Trump sacks Attorney General who wouldn’t enforce migrant ban – and hires a ‘yes’ man

I’m not sure I understand the point of this. Sacking an Attorney General won’t make the legality of Herr Drumpf’s Muslim travel ban any less questionable. In fact, his hiring of ‘yes’ man Dana “honoured to serve President Trump” Boente makes it less so, as it seems Trump is simply surrounding himself with a gang of villains who are happy to flout domestic and international law whenever they like. He is turning the United States into a rogue state. We’ve seen this happen before, and the results have never been…

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Weak Theresa May sticks with her bullying friend Donald Trump, despite mass protests

The Graun has followed This Site’s lead with an article on Theresa ‘the Appeaser’ May’s intractability regarding the planned State Visit to the UK of Donald Trump. Having made an invitation to the new US president before he had been in office for a week – and apparently without knowing that he would enact executive orders that would lead to him being branded a “fascist” by people around the world, including British MP Dennis Skinner – Mrs May doesn’t have the guts to admit she was wrong or to withdraw…

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This really IS a brilliant way to respond to ‘homeless spikes’ in our city centres

Residents angered after … ‘homeless spikes’ were … used at a city centre building have responded by covering the area with cushions and pillows. Spikes had been installed in a sheltered area outside Pall Mall Court in Manchester city centre in an apparent bid to deter rough sleepers. But Jennie Platt and some of her friends visited the site on Marsden Street, just off King Street, on Sunday to take a stand. Her sons Sam, 11, and George, 10, headed down to the city centre site and bought a range…

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Even the Daily Express has started highlighting government prejudice against people with disabilities

Disability rights groups have submitted a “shadow report” to a United Nations committee, criticising the UK for breaking the promise it made when it signed up to its international Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2009. Sue Bott, deputy chief executive of Disability Rights UK (DRUK) who led the report, said it drew on experiences of disabled people to show “the impediments that prevent so many fulfilling their potential and living full, independent lives”. Source: UK is not moving quickly enough towards equality for disabled people Join…

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UN is launching investigation into UK government’s record on disability – at last! So why should we be worried?

The United Nations is launching an investigation into whether the UK is properly honouring its obligations with regard to the UN Convention on the Rights of People With Disabilities. This is a good thing, right? Some of us – This Writer included – have spent years campaigning to get the UN to take action. Isn’t this exactly what we wanted? Well, yes it is. But only if there is a reasonable possibility that the UK government will be compelled to rectify any mistreatment of people with long-term illnesses or disabilities…

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This will make you sick: George Osborne takes up academic job building on skills ‘as statesman and leader’

He was a part-time Chancellor and now he’s a part-time backbencher. George Osborne would much rather rake it in with part-time jobs elsewhere, now that he’s done as much harm has he could to the British people. George Osborne is to take up an academic fellowship at the institution established by John McCain, the main Republican foe of Donald Trump, where the former chancellor will be asked to “build on his skills as a statesman and leader”. Osborne has become the first Kissinger Fellow at the McCain Institute for International…

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Man evicted from hospital bed ‘suffered discrimination because he was disabled’

Adriano Guedes, a 63-year-old stroke victim said he had tried to vacate his hospital bed but was forced to stay – for two years – because the accommodation he was offered was not appropriate to his condition. He was eventually evicted from his bed by the courts. While Guedes’s case is extreme, so-called “bed blocking” – where people occupy NHS beds because there is nowhere else for them – has become commonplace. I’ve seen cases where a person with disabilities or with special needs has been left in a Kafkaesque…

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‘Damned stupid’ Tory backbenchers seem keen to support the worst possible Brexit

This is the problem with Tory backbenchers – they’re happy to put up a token fight against controversial legislation, then back down as soon as they get the vaguest of vague promises. If none of the amendments to Theresa May’s silly Article 50 Bill are passed because of Tory blocks, then the Labour leadership will be entitled to a complete rethink of its support for this legislation. Labour MPs will have shown that they are willing to support the people’s wish that the UK should leave the European Union, by…

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It doesn’t matter how much Theresa May loves Trump – the UK won’t eat chlorinated chicken

If this is part of the “everything” that a government source said would be ruined if Donald Trump didn’t get his State Visit to the UK, then This Writer says: Let it be ruined. Any US trade deal struck by Theresa May would be contingent on the UK public stomaching imports of US foods that it has previously rejected: beef from cattle implanted with growth hormones, chlorine-washed chicken, and unlabelled genetically modified (GM) foods. Martin Haworth, director of strategy at the National Farmers Union (NFU), was up next… [His] only…

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The UK is alive with protest against Donald Trump and Theresa May – and she is IGNORING it

The 45th President of the United States has achieved something incredibly rare. Tonight it seems he has unified the whole world… … Against him. Yes, it seems that after only 10 days in office, Donald Trump has only two allies outside his own administration: Benjamin Netanyahu and Theresa May. And I’m not all that sure about Netanyahu. This is the day when Jeremy Corbyn wrote to advise Mrs May that her support for Mr Trump, after the president signed his Executive Order banning people from seven mainly-Muslim countries from travelling…

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