A quick word about opinion polls

No sooner had I published my latest article, showing the Tories’ poll lead decreasing by five points in two days, than I received this via Twitter: Please stop paying attention to opinion polls – we're going to suffer a heavy defeat. It's surely better to prepare for the aftermath. — Richard James (@RJSHutton) April 30, 2017 It seems some people have no sense of reality whatsoever. For many months, after the attempted ‘Chicken Coup’ in the Parliamentary Labour Party took Labour from equal footing with the Tories to its worst…

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Labour slashes Tory lead by a further FIVE points in two days – Skwawkbox

I’m not going to go quite as far as Skwawkbox on the basis of this poll – the others were by YouGov, while this one is by ORB – but the direction of travel seems clear: Tories down – Labour up. At this rate, Labour’s lead will be enormous by polling day. A single week of General Election campaigning – with Corbyn taking the streets by storm and Theresa May hiding in empty factories or speaking to a handful of acolytes in strictly stage-managed settings – saw the Tories’ polling…

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PM’s performance on Marr Show proves without her ‘strong and stable’ soundbite she has nothing to say

This should be another nail in Theresa May’s prime ministerial coffin – even though Andrew Marr gave her the usual easy ride in his interview. Mrs Mike said it is disgusting that BBC interviewers give Labour representatives such a hard time and let the Tories walk all over them. Judge for yourself – you only need to watch the first minute or so to hear the soundbites springing into Mrs May’s responses, but if you can stomach the rest, come to your own conclusion: Note that her inability to answer…

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Department for Transport is intimidating applicants for the ‘Blue Badge’

By Mo Stewart The many reported atrocities created by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) since 2010, when masquerading as welfare reform and austerity measures, created an environment of **fear and anxiety within the disabled community dependent upon State financial support. Now, seemingly, the same unjustified political attack against the sick and disabled population has also created opportunities for other government departments to intimidate those least able to protest, including the Department for Transport (DT). The award of the Blue Badge is the guarantee that chronically ill and disabled…

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Tories lie about so many things – why should we believe them about Jeremy Corbyn?

It’s a nonsense – isn’t it? – that, considering the Tories’ long record of dishonesty, we should believe them when they attack Jeremy Corbyn. The Canary put it very well in a recent article – complete with video evidence: Theresa May said she wouldn’t call a snap general election. But then she changed her mind. David Cameron promised his government would not cut Child Tax Credits if elected in 2015. But once back in Downing Street, he changed his mind and cut them anyway. Theresa May promised that, before she…

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Theresa May and the Tories are falling apart before our eyes

Today we have yet more evidence that Theresa May and the Conservative Party are simply incapable of running an election. Now that we are all wise to the silly “strong and stable” brainwashing technique Mrs May is trying to force on us at every opportunity, it gratifies This Writer’s heart to hear the choruses of “Weak and wobbly!” echoing around this great country of ours, every time she makes a speech on TV or the radio. The people have got the message – but it seems Mrs May has not.…

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Tory lead falls by EIGHT points in one week 

This is one for all those committed poll-watchers who were determined that all the polls show the Tories trouncing Labour: The Tories are losing their lead – in a big way. With more than a month to go before the general election takes place, there’s plenty of time to take the remaining 16 points away from the Blue Meanies and create a commanding lead. It’s good to see members of the public are realising just how biased the news media have been. One week ago, just after the General Election…

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Let’s play the Theresa May ‘general election’ drinking game!

This will be a hit with alcoholics everywhere. The rest of us can enjoy it with softer drinks too! Many of you will have noticed that Theresa May’s speeches – when she can be bothered to turn up and make one – are peppered when the same two words, repeated over and over again: “Strong” and “stable”. She’s trying to brainwash us! She seems to think the British people are so easily-led that all she has to do is tell us her government has these qualities and we’ll believe her.…

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Tatton Tories have found someone as vile as George Osborne to replace him: Esther McVey

The last time most of us heard of Esther McVey, she had been handed a £530-a-day job at the British Transport Police Authority as a consolation prize for losing Wirral West in the 2015 general election. It paid £32,000 a year but she was only required to work 60 days. Barring sickies, she’ll have worked a little more than 120 days in this job, so far. It must be exhausting for her; my heart bleeds. Westminster will be much less troubling for her, I’m sure – but not for the…

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Scurrilous smear campaign against Vox Political writer is worthy only of contempt

It looks as though This Writer is going to be in the news – for all the wrong reasons. Today I received a telephone call from a newspaper reporter, saying the paper had been contacted by an organisation calling itself the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, which had claimed that I (Mike Sivier) should be deselected as a council candidate because I’m an anti-Semite and hate Jews. For the record, I’m not, and I don’t. Obviously. Admittedly, the story seems likely to run only in a local(ish) newspaper, the Powys County Times, but the…

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