Johnson threatens to remove Tory whip from MPs voting against his Brexit Bill. Deja vu?

It is indeed reminiscent of last year – but back then, Boris Johnson was trying to coerce his colleagues into voting to uphold his EU Withdrawal Agreement. Now he’s trying to coerce them into voting against it. What a vacillating political vacuum he is. He’s gambling on enough of the 2019 Parliamentary intake being so stupid that they think loyalty to their leader is more valuable than loyalty to the law. It isn’t. The fact is that anybody voting to break international law will have a stain on their reputation…

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Campbell’s comeuppance as he’s called out over hypocrisy on Tories/Starmer

Alastair Campbell deserved this – as may many others in the same position. After he campaigned – vigorously – to stop Jeremy Corbyn from winning the general election last year, he is now complaining about the activities of the government he helped put into power. In this case it’s about the downgrading of hundreds of thousands of ‘A’ level grades. Not only that, but he is also attacking the new Labour leader that – again – by his actions he helped install (if Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour had won the general…

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Take part in the online day of action against Universal Credit sanctions

Today – July 1 – conditionality and sanctions return to the UK’s benefit system. This means the two million people who signed up for Universal Credit because of the Covid-19 crisis will now be expected to show they are looking for work, and will be sanctioned if they fail to do so. For the first time, they will experience what – for example – people with disabilities have suffered under the Conservatives for the last 10 years. Some people are about to be rudely awakened from their previous complacency, I…

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Labour’s odd response over Labour Against Anti-Semitism data breach. Guilty conscience?

Sometimes, when you make a complaint to a large organisation, its representatives try too hard to hide information – and end up giving more away. Consider the case of the Labour Party and Labour Against Anti-Semitism. You’ll be familiar with the situation: LAAS had used an email list of Constituency Labour Party secretaries to which the fringe group should not have had access. So party members wrote to the party, asking for those involved to have their party membership suspended while a detailed investigation into their conduct is held, with…

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How to complain about the Labour Against Anti-Semitism lawbreaking – to TWO organisations

Martin Odoni at The Critique Archives has done it again. Days after he provided us all with a template letter to send a complaint to the Labour Party about the shocking behaviour of Margaret Hodge MP in comparing Labour’s disciplinary process with Nazi Germany, he has produced another. This concerns the fringe group Labour Against Anti-Semitism (LAAS), whose organisers seem to believe they are entitled to ride roughshod over the law of the UK, ignoring data protection legislation to access email lists they had no right to use. I have…

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LAAS ‘troll’ group ‘data breach’: named/shamed NEC member for asking email-list removal | The SKWAWKBOX

If I recall correctly, Labour Against Anti-Semitism is the pet project of one Euan Philipps, who was quick to accuse me of wrong-doing when I was accused of A-S in May last year. It seems that this organisation is not above wrong-doing of its own, however. Do people like this believe the law doesn’t apply to them – while doing everything they can to smear the innocent? Here’s Skwawkbox: When Darren Williams – who does not seem to have ever asked to be included in LAAS mailings – asked to stop…

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Only 250? Anti-Semitism demo against Labour flops with tiny attendance – and dodgy speeches

“Who’ll go?” That’s what This Writer asked yesterday (April 7). The answer, we now know, is: Practically nobody: Hundreds of protesters gathered in the rain outside Labour’s London headquarters today for a demo against anti-Semitism. There were shouts of “Corbyn out”, “racists” and “shame”, and boos among the crowd of around 250 people when speakers named the Labour leader. The protest was called by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, which has regularly criticised Mr Corbyn’s approach. Brilliant. 250 misinformed sheeple, standing outside empty offices, howling lies about one of the strongest…

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Another demo against alleged Labour anti-Semitism. Who’ll bother to go?

The Daily Mirror may have been over-optimistic in its claim that “hundreds” of protesters will gather outside Labour HQ tomorrow. In fact, it seems unlikely that hundreds of people still believe the Labour Party isn’t doing its utmost to eradicate anti-Semitism. One person who claims to believe that is Gideon Falter, chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is organising the latest attack on the Labour leadership. Mr Falter seems to have ignored his organisation’s own research, which states – doesn’t it? – that anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has fallen…

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Samaritans’ advisory board crammed with Tories? So is the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Who else?

It is certainly shameful that the Samaritans’ advisory board is crammed full of Tories. Scratch the surface of any charity, though, and how many of them would be similarly… shall we say Conservative? Take the Campaign Against Antisemitism, for example – the organisation that is more accurately described as the Campaign of Hate, most particularly against the Labour Party. It doesn’t appear to have an advisory board but among its patrons we see the following: Eric Pickles – Tory. Matthew Offord – Tory. Mike Freer – Tory. Bob Blackman –…

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So-called anti-Semitism campaigners publish childish and reluctant pseudo-apology for Corbyn lie

Long-term readers of This Site will, I hope, understand and forgive me if my enjoyment of the Campaign Against Antisemitism’s discomfiture seems more than fulsome. The organisation, which seems to have been founded as an offshoot of the Israel Advocacy Movement, and appears dedicated to countering criticism of the government of Israel by accusing the critics of anti-Semitism, put Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in its sights last week. The claim was that Mr Corbyn had failed to mention Jews in his Holocaust Memorial Day statement. This was untrue. It was…

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