‘You Clap For Me Now’ poem highlights hypocrisy of coronavirus response

I don’t feel comfortable with all these efforts to get us on our doorstep applauding the work of NHS staff – mostly of foreign descent – who have been treating the coronavirus. Some of them have been dying of it too. My concern is that it is hypocritical for us – as a nation – to applaud the same people we were – as a country – trying to push beyond our borders for the last decade (almost) since the Tories came into office and started ‘othering’ them, and certainly…

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Tory bid to stop homeless people dying outside Parliament is an outrage

The Conservative Party has decided the best way to stop homeless people from dying outside Parliament is to make them go away and die somewhere else. Tory-run Westminster council is using an excuse that the streets have to be cleaned, so private belongings left there by homeless people will be removed, to force people away from the area. The council is claiming, weakly, that the purge is not aimed at anybody in particular, but it seems certain this underhanded move has been motivated by the death of Gyula Remes in…

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Vulnerable people are dying on Universal Credit – so the Tories are extending it to the disabled

This makes perfect sense to Esther McVey: Internal reviews into the deaths of Universal Credit claimants by the Department for Work and Pensions have concluded that the threatening nature of the “claimant commitment”, demanded of all those receiving the benefit, could have affected their health. So obviously the next thing the Conservative government, represented by Ms McVey, wants to do is extend those threats to the largest number of vulnerable people possible. What are we to conclude from this, if not that Ms McVey is intentionally endangering the maximum number…

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Sunday Times article suggests Labour’s ‘Chicken Coup’ plotters are now hoping for Corbyn’s death. Really?

Apparently the stellar intellects behind what became known as the Labour Party’s ‘Chicken Coup’ (because nobody involved would admit they were behind it – chickens) have been prattling at the Sunday Times. It’s hard to believe a word of it for one of two possible reasons: Either these people are cowards who are still too scared to reveal their identities, or they don’t exist and the Sunday Times – a Murdoch rag, let’s not forget – simply made up the story. Certainly anybody who says the following should be drummed…

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Dying woman ordered onto the Work Programme

The following message appeared on the Vox Political Facebook page. It is reproduced in the hope that somebody from Prospects might have the courage to explain their organisation’s behaviour – and in the hope that this further evidence of the Coalition Government’s inhumanity to the citizens it has a duty to protect may encourage anyone who still thinks it’s a good idea to vote Tory or Lib Dem to think again. Here’s the message [boldings mine]: I have terminal cancer. My prognosis is 0-3 years and I was diagnosed in…

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Vulnerable were ‘Killed by the State – crimes against humanity’

Readers will be familiar with the name ‘Mo Stewart’ – it belongs to a researcher into government attitudes to – and policy on – the disabled who has provided Vox Political – not to mention Parliament – with a wealth of invaluable information on the damage that has been done by uncaring politicians over the years. Yesterday Mo gave her first public speech on the subject, in London, after being asked to help open Disability History Month by its organisers. For Mo, this was a courageous act; she has spent years avoiding…

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‘In Memory of My Pop a WWI Soldier, who Fought for Honesty and Freedom’

  Jayne Linney’s latest blog post starts off by discussing her relationship with her ‘Pop’, victim of a rogue grenade in World War I who spent much of his later life in surgery having shrapnel removed; clearly the centenary of the war has stirred memories. As such, this piece might have been lightweight fluff to read and pass without comment. However… Jayne writes: “We had endless discussions about right and wrong. I like to think he really heard me when I argued for Equality, but maybe he indulged me as…

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What you’re not being told about Europe’s verdict on social security

“Manifestly inadequate” are words that should ring in Iain Duncan Smith’s ears for some time to come. They are the Council of Europe’s verdict on the UK’s social security system of payments for jobseekers, pensioners and recipients of both short- and long-term incapacity benefit. The Council, an international organisation promoting co-operation between all countries of Europe in legal standards, human rights, democratic development, the rule of law and cultural co-operation, is home to the European Court of Human Rights. The finding was made in an annual review of the UK’s…

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Information Commissioner rules on the cover-up of DWP-related deaths

Long-term readers will know that the author of this blog has spent the last few months trying to get officials at the Department for Work and Pensions to release mortality statistics for people undergoing the assessment procedure for Employment and Support Allowance. It is in the public interest for the nation to know how many seriously ill or disabled people are dying while they wait to undergo the controversial Atos-run medical assessment, while they await the result, and while they appeal against a result that puts them in the wrong…

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Have we forgotten how to care – or are we just fed up with a government that won’t listen?

Here we are again. Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote what in Vox Political terms was a blistering indictment, in which I tore metaphorical strips off of any reader who had failed to sign the government e-petition then known as Pat’s Petition. This document, calling on the government to “stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families” had secured around 60,000 signatures but had less than a day left to run when the article was written. It…

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