3 thoughts on “By monitoring pensioner bank accounts, Tories are ushering in ‘surveillance society’

  1. Grey Swans

    Seeking moral support, please, to get my posts published on Facebook page by OCISA, so Starmer’s Labour can be voted out at next general government and OCISA / From Babe to Over 50s party brand name can form the government and ensure state pension becomes a human right and National Insurance turns only into a mutual, people owned National Insurance pension scheme. Never again called a benefit. Lowered worker NI contributions for working class and more for top waged / rich.
    Please contact through website http://www.over50sparty.org.uk

  2. Hecuba

    As usual the fascist tories ensure their bloated wealth is protected because no way must the state be allowed to peruse wealthy men’s bank accounts! Tax fraud? Why only the peasants engage in tax fraud not the male owned corporate bodies because they must be allowed to continue to hide their bloated profits and ensure they are not taxed!

    Very clever policy being enacted by the fascist tories giving them the right to scrutinise impoverished retired women’s and men’s bank accounts because no way must these individuals have right to claim their entitlement from the fascist state! Remember the state pension is a benefit and if the fascist tories can ‘prove’ (sic) someone has falsely claimed a benefit they will be prosecuted to full extent of the fascist tory laws!

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