#Whitty and #Vallance to appeal to the public over #Covid19 – because nobody trusts the Tories any more

Trust in Conservative ministers has eroded so badly that they have been forced to hand over a televised update to the UK’s chief scientific and medical officers. Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty – who was last seen shouting at performing monkey prime minister Boris Johnson and his boss Dominic Cummings in a photograph published in The Spectator – will make an appeal to the public to stick to new rules on Monday (September 21). Whitty and Vallance are likely to compare the UK with other European countries such as France and Spain,…

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Is #BorisJohnson thinking of another #lockdown so people can die – alone and uncounted – at home? Will #KeirStarmer support this?

It seems Boris Johnson is considering a new tightening of restrictions on the public, in an effort to turn back what he has now acknowledged as a second wave of Covid-19. But is there an ulterior motive? The first national lockdown he imposed, back in March, meant many people died alone at home – unnoticed by the authorities who were struggling to cope with hospital admissions or by neighbours, friends and relatives who were under what amounted to house arrest. Here’s one such example: My friend buries her sister today.…

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If #JeremyHunt thinks #Covid19 restrictions are #CrushinglyUnfair then why is he writing about it and not getting the Tories to change?

Jeremy Hunt seems to be revelling in the fact that he Matt Hancock has replaced him as “Worst-ever Health Secretary”. After being removed from the government by Boris Johnson, he’s now a backbencher, albeit one who chairs the Commons Health and Social Care committee. One would have expected him to toe the Johnson line, having been responsible for much of the harm done to NHS healthcare in the last 10 years. Instead, he seems to be trying to carve out a new careers as a ‘voice of reason’ in the…

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Johnson’s ministers can’t even employ good bodyguards; this one left his gun on a plane

You may be forgiven if you thought the bodyguard in this story was employed by Serco. After all the Johnson government’s privatisation disasters (including with Serco on the ‘test and trace’ affair), it’s an obvious conclusion to draw. (In fact G4S is a more likely culprit – remember, that firm has form since its botch-up of security for the 2012 London Olympics. But This Writer would not have put it past Dominic Raab to have hired Carillion. Think about it.) It transpires that the guilty party was a genuine member…

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#ANewSlogan for #Labour and #KeirStarmer – but it’s the same old #NewLabour underneath

Keir Starmer isn’t fooling anyone with his new empty slogan. On the eve of Labour Connected – the party’s virtual conference, he’s replacing the previous empty slogan, “Under New Management” with one making the unlikely claim that he and his party are “A New Leadership”. The problem is, neither Keir Starmer nor Labour under him have provided any leadership at all. What are his achievements to date? Hmm… Approving Boris Johnson’s disastrous Covid-19 strategy. Agreeing with Boris Johnson that schools should open in September. Paying off a gang of media-savvy…

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#PoorBoris – UK citizens give what sympathy they can to PM ‘complaining about money’

If you behave more like a performing monkey than a prime minister, you get what you deserve when you complain. It seems the UK’s performing monkey – Boris Johnson – is complaining, as his fans in The Times explain: On the personal front sources say Johnson is complaining about money. He is still supporting four out of his six children, has been through an expensive divorce and had his income drop by more than half as a result of fulfilling his lifetime ambition https://t.co/JGe3D91tOX — The Times (@thetimes) September 19, 2020 The…

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Image of #Whitty confronting #Johnson over #Covid19 goes viral. What WAS he saying?

Remember the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? It seems the above image of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty tearing Boris Johnson a new one has merited many thousands more: So how come this photo of Whitty confronting Johnson and his idiots, went public? pic.twitter.com/JXHQtahsst — AndyY #FBPE #rejoin #FightOn (@peakajy) September 18, 2020 Why on earth did they put this picture out? This looks less like a prime minister at work than a dishevelled sex offender being confronted by the Westminster CID. pic.twitter.com/nQyOCHHhy0 — Tim…

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#CorridorsOfPowder – hypocritical Tories will force big employers to do random drug tests. What about Westminster?

It seems Priti Patel has picked up on Tory London Mayor candidate Shaun Bailey’s plan to force firms that employ more than 250 people to subject the workforce to random drug tests. Her endorsement follows one by Iain Duncan Smith last month. But how strange that the UK Parliament, where the House of Commons alone employes around 2,040 people – not counting MPs, is to be exempt from any such legislation! The Conservative government are planning to introduce legislation which would force big employers to carry out random drug tests on…

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Corrupted morals: men who allegedly toppled Colston statue to be punished but Priti Patel goes free

People who toppled – and then sank – a statue glorifying slavery during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the summer are to be offered a bizarre punishment. The five, who pulled down the statue of slaver Edward Colston in Bristol, will have to pay a fine that would go to a charity supporting people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities in Bristol – which is more than Colston ever did. They will also have to complete a questionnaire by Bristol City Council’s history commission, explaining their reasons…

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In the biggest crisis of our time, why has the government’s emergency committee not met since MAY?

Is this the reason all the Johnson government’s attempts to handle Covid-19 have fallen apart? The committee convened by the prime minister to tackle emergencies facing the UK – known as COBRA after its location (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A) – has not met since May 10. That shocking fact was revealed, not by Boris Johnson, but by London Mayor Sadiq Khan during a phone-in on James O’Brien’s LBC radio talk show. He said it seemed the Tories in the government don’t like to be challenged: Sadiq Khan tells LBC…

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