Corrupted morals: men who allegedly toppled Colston statue to be punished but Priti Patel goes free

People who toppled – and then sank – a statue glorifying slavery during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the summer are to be offered a bizarre punishment. The five, who pulled down the statue of slaver Edward Colston in Bristol, will have to pay a fine that would go to a charity supporting people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities in Bristol – which is more than Colston ever did. They will also have to complete a questionnaire by Bristol City Council’s history commission, explaining their reasons…

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Why haven’t police arrested Britain First thugs who raided migrant-housing hotel?

Did Theresa May intend our police to be toothless, back when she cut law enforcement numbers by more than 20,000 in 2016 or thereabouts? Coppers in the UK now seem far more interested in prosecuting parking and speeding offences than in investigating crimes of violence perpetrated against human beings. How else could one explain the inability of police services across the UK to stop people who are exempt from wearing face masks in shops from being assaulted by their fellow shoppers, who have no right to do so? And how…

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This is what Black Lives Matter meant to US police: wait a while, then shoot them in the back

So much for all the protesting and solidarity earlier this summer. American police are still shooting to kill black people for no apparent reason. It seems clear that they will continue to do so until force is used to stop them. And how can that happen when they have the guns, and the name of the law – if not the letter of it – behind them? The victim in this instance is Jacob Blake, of, Kenosha, Wisconsin, who was apparently walking back to his car after breaking up a fight…

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A teenager DIED on the Channel and racists are revelling in it. Is this how we want the world to see us?

Yes, people in other countries see us as xenophobes and racists. A Sudanese 16-year-old was apparently trying to cross from France in an inflatable dinghy when he accidentally punctured it with a shovel he was using as an oar. His body was found on the shore at Calais. Home Secretary Priti Patel said the death of the young migrant was a “brutal reminder” that people smugglers exploit the vulnerable. But there is no evidence that people smugglers were involved. The Home Office has refused to comment on the death. Oh, and…

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Dawn Butler: where’s Starmer’s support for his MP, as campaign to get Cressida #DickOut of Met Police begins

Public support for Labour MP Dawn Butler is growing, along with a campaign for the removal of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick – but her own party leader, Keir Starmer, is silent. Why? Starmer – a former Director of Public Prosecutions and a staunch supporter of the police – has been on the social media since the car in which Ms Butler was travelling was stopped under false pretences by police yesterday (August 9). So have many of his right-wing – sorry, centrist – lieutenants. But they haven’t had a…

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MP stopped by police in London for ‘driving around whilst black’

Almost exactly a month after two black athletes were stopped and handcuffed by Metropolitan police, Brent MP Dawn Butler has suffered the same humiliation. For the same reason? Ms Butler, a Labour MP, was stopped while travelling as a passenger with a friend, who is also black. Police who stopped her said the car was registered in North Yorkshire – but changed their tune after they realised who they had pulled over, and said they had input the licence plate into their system incorrectly. A likely story! This was the…

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Boris Johnson’s Tory racism inquiry has stalled – and he’s demanding moral authority over us

Look at the state of this: An inquiry into racism in the Conservative Party has yet to begin eight months after it was launched by Boris Johnson, prompting protests that it has been “kicked into the long grass”. The investigation has still not issued a call for evidence – three months after that was promised – amid criticism of the academic chosen to lead it and doubts over the resources made available. Johnson persuaded the Equality and Human Rights Commission not to investigate Tory racism because the party was going…

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Senior Labour staff urged to publish WhatsApp messages IN CONTEXT if they think #LabourLeaks report misrepresented them

I haven’t contributed to the so-called Forde Inquiry into the allegations in the (also so-called) #LabourLeaks report because I think it’ll be a stitch-up. My own court case against Labour will go to trial on October 2 and I’m happy to let Mr Forde QC come to his own conclusions, which I may then find easy to use against the party if my own legal action is successful. You will understand why I see no point in contributing when I make this point: if Mr Forde’s inquiry was above-board, why did…

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Tory cut killing UK’s only centre to stop Female Genital Mutilation is in line with Priti Patel’s behaviour

Remember when This Site told you Priti Patel wanted to deport a girl so that she could be subjected to the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation (FGM)? Maybe you thought I must be wrong. Maybe you thought that a UK government would never allow a human being to be put in danger of suffering torture to their private parts. I mean, we’re a civilised country, right? Think again. You may also have missed the announcement that the Conservative government has withdrawn its funding for the UK’s only centre dedicated…

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It seems the UK’s Equalities watchdog is a racist organisation. How can we believe its report on Labour?

A common tactic among right-wingers, when a document is about to be published  or a claim made that attacks them, is to undermine the validity of the issuer of that document in some way beforehand. We’ve seen that happen many times over the last few years, haven’t we? Often the critical claims have been proved untrue later. Consider all the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn. Now, with the Equality and Human Rights Commission soon to release its report on alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, that organisation is being buried under…

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