Image of #Whitty confronting #Johnson over #Covid19 goes viral. What WAS he saying?

Remember the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? It seems the above image of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty tearing Boris Johnson a new one has merited many thousands more: So how come this photo of Whitty confronting Johnson and his idiots, went public? — AndyY #FBPE #rejoin #FightOn (@peakajy) September 18, 2020 Why on earth did they put this picture out? This looks less like a prime minister at work than a dishevelled sex offender being confronted by the Westminster CID. — Tim…

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Local lockdown to hit northeast England – but why was it first announced on TV?

BBC news has announced – around midday today, September 17 – that the northeast of England will be subjected to stronger Covid-19-related restrictions because of increased infections there. It’s not quite a local lockdown but close. I knew this last night because Robert Jenrick announced it on television, on Robert Peston’s ITV political chat show. The only reason I didn’t publish a story straight away was fatigue (I had been awake for around 19 hours on the trot by then) – and also I wanted to know what Commons Spaker…

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#ToryLawBreakers launch membership drive based on their lie about a fake threat from the EU. Isn’t this fraud?

Boris Johnson is swiping whole chapters from the Goebbels playbook with his new Conservative Party membership drive. Just take a gander at the following nonsense, from a genuine recruitment campaign started in Johnson’s name on Tuesday (September 15): “Last night I voted to protect the United Kingdom, as any prime minister would do.” Any PM ought to vote to protect the UK; this is true. Boris Johnson did not. He voted to support his Internal Market Bill which endangers the union by undermining the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern…

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Straight from the Nazi playbook: #ToryLawBreakers resort to propaganda to justify themselves

After the Tories in the House of Commons voted en masse to break international law and turn the UK into a rogue state – with which nobody is likely to want to trade, did they show an ounce of remorse? Not a bit of it! They tweeted this: 🥀👎 Tonight Labour voted against the UK Internal Market Bill – which will guarantee seamless trade between the home nations of the UK. 💬 "Labour just followed their instinct to side with Brussels again. We'll always work to ensure the UK continues to…

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Libel case: After Rachel Riley goes quiet, her follower starts abuse campaign against Vox Political’s Mike

You may have been wondering why there haven’t been any updates on the crowdfunding campaign to oppose Rachel Riley’s libel accusations. There hasn’t been much to say. After she lost her bid to hold a premature hearing on her application to strike out part of my case (and mine to strike out part of hers), Ms Riley seems to have calmed down for a while. Partly this may be because she was caught touting for her followers to tip her off about people against whom she could launch more court…

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Here’s the shocking reason your Tory government is more guilty of attacking press freedom than Extinction Rebellion

So much for Boris Johnson’s (and Priti Patel’s) comments about the Extinction Rebellion blockade for Rupert Murdoch’s print works being an attack on the ‘free press’. On the day before they were making these attacks, the Council of Europe – that the UK founded – issued a formal warning that the Conservative government is a threat to the freedom of the press: The Council of Europe issued the Level 2 “media freedom alert” after Ministry of Defence press officers refused to deal with Declassified UK, a website focusing on foreign and…

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Blockade of printworks highlights the fact: the UK does NOT have a ‘free press’

Could you feel the Establishment rage at being told its propaganda mouthpieces aren’t providing us with the news? It seems 72 members of Extinction Rebellion did, after they were arrested in protests targeting three printing installations owned by Rupert Murdoch. Why does he need three? Because he owns too many newspapers and they all print what he wants – not what the people need to know. So the disruption at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, Knowsley in Merseyside, and near Motherwell, North Lanarkshire hit the distribution of his publications including The Sun, The Times,…

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Dismay for Twitter users as #resigning trend DOESN’T refer to Boris Johnson and his Tory government

The word ‘Resigning’ may have started trending on Twitter in the UK for one reason – but you’d be hard-pressed to find out what it is after Twitter users piled in en masse to complain that they had hoped it was about Boris Johnson and his Tory government. The trend – totalling more than 6,000 tweets at the time of writing – signifies a massive ad hoc vote of “no confidence” in Johnson and his cronies ministers. And commenters weren’t holding back: Resigning? This pair of dimwits could do for starters:…

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Hancock’s defence of Tony Abbott provokes comparisons with Rolf Harris, Fred West and Harold Shipman

Health Secretary Matt Hancock didn’t do very well when he was asked to defend “homophobic misogynist” Tony Abbott in a TV interview. The former Australiam prime minister is reportedly being lined up to be a joint president of the UK’s relaunched Board of Trade. Hancock was challenged on this by Kay Burley on Sky News. The video clip shows the health secretary squirming as he realises he has dug yet another hole for the government: “Tony Abbott is a homophobe and a misogynist” Health Sec @MattHancock: “He’s also an expert…

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Johnson lies again: he said ‘huge numbers’ were returning to work to make a news headline

How does Boris know ‘huge numbers’ of people are returning to their workplaces and offices? He doesn’t. But that’s what he said at a cabinet meeting yesterday (Tuesday) – and the only reason This Writer can find for it is that he wanted to get some optimistic words on the TV news so badly that he made them up. It worked, too. Here‘s the BBC: Mr Johnson was addressing ministerial colleagues at the start of the first Cabinet meeting since the Parliamentary summer break. He said people were going back to…

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