The UK is alive with protest against Donald Trump and Theresa May – and she is IGNORING it

The 45th President of the United States has achieved something incredibly rare. Tonight it seems he has unified the whole world…

… Against him.

Yes, it seems that after only 10 days in office, Donald Trump has only two allies outside his own administration:

Benjamin Netanyahu and Theresa May. And I’m not all that sure about Netanyahu.

This is the day when Jeremy Corbyn wrote to advise Mrs May that her support for Mr Trump, after the president signed his Executive Order banning people from seven mainly-Muslim countries from travelling to the States, put the UK in an extremely difficult situation with regard to a long-standing international convention on refugees.

He wrote: “It should be noted that the latter part of the policy represents a (temporary) breach by the United States of the 1951 Refugee Convention, re-affirmed and expanded via a 1967 Protocol. This commits the UK and 143 other signatories to accept refugees without regard to their race, religion or country of origin; Trump’s policy now which places the future of this important Convention in substantial doubt.

“The government’s effective endorsement of President Trump and his dangerous and divisive policy platform has already damaged our country’s standing and reputation in the world. Members of Parliament, from across Parliament, and the public have been shocked and appalled by your inability to stand up for the values of rule of law, human rights and religious liberty. Building commercial and diplomatic relationships is important, but these are values which many hold to be fundamental in this country. This country’s principles are not for sale.

“You will be aware of the petition supporting my calls for you to withdraw the invitation extended to President Trump to make a State Visit to the UK later this year, which has now reached over a million signatures. It is clear this visit does not command the support of the public or many MPs. I ask, once again, and as a matter of urgency, that you withdraw this invitation and stand up for our country’s values, international law and human rights, against President Trump’s policy.”

This is the day when Boris Johnson, the UK’s incompetent Foreign Secretary, was summoned to the House of Commons to explain exactly how Mr Trump’s travel ban would affect UK citizens born overseas or with dual passports.

He had previously told us the only Britons affected would be dual citizens of the UK and a ‘listed’ country, travelling from one of those countries – having been told this 15 hours after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had secured a similar clarification from the Trump administration.

In Parliament, Mr Johnson revised his comments, saying he had been assured Brits born overseas or with dual passports would not be affected.

Labour’s Emily Thornberry destroyed the bumbling BoJob with a few surgically-accurate sentences.

“Canada is supposed to be five hours behind the UK, so why was it a day ahead of us in resolving this issue?” she demanded to know.

“The order was signed barely an hour or two after the Prime Minister left the White House. Can the Foreign Secretary tell us whether this imminent order was mentioned in the discussions about terrorism and security? I do not know what is worse: that the President has such little respect for the Prime Minister that he would not think of telling her, or that he did and that she did not think it sounded wrong.”

She concluded:

Dennis Skinner hit the nail on the head, too:

This is the day more than one and a half million people signed a petition calling for the planned State Visit to the UK by Donald Trump later in the year to be cancelled:

This is the day when people gathered in their tens of thousands to protest against the planned State Visit – in Glasgow:

… in Bristol:

… in Newcastle:

… in Dundee:

… in Manchester:

… in Brighton:

… in – I don’t even know where this one was:

… and in London:

Sadly, if Theresa May saw the signs in the last three images (above), they fell on blind eyes.

Because this is the day that the UK’s useless prime minister defied her own people and let us all down. Again.

10 Downing Street has signalled that it will not cancel the Trump visit:

In response to the furore this morning, a Downing Street spokesman said: “The invitation to a state visit has been made it’s been accepted, and we will proceed with a state visit.”

An unknown government source told the BBC cancelling the visit would be a “populist gesture” that would “undo everything”.

And what, exactly, is “everything” in this context? Some grubby little trade deal in which Mrs May most likely betrayed the British people already?

If so, then let it be undone.

The evidence of this day is clear. Theresa May is no Prime Minister of the UK. She does not represent This Writer. She does not represent the people who took to the streets to protest against her. And she does not represent the million-and-a-half people who signed a petition to stop her American bestie from coming to the United Kingdom.

