Former Tory triggers row by trying to blame Labour for the Grenfell Tower inferno

As ‘Third Sector Workhouse’ suggested on Twitter: “There is no sewer the Lib Dems will not crawl through.” And what could we expect, after Yellow Tory Jo Swinson allowed so many Conservatives into her party? Tories thrive on lies, perversity and falsehood. So we have already seen the London Fire Brigade burdened with the blame for the deaths of 72 people in Grenfell Tower, after its officers followed safety procedures ordered by the Conservative-run local authority. Meanwhile we know the main cause of the deaths was the flammable cladding that…

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Mainstream media make fools of themselves by following fake news ‘racism’ story about Emma Dent Coad

What the blazes is wrong with these people? Today the BBC, The Independent, the Evening Standard, iNews, and no doubt others all got on the Guido Fawkes fake news bandwagon to pillory a totally innocent Labour MP on a trumped-up charge of racism. What’s strangest about this case is the fact that they would know better, if they had bothered to read the article used by the¬†Guido Fawkes “reporter” as a source. An unnamed BBC reporter writes: “In the piece Ms Dent Coad claimed Mr [Shaun] Bailey, who was a…

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