Parliament WILL debate petition to prevent Donald Trump from making a state visit to the UK

Parliament will debate a petition demanding that the invitation for new US President Donald Trump to make a state visit to the UK should be withdrawn, after it received more than 1.75 million signatures. A brief statement, emailed to signatories, runs as follows: “Parliament is going to debate the petition you signed – “Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.”. “The debate is scheduled for 20 February 2017.” The debate will be available to watch online at Join the Vox Political Facebook page. If…

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Could Theresa May’s new spokesperson be Slack?

Yes, why not hire someone from the Daily Heil as Theresa May’s spokesperson? After all, David Cameron hired the former boss of a Rupert Murdoch rag. What was it called? News of the Screws? Hacked Phone Weekly? And look how well that turned out! James Slack, the political editor of the Daily Mail, is the frontrunner to become the new official spokesman to the prime minister. If Slack is confirmed in the role, he will be following in the footsteps of his predecessor, James Chapman, who moved from the Mail…

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Fighting between Ukraine and Russia is heating up again

“The current escalation in Donbass is a clear indication of Russia’s continued blatant disregard of its commitments under the Minsk agreements with a view of preventing the stabilization of the situation,” Ukraine’s foreign ministry said in a statement. Meanwhile Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Ukrainian government troops had launched deadly offensives on rebel positions and warned that the region was “on the verge of humanitarian and ecological catastrophe”. Source: Fighting between Ukraine and Russia is heating up again Join the Vox Political Facebook page. If you have appreciated this article, don’t…

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Doesn’t the PRO-Trump rally just show his opponents can behave poorly, too?

Vox Political stands corrected with regard to the so-called ‘pro-Trump rally’, of which the picture above has been circulating on the social media. It seems those of us who were led to believe it was a genuine rally in support of Donald Trump were hoodwinked; it was staged by two Muslims who most certainly do not support Mr Trump’s views. They said they wanted to see of people opposing Trump would stand up for what they said they believed in. But their comments indicate that they were subjected to physical…

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What Sally Yates Proved About Donald Trump – The New Yorker

Sally Yates, the acting Attorney General, provided an example of what it means to work honorably for Donald Trump. It comes down to conducting yourself in a way that, in many cases, will result—that you know will result—in not working for him for very long. Trump fired Yates after she refused to deploy Justice Department lawyers in defense of his executive order, issued on Friday, which bans people from seven Muslim-majority countries, and refugees from anywhere in the world, from entering the United States. Yates … decided that her job,…

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White House aides who wrote Trump’s travel ban see it as just the start – LA Times

Fascinating; and horrifying. Trump’s top advisors on immigration, including chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior advisor Stephen Miller, see themselves as launching a radical experiment to fundamentally transform how the U.S. decides who is allowed into the country and to block a generation of people who, in their view, won’t assimilate into American society. White House aides are considering new, onerous security checks that could effectively limit travel into the U.S. by people from majority-Muslim countries to a trickle. Still, the countries of origin for perpetrators of several prominent attacks…

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PRO-Trump rally in Cardiff has almost as many police protecting it as participants

UPDATE: It turns out that this is embarrassing for Vox Political and possibly many other commentators, too. For the reason, see this follow-up story. Oh, how embarrassing. While tens of thousands of angry Britons clamoured to show their disgust at new US President Donald Trump’s decision to ban people from certain Muslim countries from entering his country… A somewhat smaller group held a PRO-Trump – yes, you read that right: PRO-Trump – rally in Cardiff. Here it is: As you can see, there were almost as many police as participants.…

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Farage loses his sh*t about ‘loony lefties’ protesting Trump, and his listeners’ responses are delicious | The Canary

As the world came out to “Stand Up To Trump” on Monday 30 January, Nigel Farage was busy condemning the protests. On his LBC show, the former UKIP leader called out the “anti-democratic” “hypocrites” protesting about Donald Trump’s so-called ‘Muslim Ban’. But some of his listeners were having absolutely none of it. Farage began by discussing the so-called ‘Muslim Ban‘. The executive order by Trump will see travellers who are nationals or dual nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen stopped from entering the US for 90 days.…

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Premature state visit invitation to Donald Trump puts Queen in ‘difficult position’

Theresa May blunders again. Her government’s “premature” decision to invite Donald Trump on a state visit to the UK means the Queen will be directly involved with the extremist politics currently being exercised by the new president. An event at which Herr Drumpf may stay as a guest at Buckingham Palace could bring the Royals into disrepute through no fault of their own, but because of the clumsy machinations of our weakling prime minister. How many of these humiliations must the United Kingdom be forced to tolerate? Lord Ricketts, who was…

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Provoking America: Trump may follow up anti-Muslim clampdown with anti-Gay executive order

Obviously Donald Trump has never read Martin Niemoller. What would the good pastor have to say about the US president? “First he came for the Muslims, and I took to the streets with thousands of others across the world in protest, “Then he came for gay people, and I started to think stronger action might be needed..”? Americans aren’t like Brits; they don’t take to the streets or vent their anger in a pub conversation and then forget about the issues that are harming their country. If Herr Drumpf retains…

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