New pub closure rules can only increase Johnson’s lockdown muddle

Boris Johnson’s ‘local lockdown’ plan is degenerating into incoherence as each tiny part of the UK adds new – and conflicting – Covid-19-related restrictions. The latest addition to this babble is a restriction on pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues in England, forcing them to close at 10pm, starting on Thursday (September 24). Why’s that? Does Covid-19 only come out for a drink after 10 o’clock? It doesn’t make any sense at all – and in fact will only add to the confusion. Look at Wales, where six local authority…

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Former PM rips into Internal Market Bill: ‘So much for global Britain’

Former Prime Minister Theresa May has made a devastating intervention on her successor’s Internal Market Bill, attacking the reasons it has been drafted and its effect on the integrity of the United Kingdom, and questioning whether any other country will trust the UK again. In a debate on the Bill on Monday afternoon (September 21), she raised several important questions, starting with this: Theresa May – “If the potential consequences of the Withdrawal Agreement were so bad, why did the Government sign it?” 🔥 — Haggis_UK 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 (@Haggis_UK)…

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Where’s Boris? Apparently he’s been in Perugia getting instructions from his Russian masters

Downing Street denies everything, of course. But it seems Boris Johnson flew into Perugia, Italy, where his Russian friends have a villa, at some point in the last fortnight: 🚨 EXCLUSIVE @repubblica 🚨According to a statement and local sources, Boris Johnson recently travelled to Perugia, in Italy, apparently on the Sept 12-13th weekend. No 10 dismisses it: “That’s wrong”. My story with @irvine76 — Antonello Guerrera (@antoguerrera) September 20, 2020 The claim of Johnson making a seemingly undercover visit to Perugia would be seen as especially intriguing given he…

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#Whitty and #Vallance TV briefing shows incompetent Tories failed to contain #Covid19UK while causing maximum public inconvenience

There’s no way around it: Boris Johnson and his gang of Tory nincompoops have really cocked up the Covid-19 crisis. That’s the message This Writer took from the televised briefing by chief medical officer Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance. Here’s a summary of what they said, courtesy of that great critic of the Johnson government, Piers Morgan: BREAKING:Key points from covid presser:1) If cases accelerate at current rate, we'll be at 50k-a-day by mid-October. 2) Hospitalisations rising, & deaths will too. 3) Coronavirus not getting weaker.4) Only…

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#SackWhitty and #SackVallance, people are saying – before they’ve even made their broadcast

New hashtags on social media are calling for the UK’s chief medical officer and chief scientific adviser to be sacked – before they’ve even had a chance to address the public on television. The broadcast was scheduled for 11am today (September 21) but platforms like Twitter have already been filling up with attacks on Chris Whitty and – notably – Patrick Vallance. The attacks don’t make much sense. In fairness to the advisers, we don’t know what their advice to the government has been. Their meetings have taken place behind…

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Tories took donations from oligarch linked to Putin. Is this why they never investigated Russian interference in UK politics?

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has definitely taken donations from people linked to Russia’s President Putin – and provided private meetings with the last three UK prime ministers in return. The money totalling £1.7 million came from Vladimir Chernukhin via his wife Lubov, according to the so-called FinCEN files – leaked “suspicious activity reports” by banks. According to BBC News, Leaked files show her husband received $8m (£6.1m). The money initially came from a politician facing US sanctions due to his closeness to the Kremlin. A leak of banks’ “suspicious activity…

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After #BorisJohnson complained about lack of cash, he’s had a #trolling from the #ChurchOfEngland

Whoever chose the reading for Boris Johnson at Sunday’s commemoration of the Battle of Britain is a genius. The service at Westminster Abbey celebrated the 80th anniversary of the crucial World War II battle: A special #BattleofBritain80 service was held this morning at Westminster Abbey to commemorate the 80th anniversary of this crucial battle in World War 2. The service was a culmination of a week of events held by the @RoyalAirForce honouring the Greatest Generation. — Ministry of Defence 🇬🇧 (@DefenceHQ) September 20, 2020 The UK’s performing monkey…

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#Whitty and #Vallance to appeal to the public over #Covid19 – because nobody trusts the Tories any more

Trust in Conservative ministers has eroded so badly that they have been forced to hand over a televised update to the UK’s chief scientific and medical officers. Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty – who was last seen shouting at performing monkey prime minister Boris Johnson and his boss Dominic Cummings in a photograph published in The Spectator – will make an appeal to the public to stick to new rules on Monday (September 21). Whitty and Vallance are likely to compare the UK with other European countries such as France and Spain,…

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Is #BorisJohnson thinking of another #lockdown so people can die – alone and uncounted – at home? Will #KeirStarmer support this?

It seems Boris Johnson is considering a new tightening of restrictions on the public, in an effort to turn back what he has now acknowledged as a second wave of Covid-19. But is there an ulterior motive? The first national lockdown he imposed, back in March, meant many people died alone at home – unnoticed by the authorities who were struggling to cope with hospital admissions or by neighbours, friends and relatives who were under what amounted to house arrest. Here’s one such example: My friend buries her sister today.…

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If #JeremyHunt thinks #Covid19 restrictions are #CrushinglyUnfair then why is he writing about it and not getting the Tories to change?

Jeremy Hunt seems to be revelling in the fact that he Matt Hancock has replaced him as “Worst-ever Health Secretary”. After being removed from the government by Boris Johnson, he’s now a backbencher, albeit one who chairs the Commons Health and Social Care committee. One would have expected him to toe the Johnson line, having been responsible for much of the harm done to NHS healthcare in the last 10 years. Instead, he seems to be trying to carve out a new careers as a ‘voice of reason’ in the…

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