Goats in Llandudno herald takeover of the streets in coronavirus lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has emptied town streets across the UK – so animals are taking them over. Usually a herd of 122 Kashmiri goats are only known to venture into Llandudno during bad weather. But – see for yourself: This shows what it’s all about. They’re scared of me (a human) in this. They don’t like people. They usually only come down from the Great Orme when it’s windy, and only the back streets at the top of Mostyn Street. Now lockdown means it’s empty, they’re going further than ever.…

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Coronavirus: UK government death figures are FALSE

The Tory government has been providing false death figures since the start of the coronavirus crisis, according to the Office for National Statistics. ONS figures released today (March 31) show that the government has been ignoring any deaths that took place outside hospital. So by March 20 (the cut-off date for the ONS figures), the total number of known coronavirus deaths was 210, not 170 as the government had claimed. That’s around 23.5 per cent more. Today’s official death figure stands at 1,408. But if the proportion of deaths outside…

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Suspend benefit cap to protect disabled people in coronavirus crisis? It’ll never happen under Tories!

It’s a good, solid, practical suggestion: with disabled people most at risk of financial loss during the coronavirus crisis, the government should suspend the penalties it has imposed on them in the last 10 years. These include the benefit cap and the “two-child policy” for benefits relating to children. Also suggested by the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) is conversion of the Universal Credit advance loan into a non-repayable grant. In fact, the DBC requests the suspension of all debt repayment deductions from UC. And the organisation calls on the government…

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Coronavirus: who cares what Dominic Raab says when he does THIS?

Here is the man who has been given responsibility – responsibility, mark you – for the UK’s defence against coronavirus if Boris Johnson becomes ill. And Dominic Raab showed he’s yet another Cabinet member who simply can’t follow his own instructions to the public. One of those demands is that we avoid touching our faces. Most particularly, we’re not supposed to touch objects when we don’t know where they’ve been, and then lick our fingers. But here’s photographic evidence of Mr Raab doing just that – at a coronavirus press conference. No…

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Coronavirus: Hungarian leader uses pandemic as excuse to become DICTATOR

This is shocking: Hungarian Parliament passes bill that gives PM Orbán unlimited power & proclaims: – State of emergency w/o time limit– Rule by decree– Parliament suspended– No elections– Spreading fake news + rumors: up to 5 yrs in prison– Leaving quarantine: up to 8 yrs in prison#COVID19 pic.twitter.com/5ScZCbF4yv — Balazs Csekö (@balazscseko) March 30, 2020 If Boris Johnson is watching from his sickbed, how long do you think it will take him to try the same thing in the UK? Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds…

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Supermarket and superstar donate cash for coronavirus causes; Johnson remains a super-dud

Remember when B&M donated £1 million to food banks to bridge the supply gap caused by coronavirus? We all praised that company to the hilt. So let’s give at least as much praise to Morrisons for donating 10 times as much to food banks – in fresh food from its bakery, egg and fruit & vegetable packing sites. And the supermarket firm is also encouraging donations by converting its now-closed in-store cafes into donation hubs. And let’s also praise movie star James McAvoy, who has donated £275,000 of his own…

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Poetic justice: Dominic Cummings has contracted coronavirus

If anybody deserved to catch the coronavirus, it was Dominic Cummings – and now he has. And no – I’m not going to apologise for apparently wishing on someone a serious illness that might kill him. Mr Cummings, lest we forget, was a big fan of the idea of developing “herd immunity” by letting as many people as possible become infected. So one might conclude that he should be happy to be among them. He was paraphrased after a private speaking engagement in February as saying, “If some pensioners die,…

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Coronavirus: Disabled people to be denied ventilators as NHS imposes rationing

The lack of ventilators in the National Health Service means they will be provided to people on the basis of their chance of survival. If you are disabled, this means: NOT YOU. Just wrote the UN's Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) regarding the U.K.'s COVID-19 ventilator rationing and its implications for the sick and disabled. Stay strong and safe. God Bless! — Samuel Miller (@Hephaestus7) March 30, 2020 Troubling news that a London Hospital is now triaging access to ventilators based on survival chances. Can we…

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Coronavirus: it seems Boris Johnson might have actually infected his whole cabinet

A third cabinet member is self-isolating because he has symptoms of the coronavirus. Alister Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland, is the latest crony of Boris Johnson to fall victim to the contagion. This is what the Tory government gets for failing to observe its own demands for people to observe “social distancing”! Who knows who’ll get it next? Source: Coronavirus: Scottish secretary Alister Jack has Covid-19 symptoms – BBC News Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims by TV celebrities who should…

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Will the UK follow America and abandon people with disabilities to die of coronavirus?

Boris Johnson and his Tories like to copy what happens in the United States – and they already have a record for persecuting disabled people. So what would you give for the chances of people with Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism or any of the other reasons for receiving Personal Independence Payment, knowing that the US is letting them die of coronavirus? Read: New guidance published Alabama officials says that ‘persons with severe mental retardation, advanced dementia or severe traumatic brain injury may be poor candidates for ventilator support.’ It…

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