Coronavirus: UK government death figures are FALSE

The Tory government has been providing false death figures since the start of the coronavirus crisis, according to the Office for National Statistics.

ONS figures released today (March 31) show that the government has been ignoring any deaths that took place outside hospital.

So by March 20 (the cut-off date for the ONS figures), the total number of known coronavirus deaths was 210, not 170 as the government had claimed. That’s around 23.5 per cent more.

Today’s official death figure stands at 1,408. But if the proportion of deaths outside hospitals has remained consistent, we need to expect the real figure to be 1,739.

There is no reason to believe that the proportion of deaths outside hospitals has been consistent, of course. It could be much higher.

This is important because it shows that the Tories have been lying about the seriousness of the pandemic in the UK.

It means claims that the virus’s spread in the UK is slowing – based on hospital admission figures – cannot be trusted.

This Writer’s concern is that the government may use such figures as a reason to lift the lockdown prematurely – and give the virus a new lease of life as our isolated population socialises once again while the disease is still very much present, and remains deadly.

Source: Coronavirus: Total UK deaths higher than figures released daily by government, new stats reveal | The Independent

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14 thoughts on “Coronavirus: UK government death figures are FALSE

  1. Jeffrey Davies

    Didn’t you get the dwp to say how many deaths which was just above aktion T4 deaths you bet you could double it but they learned how to fix figures while we won’t believe them many do that’s how they work

  2. Joan Edington

    The BBC had the nerve to critisise France for using hospital-only figures the other day. Narry a mention that the UK was doing the same.

    1. Brian Mitchell.

      The “balanced” BBC, like all UK mainstream media, is part of the government Establishment. See Owen Jones’ book of same name.

  3. Random Bloke

    The added pressure in hospitals will have an adverse affect on those that need medical treatment for non-CV reasons as well. We’re not going to magically stop having serious accidents, heart attack, stroke, or being diagnosed with cancer and other life changing illness just because this is going on.

    Those affected should also be included, like Italy have done.

  4. James Bate

    You’ve had a good slug of Kumming’s Kool – Aid, I don’t doubt the figures are false, falsely inflated to justify the lock – down even the BBC has been referring to deaths with the coronavirus and not from, look at a breakdown of the figures in Italy the average age and other health complaints, compare it to a normal flu season and it was less than expected, and also I imagine Spain. I’d be interested to see the extra mortality figures for those countries and ours.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, the figures have not been falsely inflated – they have been falsely depressed. It seems you’re the one who’s been drinking the Kool-Aid.

  5. James Bate

    Hi I’m puzzled why the uk left media have swallowed the narrative, it could be solidarity with your base, or an opportunity to have a pop at the gov and holding your fire, but that’s tricky, you’ll look a bit daft when you stop asking for tougher lock-downs.

    Don’t know what game you’re playing but I thought you were sound, so if you genuinely think this virus stuff is as reported please check out best refs . Forget the science for a bit does any of this look real, seriously.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I do not understand your comment.

      It is a fact that the Conservative government has been under-reported deaths caused by the coronavirus. Your claims about “the UK left media” are irrelevant – this is not about political preference. It’s about having a government that lies to us.

    2. James

      I’ve taken a moderately long look at the English text It makes a lot of valid points – or at least apparently valid – and it appears to be well researched. Problem is – or rather, problems are: who is ‘a swiss doctor’; who are the ‘experts in the field’, as in “Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field”; who or what is funding ‘Swiss Propaganda Research’. On the plus side, though, the hosting website seems to have a pretty much positive rating for impartiality and truth, and whoever’s responsible for this specific content has dedicated a hell of a lot of time and resources to it, and the reported facts are presumably checkable; there are a lot of attributable references. Throw in some conspiracy theory suggestions of state actor involvement to muddy the waters further, and the possibility (distant, to be sure) of some deliberate dirty work – but clearly a lot of people are sick and a lot of them are dying. ‘The truth’ seems to be an ever more rare commodity, and winnowing the truth from the propaganda ain’t always easy.

      You’re puzzled why “the uk left media have swallowed the narrative”. Really? There ARE no UK left media, Mr Bate! At least, not in the mainstream. That statement alone is enough to raise suspicion about your viewpoint and/or motives. An exhortation to “Forget the science for a bit” doesn’t improve matters. At the same time – that link IS interesting…

      Incidentally, note: meanwhile, Israel’s still bombing Syria; US is still ramping up threats to Iran, and the question is being posed: is US Using COVID-19 to topple Venezuela’s leader?

      1. James Bate

        Hi Thanks for reading the link, more than some of my friends and family will do, but still happy to slag off the imagined contents. It looks like your misgivings have been addressed, the Swiss site has now done away with the doctor and experts and just lists referenced pieces initially mainly on Italy plus the daily updates.

        When I mentioned the left media I was referring to blogs or commentators, as you say that’s all that’s left, or not. Of the ones I follow or come across Off Guardian are alone in questioning everybody else is pitching in and dissing what looks like a piss poor gov, I’m not too sure they’ve got us all staying at home and dobbing in our neighbours.d
        Re my viewpoint I’m a paid up momentum and Labour Corbynista who I imagine will be resigning when KS gets elected ang going back to the Greens.

        Re the forget the science bit, that was clumsy but I meant that scientifically the sceptics have the argument and I was asking you to look at the bigger picture – every country apart from Belarus in lockstep, in weeks the financial bail outs have dwarfed those of the last recession, the economy has been trashed, when this is over SMEs will be decimated, those that survive will be in hock to the banks, our personal freedoms will be curtailed, and any hint of gilets jaunes or pitchforks will have gone , the serious looting will be unnoticed and the pauperisation blamed on the coronavirus, cui bono.
        As for Maduro isn’t the latest plot to make him out as a drug lord? Bonkers world.

  6. James Bate

    A good take on the overall picture –

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