Keir Starmer fighting the Tory project to support domestic (and other) abuse. This site demonstrated how the Tories are supporting abusers in a recent article. The Tory government says it is providing £100m of dedicated funding for tackling violence against women and girls, lasting until 2020. This includes a £20m fund to support refuges and other accommodation-based services, which ministers say will provide 2,200 additional bed spaces. According to whom? Is there any independent information on the cost of keeping refuges open…

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