#BorisJohnson wants to dictate when – and WHETHER – #elections take place – as #VoxPolitical warned you

Remember last December when This Site warned the UK electorate that Boris Johnson’s manifesto said, “We will impose an indefinite Conservative government”? It means he planned to stay in power just as long as he wanted to, with no election unless he felt like it. And the UK electorate ignored the warning and voted for him in what may be the last democratic election to take place in this country. Do you think that’s overstating the case? If so, you haven’t been paying attention. Johnson intends to repeal the Human…

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Voters of the UK – your democracy doesn’t matter! Charles Walker says any election will be fixed

A Conservative MP has claimed that democracy in the UK has been fixed to ensure that a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party will never form a government. That was the message from Sir Charles Ashley Rupert Walker, Tory MP for Broxbourne in Hertfordshire who, we must conclude, bizarrely believes he is more representative of the electorate’s wishes than Mr Corbyn. For clarity, this gentleman opposes equality and human rights, supports overseas wars and nuclear weapons but rejected moves to strengthen the military covenant to ensure fair treatment of armed forces personnel,…

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