1 thought on “Take Part In Boycott Workfare Week Of Action This Week

  1. The Swans New Party

    Disabled people have even more costs in life than able bodied getting to work.

    At least in ancient slavery, the owners transported their slaves about at no cost to their enslaved!

    Taxpayers money going to firms to hire people who are paid nothing, is just another example how welfare reform in a recession just adds to national debt, not solving it.

    And does nothing to help the local community by putting no money into it with paid jobs that give anything like a living wage.

    Charities doing this should indeed be boycotted in donations.

    Community organisations might better shut themselves down until Workfare ceases.

    Companies will hate the adverse publicity, which they do when proved their goods are being made by sweatshop child labour or 3rd world factories with poor health and safety so high death rate at work.

    So best of luck.

    Switzerland has the solution. A £1,750 Citizen Wage paid to all adult citizens, in or out of work, not means tested, so nil admin costs of both tax credits and welfare benefits altogether.

    This means people could choose a minimum wage part-time employment or not, at no cost to the taxpayer at all.

    A Citizen Wage would end the incitement to blame pensioners for the lack of funding to the young, which is not true. It is politicians doing Austerity in a Recession and paying themselves a lavish lifestyle that is the failure of government’s core role.

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