Did Tory-run DWP change rules on cancelling benefits to avoid humiliation in court?

The Department for Work and Pensions has quietly changed its rules on stopping benefits of vulnerable claimants – after relatives of a man who died of starvation won the right to have a judicial review. Relatives of Errol Graham were granted permission for a judicial review of DWP policies after the department failed to review and revise them itself, following his death. The DWP ignored its own safeguarding advice to deprive Errol Graham of his benefits, This Site reported previously. Left with no income, Mr Graham starved to death. He…

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Cynical: Tories pilot 30-minute phone appointments for ‘claimant commitment’ interviews – to impose sanctions quicker?

Isn’t it amazing how the Tories can go straight into action on some plans, while others take forever? So we see them testing fast-track phone interviews lasting a brief 30 minutes to get up-to-date claimant commitments for Universal Credit claimants. This is because the Tories promised not to sanction anybody’s Universal Credit payments until up-to-date claimant commitments were established. They had suspended conditions attached to receipt of Universal Credit during March, meaning that the millions who have claimed the so-called benefit since then have never been subjected to the sanctions…

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Did 3,000 people HAVE to die penniless while the Tories fought court case over PIP for the terminally-ill?

It is one year since the Tories pledged to review their rules on which terminally-ill people could claim Personal Independence Payment – and it seems more than 3,000 would-be PIP claimants had to die before they were forced to do it by a court ruling. They died without receiving PIP, because they could not predict when they were likely to die. This Site celebrated like many others when Lorraine Cox won her case demanding a judicial review of the rules that said only people with particular terminal illness could claim PIP…

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Latest DWP outrage: cold calls with ‘take it or leave it’ offer for reduced benefits

If this is true, it seems there’s no depth to which the Department for Work and Pensions won’t lower itself. The claims is that DWP representatives are ‘cold calling’ vulnerable people who are appealing against a decision to deny them any benefits. In the unrecorded calls, they are then offered “take it or leave it” deals paying thousands of pounds less in benefits than they may be entitled to have by law. In some cases, it is claimed, people were told the offer would be withdrawn within minutes if they…

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Lying DWP facing court action over failure to improve safeguarding after claimant deaths

The one organisation in the UK that regularly gets away with forcing innocent people to their deaths may soon have to account for its behaviour in Parliament – and in a court of law. Sadly the Parliamentary action is unlikely to make any difference at all; MPs have called for accountability far too many times and all Department for Work and Pensions does is utter meaningless promises to improve its procedures. Then it ignores those promises in order to continue persecuting vulnerable benefit claimants. The current pressure from the Commons…

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Damning verdict on DWP: ‘British citizens are dying as a result of policies implemented by this government’

A bullying lawyer acting for the Tory government at the inquest of Errol Graham tried to claim that the man, who starved to death after the DWP cut off his benefits, had takeaway menus and cartons near him when he was found. And why was the Tory minister for disabled people caught smirking when this case – and others – was discussed by MPs? This is a man who starved to death after the Tory-run DWP cut off his benefits. But the DWP’s lawyer, instead of admitting the government’s culpability in…

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DWP misled two watchdogs over benefit deaths. Time to tighten up the rules?

We should be asking why the Department for Work and Pensions gets away with failing in its duty of service to the public – especially as the failures are causing multiple deaths. We are seeing evidence that the DWP failed to safeguard its clients – extremely vulnerable benefit claimants – and that these claimants died as a result. We are seeing evidence that the DWP failed to implement the recommendations of its own secret reviews into benefit-related deaths. And we are seeing evidence that the DWP lied to two watchdog organisations…

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Here are 10 reminders of how the Tories are freezing and starving people. Will you be next?

The Conservative victory in December’s general election has given Boris Johnson free reign to torture the UK’s poorest people. Amazingly, there are some in the country who either haven’t noticed, or refuse to accept the reality of the harm that is being done. So this article by Red Revolution is timely. It states: The Court of Appeal found that the Tory government discriminated against disabled people through the unfair and cruel practices of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The finding confirmed in law what millions have known since 2010,…

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Tory bids to make her party unelectable north of the border

A Conservative who spoke up in favour of the ‘rape clause’, limiting the number of children benefit claimants can have, may stand to become leader of her party in Scotland. Way to go, Michelle Ballantyne. You’ll make your party utterly unelectable north of the border if you succeed. In 2018, Ballantyne provoked a furious backlash when she defended the so-called rape clause during a Holyrood debate on poverty and inequality. The South Scotland MSP and party spokesman for social security said: “It is fair that people on benefits cannot have…

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Equality watchdog may act to stop DWP discriminating against people with disabilities

If the Equalities and Human Rights Commission does decide to investigate discrimination against disabled people by the DWP, This Writer will applaud. It means every time a departmental spokesman tries to evade responsibility for causing hardship or even death to a disabled benefit claimant, we can all say… How disgusting of the DWP to say this, when it is being investigated for discrimination by the EHRC! … in exactly the same way that the crazy bigoted witch-hunters have been, whenever accusations of anti-Semitism are batted away by the Labour Party.…

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