Theresa May and the Tories are falling apart before our eyes

Theresa May [Image taken from Twitter].

Today we have yet more evidence that Theresa May and the Conservative Party are simply incapable of running an election.

Now that we are all wise to the silly “strong and stable” brainwashing technique Mrs May is trying to force on us at every opportunity, it gratifies This Writer’s heart to hear the choruses of “Weak and wobbly!” echoing around this great country of ours, every time she makes a speech on TV or the radio.

The people have got the message – but it seems Mrs May has not. In her responses to interviewers, her lack of interest in her own surroundings, and in her party’s stage-management of everything she does, we can see that this is a woman who is out of touch and out of her depth. She should not be in politics at all.

For example: Challenged by Radio Derby host Chris Doidge after Boris Johnson called Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a “mugwump” (Johnson had no idea the original meaning was “great chief”), Mrs May had no answer but the one that has clearly been programmed into her by (presumably) Lynton Crosby:

And look at this video, in which she doesn’t even know where she is:

Broadcaster Paul Mason tweeted an excellent point about this: “Note Theresa May downward glance to right, a classic facial tic for liars: she does not know where she is and is *not* pleased to be there.”

Yesterday (April 27), Mrs May was in Leeds:

But here’s the catch:

That’s right – this was another 100 per cent stage-managed all-Tory event in which no dissenters were allowed. In other words, it was propaganda – not news.

Why are the Conservatives so terrified of engaging in the election? This Question Time audience member has the answer:

So, if a Conservative Parliamentary candidate comes knocking on your door, you tell them: “Never mind Brexit! Never mind Jeremy Corbyn! Never mind “strong and stable leadership” [listen for the chorus of “Weak and wobbly!” from houses all around]…

“Just you tell us your policies on healthcare, education, social security, and taxation. What are you hiding?”

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16 thoughts on “Theresa May and the Tories are falling apart before our eyes

  1. joanna

    Like I said before she doesn’t want to win, she would rather let Jeremy Corbyn do the hard work so that when the next election comes around, should they win, they can can fleece the country more without the Brexit headache, basically they want all the rewards without lifting a finger!

    By the way yesterday I lost my voluntary job because the small charity I worked for has lost it’s funding thanks to the Greedy Tories, I am still in two minds whether or not to carry on living.

    All the trauma I went through as a child was all on Thatcher’s watch, if the children’s home I was in had not been closed down, I wouldn’t have been forced to move to one where I was molested and raped. As it was between 9 yrs and 16 yrs I was moved 11 times.

    The voluntary job might not have seemed much to anyone else but I felt safe and productive for 10 yrs, now I am expected to just pick up and move on, I tried but all the charity shops near me have turned me down because they ” have enough people from the DWP” to do the work.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      As far as being in two minds whether to carry on living is concerned, you know my position on that – you do, and you put it on the government to make your life as comfortable as possible.
      As regards charity shops using “people from the DWP”, well, I’ll comment after your list.

  2. marcusdemowbray

    The Tory Manifesto: 1) Insult non-Tories, particularly JC 2) Keep repeating the words of their Speech Writers “Strong”, “Stable”, Glorious Future”, “United”, “Together” etc. 3) Er, there is no 3).

  3. joanna

    Further on to my earlier comment the charity shops who turned me down because they have workfare “workers were:

    Dove House Hospice
    British heart foundation
    Barnado’s and
    Age uk

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Most of these are big names who should know better than to conspire with the Tories to put people out of paying work (by giving jobs to people on Workfare who receive only a fraction of what they would if it was a full job).
      Is it time for another shame campaign against them?

  4. Jason

    If a conservative comes to your place to canvass, invite them in and give them tea and biscuits. Politely listen and question them but nothing too​ difficult. Act interested but completely uninformed, like a blank slate. Use up all their canvassing time so they can’t go infecting those weaker than yourself

  5. Martin Odoni

    “Can you explain the anomalies in the official story of the Khan Sheikhoun Attack, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “How do you plan to resolve the stimulus-shortfall likely to afflict the UK economy after Brexit, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “Why are you too chicken-s**t to debate Jeremy Corbyn live on TV, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “Can you account for your husband’s doubtful financial practices, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “Who killed Cock Robin, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “What’s your favourite TV programme, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “When’s your birthday, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “Why did the chicken cross the road, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “What’s your favourite colour, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “How many Prime Ministers does it take to change a lightbulb, Prime Minister?”

    “We need strong and stable Government.”

    “A tedious douche says we need strong and stable Government, Prime Minister”

    “We… … … … You b*st*rd.”

  6. Barry Davies

    It seems no one really wants to get involved in the local or general election round here, the only political ifs so far pushed through my door has been from an independent standing for the first time in the local elections, not even a single banner in a garden let alone on the big billboards.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s all about the county council elections here – except on the doorstep people are talking about general politics too.
      I saw a sponsored ad for my local MP today on Facebook, though, so perhaps everybody is simply moving their campaign online?

  7. Jed Bland

    It all seems a bit too contrived to me and I have a sinking feeling. When we win the election is when Momentum has its work cut out. What the right is expecting is that having won, many of the grass roots supporters will be lulled into a false sense of security. Membership will drop. Less people in the country watching what goes on. Right wing Labour back benchers will join the Tories in making government impossible for Corbyn.

  8. Dan

    How can you say the government is not stable?
    All those U-turns has it spinning like a gyroscope.

  9. Stu

    Although I’m loathed to agree with May, she does have a point.
    We DO need a strong and stable Government – but one that only Labour can provide.

  10. Giri Arulampalam

    If Mrs May wins(the General Election),Boris will be pulling the strings.I have heard that Boris is a “nasty piece of work”!

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