Johnson’s first Attorney General condemns his plan to betray EU withdrawal agreement

That’s scuppered the claims that the row over Boris Johnson’s plan to break international law is a last gasp of the so-called ‘Remainers’, then. Geoffrey Cox – a devout Brexiter – was Attorney General when Boris Johnson signed his EU withdrawal agreement in January. His announcement that he will not support Johnson’s Internal Markets Bill is proof that the controversy extends much further than the established battle lines. The story broke in The Times, which is behind a paywall. However, the East Fife Times has this: Boris Johnson’s former attorney general, Geoffrey…

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Coronavirus: Medical groups unite to condemn bulk ‘Do Not Revive’ plan for sick and disabled people

This should be seen as absolute proof that it has been a policy to deny coronavirus care to people with long-term illnesses and disabilities. This Writer has noted some scepticism in the responses to yesterday’s article about the GP practice in Wales that wrote to people with ongoing medical conditions, telling them that equipment used to treat coronavirus is being rationed and they were not likely to be treated if they contracted the disease. Instead, the letter asked them to sign a form directing medical staff not to attempt to…

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Chief Rabbi’s rant condemned as ‘political’ and ‘ideological’ ‘propaganda’

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’s attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been decisively debunked by the UK Rabbinical Executive of the United European Jews. This may be unsurprising, as the organisation arises from True Torah Jews, a group that was set up to oppose Zionism – and Mr Mirvis is a Zionist of what we may consider an extreme nature. United European Jews, as an organisation, is concerned that Zionism endangers Jews across the world. In a letter to the Labour leader, Rabbi Mayer Weinberger writes as follows: “I write…

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While Theresa dithers, Trump attacks – fuelling ‘Britain First’ row between UK and US

Weakling UK prime minister Theresa May has still not responded to US President Donald Trump’s decision to retweet hate messages by far-right organisation Britain First. So Mr Trump has attacked comments by a Downing Street spokesperson who said simply that it was “wrong” to have retweeted the misleading, extremist messages. The message from Downing Street was: “British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far right which is the antithesis of the values that this country represents – decency, tolerance and respect.” Here’s Mr Trump’s response: [email protected]_May, don’t focus…

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Trump’s support for Britain First sparks passionate reaction – with notable exceptions (THERESA MAY)

Donald Trump’s retweeting of hate messages by the far-right organisation Britain First has triggered a strong response from all sides of the UK’s political spectrum. But minority prime minister Theresa May has yet to offer any comment. Why? Mr Trump retweeted messages by Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen, including one that purportedly showed violence by a Muslim – but actually didn’t. Ms Fransen then appeared to admit that her tweets were hate messages: It should be remembered that murderer Thomas Mair named Britain First when he killed Jo Cox.…

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This is what Boris Johnson wouldn’t condemn – and another reason he has to go

It’s no good people saying Theresa May is a weak prime minister because she won’t sack Boris Johnson; his own weakness as foreign secretary means he compliments her perfectly. Look at the Catalan independence referendum: The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson refused to condemn widespread police violence against civilians as they sought to cast their votes in Catalonia’s unsanctioned independence referendum yesterday. Responding to the crisis, Mr Johnson said: “Obviously we are very anxious about any violence. We hope that things will sort themselves out, though clearly you have to be…

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A disabled man responds to Damian Green over the UN report on disability rights violations

The author of this article drew my attention to it, and now I’m asking you to read it too. This is just a fraction of the whole, and I recommend you visit the Muscular Dystrophy UK site for the full piece. The government claims as a disabled person, you have rights to protect you from discrimination. It cites the Equality Act 2010 (please refer to here & the UNCRPD (please refer to here will help to enforce, protect & promote your rights. So, it is surprising to find…

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UN disability report: It IS time to focus – but not on details we’ve already covered

Blogger Neil Crowther has responded to yesterday’s report on the letter to Ban-Ki Moon, calling for the United Nations to condemn the Conservative Government for dismissing its findings on the violations of human rights here. The Tories have been found guilty of systematic violations of the rights of people with disabilities, according to the UN. Mr Crowther suggests that complaining to the UN is “wasted energy”. Unfortunately he goes on to suggest two courses of action that are themselves a waste: The whole point of the inquiry was to shine…

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UN urged to act after Conservative government dismisses report on disability

Thanks to the efforts of our Tory-supporting media, most people in the UK don’t even know the United Nations has found the government guilty of systematically violating the rights of people with disabilities. As one of the signatories of this letter, I’m surprised the Herald has published this story – it wasn’t due for release until the middle of the week. So you should perhaps consider this a taste of things to come, and I would certainly appreciate it if everybody reading this could share it with as many friends…

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Gaza conflict provokes the weak-minded to assault the innocent

What a paradox: While the Jewish state of Israel is criticised for treating Palestinian Muslims the way Hitler’s Germany treated them, history is repeating itself for British Jews who are being targeted for exactly the same treatment. Gaza means Jews across the world may now be perceived as both perpetrators and victims. Antisemitic attacks in the UK were up 42 per cent on the previous six months in July, because idiots can’t tell the difference between citizens of Israel and British Jews. Attacks on Jewish people in the UK between January and…

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