Proof that Tory #NHS ‘desperate measures’ were planned since at least 2010 | SKWAWKBOX

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This Blog, and others like it, have been warning you about the Tory plan to privatise the NHS – for years. This infographic is from an article published in June 2015.

Are you looking forward to paying a fortune for health insurance that probably won’t pay out if you need it?

If not, then you’d better do something drastic, and quickly: The plan to privatise the NHS in England is moving steadily towards fruition.

No, you cannot rely on anybody else saving your National Health Service. You need to get up off your posterior and make a point to your MP. If that person is a Tory, they’ll be fully in support of privatisation and may even have shares in private health, so you’ll need to threaten their own livelihood.

Tell them they could lose their Parliamentary seat over this.

Yes, there is evidence that the “desperate measures” mentioned in today’s (October 31) news reports have been planned for six years, aren’t desperate at all, but are part of a deliberate strategy to deprive you of the best health system in the world and provide a nice little earner for those who have invested heavily in private health (these Tory MPs again).

Read the reports for yourself:


No, it isn’t too much like hard work.

Which would you rather have – a vibrant, fully-funded National Health Service, or private healthcare that might not provide what you need, where you live, and when you need it.

Mark my words: You will become ill at some point in your life. You will need medical help.

And if the Conservative Party is allowed to kill the NHS, you won’t be able to afford it.

Monday’s newspapers … carry news of ‘desperate measures’ to be implemented by the government that will result in reductions in hospital bed numbers in almost half of NHS authorities and the closure of or downgrading of Accident & Emergency (A&E) facilities in a third.

The ‘desperate measures’ quote is deliberately disingenuous, as is the statement that they are to ‘tackle the greatest financial crisis in the history of the NHS’.

As if this is just something that has happened and that requires hitherto-unthinkable steps to ‘tackle’. That’s what you’re meant to think. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The government wants you to believe that the crisis in the NHS is something inevitable that just happened. But proof exists that this manufactured crisis has been in preparation since just after the Tories came to power (and probably long before then).

Defund, cause to fail, privatise. Anything but a crisis that just happened and is leading to ‘desperate measures’.

On the contrary – a political, venal, long-planned choice.

As in so many areas, Jeremy Corbyn has always made plain that he intends to reverse the Tories’ NHS cuts and privatisation. Wonder why the press, broadcast media and right-wing politicians are so desperate to paint him as ‘unelectable’…

Awareness is vital to raising resistance to this planned destruction of our greatest national treasure, so please share this evidence.

Source: Proof: Govt’s #NHS ‘desperate measures’ planned since at least 2010 | The SKWAWKBOX Blog

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4 thoughts on “Proof that Tory #NHS ‘desperate measures’ were planned since at least 2010 | SKWAWKBOX

  1. Brian

    You will always find Tories at the heart of public services that have a captive audience; Why, because they are money spinning entities that require little input, are largely unaccountable, and in the hands of privatization capable of parasitic action.

    Take the services we have already paid to establish, some with astonishing capital sums, sell them of at knock down prices as soiled goods, and plunder their assets with impunity. Examples litter the news stories every week of pension shortfall, buyouts, layoff’s etc. During which time the FTSE 100 inexplicably jumps for joy, why, because it’s money for nothing, milked from assets and turned to liability, deemed ‘The Right Thing’ in financial circles.

    Greed and avarice rein this world, credit and debt make it turn, until it all collapses, and we start again, (ring any bells!) That’s all right for the 2% who have bled the system dry, laughing at the destitute who were powerless enough to be captured in their net. But there is another way, build in stone, not straw, maintain it and work for the future, not just today. Such investment requires conscientious government, prepared to act for the many, not the few. This, and only this, is empowerment, to truly do the right thing.

  2. James Kemp

    Sorry I love the NHS I am disabled. But you are talking to the converted here in greater society there is more interest in the vile X-factor and mindless pap than concerning themselves with things that matter like the NHS. The greater bulk of the public consume thee so called news from ITN and BBC and get the tory propaganda like the crises in the NHS and believe it!
    Even if every person online wrote to their MP there is still millions that will still whistle pass the graveyard not caring and that is maddening and so sad! Yes i will contact my safe Tory seated MP but will just get back a standard email because ib bet i am already on a naughty list for writing to him so much.

    If we could only get the older people who mainly vote tory round here and get them to see then there whould be changes but even if you door knock and talk to your horse again they whould rather ‘believe’ the fairy tales from MSN than us delusional Labour people and that’s a direct quote from one just last week…

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