All she represents is her own selfishness, greed, and lust for power – any kind of power, even if it is handed down to her by a bigger tyrant than she is.

We cannot trust her to represent our interests abroad. We cannot trust her with Trump. We cannot trust her with Brexit. We cannot trust or believe her at all.

But we can do everything in our power to frustrate her. If she will not accept the will of the people, there is no reason on this Earth that we should accept hers. She is an unelected toadie with no mandate from the people.

The appropriate phrase is from Paradise Lost: “Non serviam”.

If she won’t serve the people, then it is time we refused to comply with her.

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9 thoughts on “The UK is alive with protest against Donald Trump and Theresa May – and she is IGNORING it

  1. Phil Lee

    I don’t believe Trump should be allowed here at all, as he would do so on a diplomatic passport, which would grant him immunity from our laws on hate speech and behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace.
    For that reason, he should be PNG’d.

  2. joanna

    Doesn’t trump get that some of the recent terrorists are US born

    Timothy McVeigh is the right wing Christian who bombed the FBI Building in Oklahoma City. …

    Ted Kaczynski – The Unabomber.

    Clayton Waagner – Anti Abortion Terrorism.

    Eric Rudolph is another anti-abortion terrorist, who recently pleaded guilty for bombing the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

    Dr. Robert Goldstein, is a Jewish podiatrist. He plotted to bomb Islamic mosques, Islamic centers and Islamic schools with his wife.

    William Krar planned to use cyanide to poison thousands of people. He was dubbed The American Taliban after his arrest.

    The Army of God encourages killing doctors and nurses providing abortion, and burning their clinics. For example, check what Chuck Spingola, said on the Army of God web site.

    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
    Teenagers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold perpetrated one of the most horrible crimes in the last decade, the infamous Columbine High School shooting rampage.

    George Metesky
    George Metesky, also known as The Mad Bomber, planted a bomb in a theatre in 1956, and attributed that to the “Hand of God’.

    David Berkowitz
    David Berkowitz, also known as Son of Sam, was a serial killer. More on him in this article.

    Jeffrey Dahmer
    Jeffrey Dahmer a serial killer and cannibal.

  3. Roy Beiley

    Great post Mike. The people have finally awakened to what is happening. The genie is now out of the bottle and won’t go back. See

  4. joanna

    My point is that terrorists are usually not refugees, and if any actually slipped in, they would be detected and found. Besides didn’t you say that the 911 was by people from Saudi Arabia?

    I’m starting to think that a lot of Americans are Idiots for want of a better word!!!

    There is a little hope though, Trump may be impeached, because he has already accepted private payments from China, one of the countries where one of many trump towers are located.

  5. NMac

    This has the makings of a scandal which, nationally and internationally, will make May and her cronies look like grovelling lapdogs and utter fools.

  6. John Costello

    President Trump seems to be intent on pushing through policies which are divisive and isolationist.

    We are currently re-evaluating our relationship with the other member countries of the European Union, so why should we not re-evaluate our relationship with the United States?

    Is it time to relegate the ‘special relationship’ to the pages of the history books?

    1. Joan Edington

      “President Trump seems to be intent on pushing through policies which are divisive and isolationist. “.

      Exactly why May adores him. He has Tory policies off pat.

  7. Barry Davies

    It would help if the rabid media had actually reported the situation properly instead of the way they did, that way people would not be claiming he has banned all Muslims, he hasn’t or that they are all banned permanently, they are not, he has put a short term ban in place and it isn’t refugees that are banned as we are all to well aware the refugee tag has been wrongly applied to the migrants form the middle east and Africa.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, he hasn’t banned all Muslims. Muslims from countries that gave birth to the 9/11 terrorists are still allowed into the States, it seems.
      He has banned all refugees, though.
      How long before a short-term ban becomes a long-term ban? 90 days?

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