Sunday Times article suggests Labour’s ‘Chicken Coup’ plotters are now hoping for Corbyn’s death. Really?


Chastising the children: This isn’t quite the image I wanted, which was of Jeremy Corbyn lifting the lid off a chicken coop to see the Labour Party rebels inside. I can’t find that one at the moment! This one gets the point across well enough. I wonder if any of the honourable members (not standing) in the image provided comments to the Sunday Times?

Apparently the stellar intellects behind what became known as the Labour Party’s ‘Chicken Coup’ (because nobody involved would admit they were behind it – chickens) have been prattling at the Sunday Times.

It’s hard to believe a word of it for one of two possible reasons: Either these people are cowards who are still too scared to reveal their identities, or they don’t exist and the Sunday Times – a Murdoch rag, let’s not forget – simply made up the story.

Certainly anybody who says the following should be drummed out of the Labour Party, so one can understand why they would want to remain anonymous:


Does anybody in the Parliamentary Labour Party seriously believe this gibberish?

Mr Corbyn is not the centre of a cult.

Nobody joined Labour because they worship him. They joined because he put forward policies they support.

Perhaps these right-wingers have personal issues with the number of people joining Labour to support those policies – but that is a situation entirely of their own making, and those who went before them.

Let me explain: Labour lost nearly five million votes between 1997 and 2010. Those were all people who thought they were getting a socialist government and discovered they’d been sold a dud. Now that Mr Corbyn is promising genuine socialism – albeit of the centrist, mixed-economy style that suited the UK so well between World War II and 1979, half a million people have been enthused enough to join the Labour Party. That’s still only one-tenth of the voters who deserted the party before, but it seems likely they joined up in order to ensure Mr Corbyn gets the chance to put his policies into practice – despite the machinations of the right-wingers.

This isn’t an army of “off-the-page nuts”. It is a large proportion of the population who know that the Labour Party needs to be rid of the influence of people like, well, those who provided the quotes above to the Sunday Times.

And what exactly is meant by “Jeremy dying may be the only way out”?

Are they suggesting that Mr Corbyn’s death is to be arranged in the near future?

This Writer finds such comments immensely disturbing – and so, in fact, does the Labour Party as an organisation.

Labour’s new “member’s pledge” states: “I pledge to act within the spirit and rules of the Labour Party in my conduct both on and offline, with members and non-members and I stand against all forms of abuse.

“I understand that if found to be in breach of the Labour Party policy on online and offline abuse, I will be subject to the rules and procedures of the Labour Party.”

Threatening – or suggesting – the death of the party’s leader would certainly seem to be a form of abuse, in This Writer’s opinion. I would suggest that it would, in the opinion of right-thinking people generally. Do you agree?

Whoever said those words should submit themselves for disciplinary proceedings, if they have any character at all.

Ah, but I forget myself.

They’re all chickens, aren’t they?

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Times article suggests Labour’s ‘Chicken Coup’ plotters are now hoping for Corbyn’s death. Really?

  1. jeffrey davies

    there you have it chickens we know wwho they are but then they just greedie mps blairs babies who wont go cross that room but untill they gone deselected ops yes they gone and closed wirral down stopping deselection by members but untill they really gone then more crap to come

  2. shashawn

    Integrity, integrity and policies, policies, policies and policies, that’s why he’s so well respected by almost all party members. It’s either something the chicken coup party members are unable to get their head (I deliberately did not mention brain) around, or they no they can’t mention polices as their own are too abhorrent for Labour supporters and, also, are exactly the same as Tory policies.
    The other, very real possibility, is that the Times made all up; as you state, it’s a Murdoch rag.

    1. Brian

      Shashawn just about sums it up.

      They joined because he put forward policies they support; good point, but JC is only one of very few that speaks the truth, doesn’t act like a child, and as Shashawn says, has integrity.

      Don’t know about ‘on the same page’ but these chickens don’t seem to be on the same planet. Wishing someone (anyone) dead infers response is futile, good, it shows their position, and state of mind. Long live the King.

  3. yarmouthboy

    The infamous “Labour MP who asked not to be identified” stuff! If true, and I would not trust the Sunday Times anyway, the plotline they are suggesting is getting dangerously close to outright desperation. Wishing someone dead because they won’t go away! Also, I believe that SHOULD such an eventuality happen, Labour Party members would automatically support John McDonnell as his replacement rather one of the scaly “anonymous” creatures allegedly behind this load of twaddle.

  4. plhepworth

    I am off the page nuts because I’m not a Tory-lite Blairite? I am a 72-year-old hypnotised into joining a personality cult? I don’t think so. I am simply delighted there exists a party with policies I can support. (NB This would apply also to the Greens in their current manifestation and I would advocate an electoral pact with them.)

  5. wildswimmerpete

    I’ve already suspected the likelihood of an attempt on the life of JC since he became Labour leader. I’d never thought that such an attempt might be possible by someone supposedly on our side. However it probably is the product of a Murdoch hack’s fevered mind but of course look at Murdoch’s “reader”-ship – hard right head-the-balls.

  6. officialaccountability

    I notice that Jewish Labour Movement has edged into the NEC? Why? Do we need any more overt bullying in there? Isn’t there already enough? Its Chair made his position very clear, much to the dissatisfaction of the packed room at the Black E, last month. If the Times has an author for such unnecessary twisting, that author should be named. If there are sources for that author’s statements, those sources should be named.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m not sure I understand what you’re implying.
      Who would the JLM’s new representative on the NEC be, then?
      Which Chair are you mentioning, and what was the position he made clear? What and where is the Black E?
      Please, if you’re going to comment, at least do so in a way that the site’s owner can understand.

  7. Sarah Brookes

    I am still reeling from this after seeing it several hours ago. It is extremely shocking. and utterly criminal.

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